Sunday, August 9, 2020

Christmas Is Pregnant!


Big Brother 19 alum Christmas Abbott announced on Instagram that she is indeed expecting the unexpected and is 9 weeks pregnant!

No, Paul is not the father

I’ve been pretty hard on her, but it appears Christmas has moved on from the Big Brother world which is good to see. Perhaps she learned from her experiences in the house and hopefully, that made her a better person. This is what she posted on her IG…..

Well, I’ve always expected the unexpected in my life and this year is no different! In January I discovered I am actually EXPECTING and a whole new life would be laid out before me.
After a challenging 2017 year it is turning out that 2018 is the best year of my life to date. I have my health, family, friends, passion, and a new addition to my tribe.. Ben & I couldn’t be happier with this news and are over the moon excited about this wild, new journey.
I’m currently 9 weeks and our #babybunnyhas a very active heartbeat! We were so relieved to see the baby healthy and strong. After I saw the heart beating I couldn’t stop crying for most of the remaining day. It was intense. I’m excited to share my experience in this process as much as I feel comfortable

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Congrats to her and I wish them both the best.

That is a stark contrast to another BB19 alum who is spending her time fighting with old Big Brother cast members…

Yes, that is the same Elena who spent last summer nearly topless making fun of Big Brother OTT’s Danielle for her nipples showing in her twitter profile picture. I’m not sure where Elena was going with that. Was she making fun of her for not showing her nipples to enough people? I don’t know exactly how many watch the live feeds or search for Big Brother related stories, but I have a feeling it’s way more than 9k people.

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What a weird way to bash someone. What’s next, is she going to bash Alex for getting conned by Paul?

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