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Cleaning Day In The Big Brother House; Tuesday Feed Updates

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What a disappointment. I leave for vacation when Paul is hilariously running around as a secret service agent, Corey and Nicole had their outfits going, and Paulie was playing some weird ass game where he’d cry on demand with the cameras watching, making a fool out of himself, and making everyone beg for him to do his punishments.  Now, the boremances have taken over, with Corey mopping the floor with Nicole rooting him on, Michelle may have gone back into hibernation, and Nat/James are always pretty damn boring. Awesome.

I bet you guys missed my endless optimism!


Alright, I’ve had two naps since returning (maybe Michelle and I are kindred spirits), so let’s get some updates going.  Also, quick note, I asked for writing help last week, and just opened my emails. I see a lot of replies, so I will now start replying to whoever sent in a request (don’t think I ignored you)

Updates –

  • 4:15pm – Nicole, Victor, and Corey doing some cleaning. Natalie and Michelle are sleeping.  James I think went to the DR
    • (hopefully Corey washed his bedding. If you don’t know what I mean, I guess there are videos of the two doing some heavy grinding followed by an abrupt finish. Put the pieces together)
    • I’ll just creepily watch Natalie sleep. Still more entertaining than Corey doing anything
  • 4:30pm – Corey, James, Nicole and Victor are sitting around the table talking about TV shows.  Victor is doing a good job recreating FRIENDS skits
  • 5:30pm – The same group is still hanging around the kitchen talking about nothing. Replace Victor with Natalie and we’ll have our preview of the boring 4 they’re trying to create
  • 6:00pm – Paul is up and joined the converation. Victor keeps talking about all these issues he has (heart palpetations, etc).. Paul keeps joking how he’s going to die
  • 6:20pm – Natalie and Michelle are STILL SLEEPING. I pulled an all-nighter and slept less than these two
  • 6:30pm – Corey and Nicole have left the room and snuck into bed (keep it clean you two), while the boys get some of this…yummmm
    • pie
    • Oh and Natalie and Michelle are still sleeping. Whatever. Actually playing the game for a week must have sucked all the energy from her
    • James – “If Jared can go on the Subway diet, we can go on the pie diet”, Paul jumps in “Jared’s also a child molester” lol.. I love the random comments from Paul. I missed those. I’m so glad he won PoV because the house becomes even MORE boring when he’s gone
  • 6:50pm – Victor is doing a little self talk in the safari room before Paul joins him to discuss the situation going on in the house
    • (note – I ran out to get some tacos for Taco Tuesday!, so I had to flashback for this conversation)
    • Paul asks if he’s been talking game to James or anyone. Victor said not really. Today they were just hanging around the kitchen
    • Victor isn’t sure what else there is to say. Corey also told Paul the same thing. There really isn’t much they can say. It’s in the hand of James
    • Paul tells him when he does talk to James, make sure Natalie and Michelle are in the room for not only extra ears, but James feels more alive. He typically just sits there spacing out when alone. Very observant, Paul.
    • Victor tells Paul about how Corey is talking about how when he leaves the house, he wants to do a road trip with his buddy to college football games and possibly do some meet-n-greets along the way. Does anyone seriously want to meet Corey? Wouldn’t that be boring as hell?
    • Victor asks if he thinks Natalie really likes James, Paul says no. Just using him for the game. Victor asks if he thinks he knows that, Paul says no. But they’re just talking about that (and not using that as a strategy, yet).   Paul says he thinks so because she’s always so hot and cold with him. Makes him do whatever she wants.  (I agree with Paul. No chance they last)
    • paul-victor
    • Paul wants to try to work with Corey and Nicole if Victor goes. Then put James and Natalie up
    • Victor talks about how crazy it would be if it was a jury buyback, but Paul thinks it won’t be because they already had a chance (with the cards)
    • Paul says he isn’t working with James and Natalie any more.
    • And damn, my spacebar is going. May be time for a new keyboard 🙁
  • 7:15pm – Time check
    • Paul hopes Victor stays to clip James and Nat
    • Victor says Natalie’s really pissed about that comment. He heard that through Michelle.  Paul calls Michelle an idiot.  (as far as the comment, probably something I missed)
    • They wonder what the fans wanted Michelle to do with the care package.  Paul says ‘probably not that’
  • 7:30pm – Talk breaks up. Natalie and Michelle are STILL SLEEPING
  • 8:30pm – Breaking news – Nat and Michelle are awake.  Wow.
    • I will be back in an hour or two to see if anything livens up in this house
  • 9:30pm – Came back because I realized I’m sure tired so I am not sure I will be back tonight
    • Update on the house. Michelle is putting something that looks like heat pack on her stomach. Cramps?
    • michelle-stomach
    • Natalie is in the kitchen with James. Ever since Paul mentioned how he notices how hot/cold she acts and gets him to do whatever she wants, it is becoming more and more obvious and pathetic.
    • She’s asking if he is the sabateur this season, he is playing along, whatever
    • Switching to another feed, Victor, Paul, and Corey are telling Nicole about sharts. I go on vacation during a great week, and come back to shart talk.

Wrapping up this post because it’s been a long day. There won’t be an overnight report in the morning, but I will try to get something in there before I begin the feed updates for the day. I will figure out how to handle the rest of the season with overnights, daytime reports, etc, but one way or another, the info will still get out there for you guys.

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