Dick Explains Why He Left.. On His Website Of Course…

evil dick tries to clear up why he left the show

evil dick tries to clear up why he left the showEvil Dick (or eveldick, evaldick, whatever) took to his website (of course) to try and clear up his departure from the show, and he started right away by squashing the rumors floating around:

– It wasn’t a publicity stunt to promote his website
– It wasn’t to push Daniele further in the game, he was there to win
– Nobody is sick
– He wasn’t kicked out for his video that was released after he entered
– He’s not on the space shuttle of giving Obama foreign policy advice

Also, he said it is true he and Daniele haven’t spoken in three years except for once at his mothers house a year ago where it was very awkward and brief.   He did leave a few voicemails since (see: drunk dialing) but no response from Dani.

He then goes on to ramble about how great he was doing in the game, how happy he was, and many more minutes of bullshit before clearing up why he left, which is…


drumroll please….

In the most anti-climactic departure of a reality show, we found out that…….

Someone needed him outside of the show

Out of respect to his friends privacy, he didn’t clear up exactly what was needed of him, and claims he won’t.   That’s sweet.  So he cleared up a long list of reasons that didn’t cause him to leave the show, but suddenly became very succinct when talking about the actual reason..

He spent more time promoting his website in the 10 minute video than talking about the actual reason he left the show, which is frustrating to no end.    He said whatever pulled him off was so severe that the producers went into the diary room personally and talked to him about it, and it instantly threw him back.   He doesn’t regret his decision at all and hopes he can come back to the show some day (although it’s unlikely we’ll see him back this season).


This announcement is going to leave way more many questions than it answered, but I’m not going to speculate on it much longer.   When people sign a contract to enter the show, they commit to the season.  Outside of someone being sick / dying (which he said wasn’t the case), it’s hard to imagine a situation that would pull someone from the house.

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