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Does Paulie have a final trick up his sleeve? ; Afternoon Updates 8/17

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The conversation that gave Paulie hope
Could Paulie be staying tomorrow after talking to Paul?

Good afternoon! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited for Zingbot tonight! Pamela covered the conversation between Paul and Paulie last night in great depth, so make sure you check out the overnight recap from last night. That was the big highlight of the night. Other than that, Nicole complained about James (is it just me or does she complain about everything?) and how he wants to go after showmances even though he’s in one. But today, I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open for Paulie to campaign for himself to stay. I’ll also be watching to see if James and Natalie decide to take him up on his offer of protecting them if he stays. Before I jump into the feeds, here’s a quick poll:


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  • 1:14 pm – Victor and Michelle are casually chatting in the Safari room. Victor says he would date Mariah (Nicole’s best friend) even though he doesn’t know her. Ok then
    • Paulie is in the kitchen making a pie, and gets called to the DR in the middle of making one
    • Victor is telling Michelle that Nicole and Corey have portrayed him in such a bad light
    • Corey is up looking for food
    • James tells Corey to talk to Natalie and that he’s sorry if Nicole took anything he said the wrong way
    • Michelle says Big Brother should set up comps outside the house and charge people to play them
    • Michelle says she regrets being mean to Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie and that she’s afraid that she’s going to be viewed as the villain after her show with Paulie this week
    • Corey goes into the have-not room to wake Nicole up and she says that she’s been trying to hide all day
    • Nicole asks Corey if Paulie asked James for a sympathy vote or a vote to stay
  • 1:53 pm – Paulie tells Michelle that he thought about what she said and that he’s going to campaign for himself and that he’s going to talk to her later
  • 3:49 pm – Sorry about that delay.. The site went down for some reason, but it’s working now!
    • Natalie, Paulie, Corey, and Paul are in the kitchen
    • Random talk about Britney Spears and Selena Gomez
    • Friendship time with Paul and James in the safari room. The topic is girls, specifically what type of girls James likes
    • James says that daisy dukes and boots are the way to his heart
    • Natalie says she’s getting back to herself again after being sick and in pain
    • Victor has joined friendship time
    • Paul is now alone having friendship time. He says he likes the red alerts. Now he’s talking about Pablo. Maybe he stays so sane because he’s always talking to America lol
    • James and Victor are back.. James is complaining that Paul didn’t even know who he was when the season started
    • Paulie is eavesdropping on their conversation
    • Natalie and Paulie are now in friendship time
  • 8:04 pm – Time for the show on CBS! Looking forward to zingbot!
    • A little bit ago, James and Corey were talking about Natalie. Then talk shifted to how James now knows he can’t trust Paulie.
  • I thought the show was pretty good! (Tell me how you guys liked it in the comments, I want to hear your opinions!) I hope they show more of Paul’s punishment tomorrow on the live show. I also liked the zings tonight, but I still think that Kathy Griffin’s zing on Zach (BB16) was the best. And just to answer some of the comments, I fully expect Paulie to walk out the door tomorrow. He was trying to make deals with James and Nat yesterday, but I still expect them to vote him out. I’m predicting a unanimous vote to evict Paulie. But considering other options makes things more interesting.
  • 6:02 pm – Minor game talk between James/Nat and Paulie/Corey
    • James to Natalie- “You can’t go home and leave me in this shithole by myself!”
    • Paulie, Nicole, and Corey are talking about the craziest things they’ve done, while Paul, James, and Natalie are talking about Victor’s former issues with Natalie and James. Paul is saying Michelle and Nicole started it with comments they said to Victor that Natalie said when she didn’t. There’s a lot of he said/she said going on
    • Nicole called to DR
    • Victor has joined Paulie and Corey and they’re talking about flights
    • Paul, Natalie, and James are talking about how if they ever need a backup plan, they can get rid of Michelle because she offered to go up and leave if it came down to it
    • Victor joins the conversation and Paul asks when he’s going to rattle things
    • Vic says he’s going to taunt Nicole and Corey during the HOH comp
    • Nicole came out of the DR upset, so Corey was comforting her in the kitchen.
    • Victor called to the DR, Paul says they’re taping goodbye messages
    • Nicole is whining in the safari room and Corey is trying to convince her that they’ll be okay next week (they won’t). Nicole is saying that Michelle reminds her of Christine. She’s said this multiple times this season
    • Paulie was campaigning to the Vic/Paul/James crew, and said he needed 3 votes to stay. He stopped when Michelle/Nat came in. Paul called to DR, now they’re talking about hockey
    • Corey thinks that only Paul would put him and Nicole up.. They all would, do you really not see that??
    • Victor just got yelled at for messing with his microphone
    • Nicole hopes there will be a jury buyback so Paulie can come back in, Corey says he needs to pack his stuff tonight
    • Side note: Does anyone else watch American Gothic? I’m hooked!
  • 7:00 pm – Casual chit chat going on, no game talk at the moment. Everyone in London room, except for Paulie who’s wandering and James in the DR
    • Paulie filled Natalie in on what he told the others about voting to keep him and he says he’s petrified to stay in the jury for a few weeks
    • Paulie is now talking about Z and how she was immature (smacked one of Bridgette’s cookies out of his hand)
    • Meanwhile, Victor/Paul/James/Michelle are thinking of things to say to Nicole and Corey to rattle their cages and get them worried.
  • 8:04 pm – Paulie tells Natalie that Z tried to have sex with him and he denied her. umm then why was Paulie running around telling everyone they had sex??
    • Paul is talking to Corey and Nicole in the kitchen. Corey is saying people would be dumb to vote him out
    • Natalie is telling Paulie in the bathroom that she didn’t want anything from James and now she has everything.. Awe
    • Casual chat about costumes in the kitchen between Paul/Nicole/Corey.
    • James joins them now and Nicole says that Paulie is trying to connect with people on a personal level at this point to get votes
  • I’m gonna wrap up the thread here.. Check back in the morning for the overnight recap!

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