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Double Eviction Two-Hour Super Special Showdown Thread!

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Good evening, everyone!

Feeds have been down basically all day, which is odd even for a live eviction day. It’s like the camera crew just woke up today and said…


This makes me seriously wonder if they’re going to have feeds tomorrow or not, but they usually announce when feeds will be down for an extended period of time. I’m confused!  This whole season has me confused! You have a fairly likable Omarosa (compared to what she was described as), a sitting endurance challenge, dried up boobs, Max Headroom, and virtually no drama (that I caught at least) between Brandi and Omarosa which was almost inevitable.  It’s bananaland in there. I don’t know what to make of it.  I’m probably going to do a review of the season tomorrow. I was going to do one today, but I figured I’d give them a double eviction to try and redeem some points they may have lost.

What do I expect tonight? Brandi leaves first. James wins HoH. Marissa or Omarosa leave second. My prediction is based on nothing specific other than James is due and Marissa is a fairly big threat to win because she got along with everyone. That said, everyone kind of got along, so that’s why predictions are difficult. For all we know, Metta could vote for Kobe Bryant, Keisha could show up to the finale with her kid on her boob, and Shannon Elizabeth may have skipped town to go back to South Africa. This is just a weird season so my predictions are weak at best.

Enough rambling, time to do some updates…..

  • I expect this to be a little more eventual than the torture that was last week. That two-hour episode was BRUTAL. Luckily this is a double
    • Clip of Omarosa defending her background where she has a masters degree and was working toward a doctorate but didn’t finish. It doesn’t surprise me. She appears incredibly intelligent but is looked at as a reality show star.
    • Brandi says she wants James on the block.. in front of James
  • Yesterday’s veto competition
    • Omarosa threw it
    • Omarosa pushes Ross to get in the final 2 with her because he can beat her
    • Ari killed the comp
    • Most of the rest pretty much sucked
  • They dragged out this first hour to just show the PoV competition. Weird.
  • Speech –
    • Marissa won’t campaign against Brandi.
    • Brandi made friends. She loves a lot of people. Not everyone.
  • Votes –
    • James – Brandi
    • Ariadna – Marissa
    • Ross – Brandi
    • Omarosa – Brandi
  • Brandi says she’s upset Ross betrayed her.
  • HoH time
    • Weird, they are all in different rooms in the house for the competition
    • Guess that explains why feeds were down all day. Had to set all this up
    • True or false
    • All 4 – Arianda 0
    • James, Ross in lead
    • James, Ross, Oma tied
    • James Oma tied first
    • James Oma still tied
    • James Oma tied at end
    • Omarosa wins
  • Ross and Marissa nominated
  • Ross quickly wins the POV.
    • They had to look at 6 paintings then run around the house to see the different painting. The difference was pretty obvious so it felt a little luck based on which room you checked first.
  • Ross saves himself
  • James is replacement
  • James actually campaigns against Marissa and says she’ll beat everyone in the f2
  • Marissa counters by saying people won’t get to the f2 because James will beat them in comps
  • Votes
    • Ariadna – James
    • Mark – Marissa
    • Ross – James

check back for updates

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