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Down To The Final Four Eviction Thread

Third time was not a charm

It’s been a fun ride for Victor, but his summer of badassery is about to come to an end… well, seeing as this is a pre-recorded episode that happened yesterday, it likely already has. I’m probably supposed to pretend I don’t know who is going home for the suspense, but anyone who follows this blog knows who the target was. They also knew who was going home the second the feeds came back and Nicole won PoV. Not a shocker.

Side note – Once again, I am pushing for Victor for America’s Favorite this year.  Yea, he was evicted 3x, but he is funny, honest, and a cool guy.

Alright, so here we are. Just one week to go (and a day). Then that’s it. I cannot believe how fast the season (and summer) has gone by. I guess that is the bad part about your life revolving around a show that airs during the summer is that it flies by, but so does the best time of the year. I really need to move to a warmer area so my summer can be extended by a few months.  Who wants to hook me (and wife/daughter) up with a cheap rental deal down in FL?  Speaking of wife… today is our 2 year anniversary!  I don’t know why I felt the need to share that with tens of thousands of people, but hey, she’s awesome.

And I’m well aware that I wrote almost 250 words and haven’t really said much about Big Brother. That’s because there is almost nothing to talk about. The live feeds have been down since yesterday morning and will remain that way likely until midnight est. There are rumors of a new HoH that you can read here. I went through every possible final 2 match up to see who has the better chance against each other (spoiler alert – if anyone wants to win, they can’t take Corey to the f2).  That leaves us with where we are now. Me rambling about moving to FL.


Updates – (est)

  • 7:30pm – 30 minutes to go until the show begins. It should be a busy one as they have to show the veto comp, meeting, eviction, and possibly HoH
  • 8:00pm – Julie jumps right in and tells the house ‘live’ that there is an eviction tonight. Something tells me they already knew
    • They’re showing clips of Nicole, Corey, and James dealing with the reaction from nominating Paul and Victor
  • 8:15pm – PoV time. The comic book veto challenge
    • Of course Natalie’s had that damn leg kick.
    • Michelle’s says ‘Big Meech’ with a baby rattle.. hilarious lol
    • James spends about 10 minutes staring at Natalie’s comic. I can’t figure out if he’s throwing these comps or not
  • 8:20pm – Nicole won the PoV
    • Shows the awkward long hug of Nicole by Victor. He really was touchy with her this season
    • The clips finish, and Derrick is interviewed by Julie
    • She asks if someone should stay true to their couple if it will cost them the game (*cough* Nicole with Corey)
    • Derrick is still pretending that he isn’t sure if Cody would have won against Victoria.
    • He says what she is different this year is that she waited this year and is stepping up late
    • He thinks Nicole can win, and he’d love for a woman to win this year. It’s overdue (it is)
  • 8:25pm – Commercial break then veto meeting
    • Quick meeting to show Nicole not using veto
    • Paul mentions how so many people said they’re not campaigning against soandso, but he means it
    • Now they’re going to hype up the possibility Vic may remain
  • 8:30pm – Commercial break, then eviction
    • They keep pushing the Big Brother fall edition on commercials which is good. Hope people are here on the site for it
    • Ok, eviction time…
    • Paul makes fun of Natalie and Michelle in his eviction speeches. He roasts the house.
    • Victor’s speech.. he calls Corey a snake charmer.  He tells James that he’s not out of the woods because he has a knife in his back with his name on it.  He then says he loves everyone
    • Nicole:  Victor
    • James: Victor
    • Victor eliminated 2-0
  • 8:45pm – Commercial break
    • HoH time!
    • They have to guess what the missing word was from a quote
    • True/False… point system after 7 rounds
    • Round 1 – Everyone 1 point
    • Round 2 – James got this one wrong. And it was a quote from Natalie to him
    • Round 3 – Nicole 3, Paul 2, James 1
    • Round 4 – All correct
    • Round 5 – Nicole 5, Paul 4, James 2
    • Round 6 – Nicole 5, Paul 5, James 2
    • Round 7 – Nicole 6, Paul 6, James 3
    • Tiebreaker – Paul wins HoH

I’ll be posting an update as soon as feeds go live in 3 hours

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