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Eeny-Meanie-Mienie-Moe, Part 2 – Afternoon Updates, 8/22

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Good afternoon, everyone!  I’m back to give Brianna some time with her family & friends before heading off to school.  Study hard, lady!!  That being said, I do have to work this afternoon to get ready for a meeting.  As soon as I meet with my boss in a couple of hours, I will do a run through the flashback.  I am listening to the live feeds on the side and noting times to go back and fill in a little more.  I’m hoping the commenters will help us out, which is why I opened this post now, so scroll, baby, scroll…Of course, the biggest news of today is the Veto meeting and it seems the girls elementary school pick did not happen – Corey is on the block next to Victor.


Just so you know that I actually do read the comments – I miss Steve, too.  Last week was a rough week and this one is only moderately better.  I think I mentioned that I was recovering from ankle surgery, it’s the fourth, as a result of a head-on collision 2 years ago.  Up until last week, I had pretty regular insomnia and would be up until 4-5 a.m. every night, which is why I volunteered to help Steve.  A week ago, I was put into a walking boot after 13 weeks in a non-weight bearing cast.  I had to walk on it but it hurt so bad that I was taking pain meds every 6 hours, something I haven’t done since the 2nd week and that was 12 weeks ago.  I was struggling hard to do what I did and I know I’ve done a lousy job.   Don’t take it out on Steve.  Neither of us knew it would be this way.  I have spoken with Steve and he understands.  He is going to take over the mornings because he understands my situation.  I’m not quitting because of comments but because I am working through something I’d not wish on my worst enemy…or even Paul (just teasing….he’s a good kid, just so freaking loud!)  Take my advice – Don’t drive distracted – I wasn’t/He was – We are both paying the price



This is my last post.  Steve is back from vacation and he is going to take over mornings.  Be well, fellow junkies!


  • There has been something going on with the feeds today that makes it seem like Production might have the feeds on some sort of delay.  I have seen a jump, where someone was in one location and suddenly in another, and I have seen fast forwards, where I’m watching people have a conversation then it advances where you see them move fast.  just FYI…is Production manipulating live feeds like they do the HGs?
  • Paul making the play for ACP.  He and Vic telling Michelle it wouldn’t be wise for James & Natalie to go with Nicole & Corey.  Everything is pretty much the same argument as before.
  • James & Nat did want Nicole on the block so it would be easier to explain to Victor.  They blame Paul, saying he’s playing both sides.
  • Nicole & Corey and Nat & James had a pretty long chat in the backyard about when they are telling Michelle.  They know she will run to Paul & Victor.  They talk about letting her know too early would cause Paul to be able to recover and they want Paul rattled for the HoH.
  • James tells them to study the days because that will be either HoH or next Veto.
  • Vic is a very dedicated kitchen cleaner!
  • Vic in the backyard, lowers all the awnings himself and BB says thank you, Victor
  • Vic is all alone in the backyard, having another chat with America, talking about all the other players.
  • Meanwhile, Nicole in storage room talking to her family.





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