Eviction, Coming To A Box Office Near You

Brendon Rachel and Daniele Big Brother 13

Brendon Rachel and Daniele Big Brother 13While my poster above implies there is some love affair between Daniele and Brendon, there may as well should be considering the turn of events that have happened in the house as of roughly 9pm on Thursday night.

Daniele did what she was fully expected of her that night, win what could have been a long endurance challenge, just like she did her last time in the house.  This challenge was far easier than it should have been which disappointed a lot of fans, simply because some (Adam and Lawon) bailed before the feeds even turned back on, and the rest of the guys were out of it like 20 minutes later.

Despite some serious brown nosing on the part of Brendon and Rachel, while Jeff and Jordan just relaxed in the back yard, Daniele showed no mercy and was unwilling to make a deal when she put them on the block against each other.     This naturally set them off into some serious bout of depression as they sat in a room basically staring at each other for like 30 minutes…  this is why real life couples shouldn’t enter the house together.

In the veto competition, in addition to the two nominees and Daniele, Adam, Porsche and Jeff were selected to play, and Brendon came out on top despite it being a very irrelevant competition.  Daniele already said she’d take anything they offered her to drop from the competition because it really doesn’t matter who wins in her situation.  Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon are major targets, and in her eyes one of them will be going home.


I’m not sure if anything was offered, but by Brendon winning it puts him in a very difficult situation on a personal level.  Rachel doesn’t exactly seem the type of just be ok with him taking himself off, despite what she says or acts. Unlike a Jordan, she just seems like the type of person who pretty much expects her FIANCE to drop out of the game for him while saving her.  Will he do it?  Will it really matter?  Game play and personality they’re virtually identical with Rachel actually having a slight upper hand at this point due to two HoH wins.  Both have been obnoxious, but both will have equal chance to win or lose depending on who they’re sitting against in the finals.

The difference is, Rachel doesn’t seem like she can do much without Brendon, while Brendon appears he’ll be still playing if she leaves.

However, there really could be a twist.  Daniele is completely convinced the evicted houseguests are still in sequester, despite Cassi and Dominic giving interviews to someone at BigBrotherNetwork, but you never know.  They really like to create a lot of twists, even if they’re not very fair, and we all know this season certainly needs one, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they allowed the voted out people to compete for something to get back in.

Big Brother 13 is on tonight, you can see the diary room interviews and who gets nominated, although if you’re reading this you already know.   Be sure to tune into the live feeds to get up to the minute news from inside the house!

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