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Are The Floaters Actually Playing?

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Here is the situation.  The floaters have been acting like a bunch of harmless zebras roaming the African plains just happy to be alive and enjoying the sun and food.  In order to avoid being eaten by the hungry lion, they make deals with him to stand by his side, in exchange for pointing out when their fellow zebras are alone and vulnerable.   This works well for the zebra making the deal, until the day comes when there are no more left for the lion to hunt, but he’s still hungry.  Naturally, he’s going to turn to his new zebra buddy and eat him too.


This was the path that was happening in the game, and it was all running smooth for the lion king, Jeffry.  However, one zebra named Shelly was originally working with Jeff to betray her fellow zebras, suddenly realized that when they’re all dead, Jeff is still going to be hungry, and Shelly doesn’t want to be eaten, ever.   So, she decides to talk with Jeff’s other allied zebra named Adam, and created a meeting with the harmless floating zebras to try and stop this madness before Shelly is too weak to fight back.

That was one hell of a metaphor, but I’ll stop there and just say, Shelly sat with Adam and Porsche yesterday and basically admitted she was screwing up because Jeff is going to take Jordan and/or Rachel to the final 2 if it happens that far.  Anyone in the house who thinks they’re buddy-buddy with Jeff (*cough Adam*) is just screwing himself in the long run because the reality is there is zero chance Jeff takes anyone but his original alliance to the finals.


Despite the logic thrown at Adam by Shelly, she then asks who they’d vote for this week to be eliminated.   One is a person who is extremely weak in competitions, sleeps all day, and is clearly terrified of the big bad Jeff/Jordan machine, and the other is someone who is willing and able to fight back.  She’s not a zebra, in fact she’s a lion who was sick of the other lions and decided to become friends with the zebras.   Porsche wants to keep the lion in the house, and as of yesterday, so did Shelly, but even with his big brother life on the line, Adam is still looking to get the lion put out of her misery.

Needless to say, Shelly has her work cut out for her this week if she actually wants a chance to win this game.  She could have changed things weeks ago, and knows it, but she’s at the point now where it’s probably the most crucial week of the season so far.  Voting Daniele out will make it Jeff, Jordan and Rachel vs Kalia and Porsche with Adam and Shelly just waiting for their turn to be eaten alive.   Shelly knows the noobs have almost no shot at winning without someone strong to help win competitions and not be scared of Jeff’s intimidation tactics, but will her efforts this week be enough to save Daniele, or will she eventually cower down, and do what her lion friend tells her to do?  We’ll find out over the week, but last night talking to Jordan, Shelly is already showing signs of backing down.


Get the live feeds right here for 3 days to see for yourself what happens

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