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Friday Feed Updates; Nominations Today

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You may not remember because it happened so quickly, but Victor and Paul were aligned with Nat, James, and Michelle to take down Paulie and were set to go after Corey and Nicole leading them into a final 5. I actually don’t remember it a whole lot because it happened the week I was away, so I didn’t get to watch the feeds and see the ridiculousness of that move play out in real time. James and Natalie have been floating through the season, and their lack of commitment to anything but each other is coming back to bite them hard this week as James learned last night.

His attempt to sway Victor away from NiCorey failed hard, as Victor was pretty blunt about his intentions this week, just as he’s been all season long. James is the target, and James needs to win PoV in order to remain in the game. If he does win PoV and saves himself, Natalie will leave. With the bribe securing their alliance a few days ago, I can’t see anything happening in the house that would change the alliance between Pictor and NiCorey.


While honesty is not something commonly associated with the Big Brother house, Victor is trying that approach and so far it’s worked for him. It will most certainly pay off if he’s in the final 2 as there is about a 99% chance he’ll win against anyone remaining in the house right now. He’s played hard, he’s played honest, and he’s made big moves. Not only has he been able to come back twice, but if he gets James out this week, he’ll be able to say he got out both people primarily responsible for his evictions. Paulie was the HoH and PoV, and the guy who pulled the trigger on the backdoor plan, and James was the swing vote who could have saved Victor just a week after they worked together to take out Paulie.

When nominations happen later today, don’t be surprised when you see James and Natalie on the block



  • 10:35am – Most are sleeping, but Victor is up and doing some cooking and cleaning.
  • 11:30am – Nicole and Paul are talking about the house
    • Nicole mentions how Michelle called her a floater on the way out. Paul laughs because she hung out with two huge floaters then called Nicole one
  • 12:30pm – Natalie is up. It’s Paul, Nicole, Victor and Nat sitting around the table talking.
  • 2:25pm – James and Natalie are sleeping, the rest of the house is in the HoH talking.
    • Let me copy that sentence because I have a feeling I’ll be repeating that quite a bit this week
  • 2:40pm – Natalie wakes up to ask James if he took a bribe. He says no. They wonder what happened with the bribe
    • (note – Corey was not required to tell the house)
    • Looks like they were given dominoes to play. At least it’s something that will keep them busy these next 2 weeks
  • 3:45pm – Natalie is in the shower talking to James (she is going to be lonely when he’s gone)
    • While waiting, James put salt in Nicole’s water.
    • Natalie asks how it feels to be a bigger threat than Paul and Victor.  He says ‘feels pretty badass’
    • They say how Corey and Nicole won’t get votes.  James says that’s the thing. You can shit on people in the game, but you gotta have jury votes
    • James puts Vaseline on the bathroom door handle.
    • doorhandle
    • I’m going to call BS on these pranks from James. The guy was up Natalie’s ass all season, but now that he’s going home, he is suddenly going to be the ‘fun’ James again?  This is a ploy for America’s Favorite votes, guaranteed.
    • Natalie is upset because Nicole told her to blindside Victor two weeks ago, and now they’re best friends.  Yes Nat, that’s the game. They’re playing the game, and they’re better at it than you or James
  • 5:05pm – Feeds down for noms
  • 5:55pm – Feeds back, James and Natalie nominated like expected
    • I guess something happened during the nomination ceremony that made Nicole paranoid – again.  Her paranoia is starting to annoy Corey, you can hear it in his voice
    • Sounds like Victor gave a speech that hinted toward Nicole, something about never being on the block (while looking at Nicole maybe)
    • Nicole is seriously worried about dominoes.  Before you roll your eyes, it’s about her not wanting to be on a team with Corey just in case they beat Victor and Victor gets mad and nominates her (something like that). She felt similar when they beat him in pool.  Ok, roll your eyes
  • 6:55pm – Feeds down for some reason.  Could be nothing, but they’re on Jeff loops still
  • 7:40pm – Natalie and James are in bed talking about the game
    • James is saying ‘if they didn’t have a jury buyback, none of this would have happened’.  He can also say ‘If one of us won the HoH, this wouldn’t happen’.  Or ‘If I didn’t throw the HoH to Nicole…’.  But hey, blame it on the twists
    • nat-james
    • James is hinting at throwing the PoV, or if he wins the veto, choose not to use it.
    • He is pretty set on the fact that he’s leaving. He said he tried to offer a f4 deal with Victor who brushed it off
    • I need to step away for a few minutes (hours depending on my mood).  This is too depressing to listen to
  • 12:00pm – Ended up getting sucked into a few episodes of Narcos. Good show.
    • The guys are in the kitchen cooking, as Corey is ending what appears to be the final HN of the season, assuming they don’t screw the cast over.
    • If you’re wondering how they could screw them over, it’s because Julie said the last person to put the egg in the ‘Have’ slot would be HN
    • Victor and Natalie didn’t go for that slot. Natalie has the HN pass for the season, and Victor won HoH.   Natalie would be HN without that pass.. I am loading up the episode so I can hear Julie’s exact wording
    • Ok, she specifically said “The first 3 to get the egg in the have slot will not be havenots this week”.  If Victor, Paul or James get HN, that would be a complete dick move on production’s part. To me, they found the way to beat the system, so good for them.
    • Note – I normally don’t give a shit about havenots, so I rarely ever pay attention to who is on them and who isn’t. I think that aspect was stupid and pointless, mostly because the house has been ‘playing fair’ the past few seasons and just rotating it. What they did this season with usually making the last 2-4 people in the HoH comp havenots was pretty slick. It gave them incentive to stop throwing comps so quick and easy. I also like how they themed the bonus food with the competition theme, but they messed up by giving them treats like half the time. Pies? Marshmallows? Hash Browns?  I’d take that any day. Mix that with some protein shakes, and you’re still feeling pretty good by the end of the week.
    • Sure, it’s not very healthy to eat junk food all week, but weeks like this where Corey was just flat out miserable brought me back to old-school BB where being on slop sucked hardcore. Chicken George choosing to be on slop for the remainder of All-Star season was one of the top 5 moments in BB history.. maybe top 3.

Ok, with that, bed time.  James is speculating it will be the comic book challenge tomorrow for veto. Of course, if he’s wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time he was wrong this week, but they do love that challenge, and it hasn’t been played yet this year. If that is the case, it will be a long veto comp (5+ hours), so we won’t be finding out James’ fate until tomorrow night. He claims he is going to throw it because he doesn’t want to be put in the situation of taking himself off the block, or deal with the mocking that comes out of taking someone else off the block only to be sent home. That is on the level of being sent home on Survivor with the immunity idol in your pocket.

That said, I can totally see James playing up the martyr angle and saving Natalie with the veto. He knows his chances of winning BB this season shot down to about like 1% the second Victor won HoH. He is going to push very hard to make the clips this week with pranks or doing things like saving Natalie.  That $25k prize for America’s Favorite is a sweet consolidation prize he really believes he can get (and he’s probably right).

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