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Friday Feed Updates; Nominations

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Good afternoon, everyone!  If you missed my recap on who will probably be nominated, check my previous post. On to the feed updates….

(not even bothering with much of an intro today as there isn’t a whole to talk about that I didn’t mention earlier)



  • 11:20am – A few minutes ago, the feeds returned with Paul in the living room holding a card
    • They mention the care packages, so I realize the feeds were cut so Paul can read the card to the house explaining the care package deal. I guess it will happen ‘later today’, so get your votes in.
    • Paul says he is HoH, so “America, don’t dick me here” or something like that. He doesn’t want the no slop pass… which means to give it to him!
    • I think they only told them what this week was because then Da’Vonne, James and crew are sitting around talking about it.
    • Day says they know it’s 5.  She says the HN pass is one, and speculates a power of veto is another, a ‘key’ is in another, some other crap, some other crap
    • James jumps in with “x 2 vote” (very good, James)
    • Out of all of them, they think the HN pass is the least of them.
    • She thinks the “whooooo” package isn’t until the 4th or 5th person.
    • She thinks Bridgette will get the first package because of her connection to Frank (no, give it to Paul!)
  • 11:25am – Michelle wonders if they showed Frank’s ‘nasty side’. The ‘nasty side’ she had a crush on?
    • Michelle is worried that America will see an edit that she attacked Bridgette and she’s the bad one.  Don’t worry, Michelle. It isn’t the edit that makes you look mean to Bridgette
    • James says if he gets a diamond power of veto, he’s going to raise hell (sure he is)
  • 12:20pm – Victor heads upstairs to talk to Paul…
    • He (Vic) says he walked into a conversation with Nicole, Corey, Michelle, and Paulie
    • They’re talking about Natalie and how they’re pissed she doesn’t do anything
    • Now she has a ‘never-not’ pass and should be on the block every week as a pawn (I guess Natalie got it?)
    • Yes, Natalie won the NeverNot Pass
    • Victor says “America, that may have backfired by giving her that pass”
    • Paul says to get Paulie
  • 12:30pm – Paulie is up in the HoH room
    • Paulie says “FT is shitting her pants” as soon as he walks in.  Just 30 minutes ago he was explaining to Michelle that he calls Natalie “FT” for “Fake Titties”
    • Paul – “Here is my thought process. Everyone hates Natalie”
    • They joke how Z, Michelle and Nicole may punch Natalie in the face
    • Paulie – “Should we just send her home”  Paul – “No, no. no.  She is useless to me. I have the power of Bridgette or Day, two strong players”
    • paulie-paul-victor
    • Paul says putting Natalie on the block would be funny, but it wouldn’t do anything.
    • Paulie says Michelle who “hates… hates… hates Bridgette” wouldn’t have a problem with Natalie leaving
    • Paul – “Who is Day going to convince that Paulie is worse than Bridgette?” … umm, it’s not a hard sell, Paul.  Paulie is dangerous as shit. Day can easily sway those votes.
    • Meanwhile, James is in the safari room telling Natalie how Nicole has been throwing Nat under the bus with nominations. I guess Nicole has been vocal wondering why Natalie isn’t going up
  • 12:50pm – Conversation continues….
    • Paul says they have to let a girl win so they can start clipping some of the boys for them
    • Paul – I love Corey, I really do, but I feel James sticks to his guns more
    • Victor talks about how he wants to get Natalie out because he wants to give a speech referencing how Nat said Vic was disrespectful to women
    • Victor is still talking about how Natalie said the good-bye message that embarrassed him on tv.
    • He wants to prove he isn’t disrespectful to women by nominating Nicole and Natalie and roasting them during the nomination speech
  • 1:15pm – Paulie pulled Bridgette aside and is telling her the plan how he wants to get Da’Vonne out.
    • Paulie mentions how things he has told to Corey recently go straight to Nicole
  • 1:25pm – Feeds down, possibly noms
  • 1:30pm – Feeds back, not noms. Paul is talking to Paulie and Bridgette now
    • Paulie is telling her about how Nicole was talking about being a pawn when Natalie came in complaining about possibly being a pawn. Nicole got pissed at Natalie for not wanting to take one for the team
    • Bridgette tells them that during the conversation with Day, she was told that Day would find out who was causing the problems and fix them for her. Like the bullying and what not.
    • Paulie tells her their side of the conversation with Day. Day told them that she put Bridgette in her place, and Bridgette is shocked to hear that
  • 1:55pm – Paulie is still talking to Bridgette
    • It is good to see her talking to people. I worried she was going to sit there completely alone all week being kicked while she was down.
    • bridgette2
    • Even if she does go home this week, I don’t like to see people completely miserable on the way out. Unless they’re douchebags
  • 2:20pm – Conversation has ended, nothing going on. Many napping, I may join them
  • 5:00pm – Back from my nap. Feeds down for nominations
  • 6:00pm – Feeds back. Like expected, Paulie and Bridgette nominated.
    • Michelle is in the HN room saying she wished Paul’s speech called out Bridgette more. Called out for what?
    • Z leaves the room and runs into Bridgette and is playing nice.
    • Bridgette heads to the HoH room and Paul apologizes for the speech. He said ‘sorry that was a bit harsh’.
    • Paul is telling her if he really wanted her out, he would have just said it. Instead, he had to come up with this fake drama that the girls apparently ate up
    • Paul tells her he has 6 votes (Paulie, Victor, Natalie, Nicole, Corey, James)
    • He also tells her not to worry about Michelle. She tried to make amends, but Michelle didn’t want to and she needs to accept that
    • Bridgette has to keep being angry and/or sad for the time being
  • 6:20pm – Paul is telling Bridgette how most people didn’t care and tried to throw it once Bridgette lost
    • He says that despite Paul having the lead, Day and Nicole were both trying hard to get the win
    • I have to say, Paul’s talk with Bridgette gives me a new respect in him. If he is genuine in what he’s saying that is.
  • 7:50pm – Not much has been going on. A few people sitting in the Paris room chatting while the rest in the kitchen
    • paris-room
  • 8:20pm – The Paris room tries to pull a prank on Victor. Natalie calls him into the room while they’re all hidden.  Apparently they’re terrible at hiding because Victor spots Paul right away and wonders why everyone is hiding behind blankets.  Fail prank
  • 11:45pm – Many people are in the bathroom hanging out while the rest of hte house is sleeping.

check back for updates

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