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Friday Highlights

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Omarosa Celebrity Big BrotherThere’s been a lot of talk today and we got a taste of what an Omarosa/Brandi battle would look like. With more to come tonight, I’ll just get to it.


The day started with more uncertainty about the vote. Ross &Marissa went over the pros and cons. Shannon weighed in and told Marissa she thinks the other side will go after James because he will probably piss them off. She also thinks they will get mad and blow themselves up. (Or…they could win hoh) Marissa said if they keep James, he has to be told he can’t act like a cocky b***h. (I like Marissa, she’s very funny but she’s a “like” talker and that’s annoying.) Shannon continues to push Ross’s fear of Omarosa to convince him. They aren’t sure if Omarosa is still with them. Shannon says she’s fine with whatever they decide. (I think she established last night how much of a lie that is)

The guys end up downstairs and the ladies plus Ross are getting ready/having a meeting upstairs. Keshia says that if it isn’t 7 to 1 then they will have a problem. She said the guys are saying that the women are really making side deals. Brandi points out that they’ll say that to break up the women.  Brandi mentions seeing Omarosa and Chuck “huddled up” and wants to know what’s going on. Omarosa tells her that she’s bugging out and tells her the comment was shady. The word shady is tossed back and forth about 75 times afterwards. Omarosa tells Brandi “don’t come for me Brandi, I’m not the one.” Brandi tells her she isn’t the one either Omarosa accuses her of planting seeds and tells her not to question her integrity. Brandi said she’ll question whatever the f**k she wants. Omarosa says the next time she wants to try and blow up someone’s game she should be more transparent. Brandi is saying that she just wants to know where everyone stands and if that pisses anyone off then they’re not really in an alliance. Marissa chimes in to tell Brandi that she is allowed to question and it’s okay. Omarosa tell Brandi that she’s shady as f**k several times and they agree to drop it.  Omarosa starts mimicking the things Brandi was saying while they’re all still in the room. Brandi says she thought they were going to drop it but if not…..so she starts in again too. Omarosa mentioned something about not trying to play her because she isn’t Nintendo and Brandi responds by telling her that she plays Xbox. Omarosa also told her that she had almost blown up their alliance when she was drunk. The whole conversation is intermingled with lots of “shady “and “shady boots” remarks. (They both want the last word) Omorosa let Ross know that she saw him in the mirror and didn’t like his expression. Ross pointed out that he had only been sitting there. (There has been some tension over Ross as well) Apparently, Omarosa discusses the 6 women going to the end in Ross’s presence and Marissa especially, doesn’t like this. Brandi was attempting to say something about it too when Omarosa told her that she’d rather hear from Ross. She asked Ross if it was wrong for her to be supporting women during this time, with what’s going on in our country, etc. and basically gave a women’s empowerment speech. It left you with a feeling like that old lawyer question of “so when did you stop beating your wife?” He couldn’t disagree with her at that point because she had changed the issue but he handled it fairly well and said he thought it was rude of her to say things like that in front of him but said he appreciated her honesty. Marissa announces that if they get to 7, she won’t evict Ross because he’s a man. She says she may do it because he’s an asshole or hurting her game but not because of 6 women going to the end. Ross says he’d like to see a woman win but he would prefer to see himself win over anyone. He tells Omarosa that if he doesn’t win he hopes one of the 6 will.


Some damage control is attempted by Marissa and Keshia after the meeting but it doesn’t seem to work. Ross, Marissa and Shannon agree to make a F4 deal with James. They have some conditions which are James using veto to save them and going after Omarosa right after Keshia. Ross prefers before but since Keshia put James otb, Shannon says that won’t happen. They also want NO side F2 and F3 deals made within the group.

celebrity big brother


Shannon meets with James and goes over the terms and suggests he do the same with Marissa and Ross. (Handshake to seal the deal) They know they still need Brandi and Ari so they begin to work on that part. James apologizes to Brandi for the way he came off last night and she accepts.

Meanwhile, other things from today:

Chuck Celebrity Big Brother


Chuck heard Mark telling Metta that he was keeping James which has caused him to start putting in some work. He’s asked if he was safe a little but couldn’t get a straight answer and left it at that. Once Metta and Chuck talk, Metta says he is upset with Shannon because she broke their deal. (Yes, this really happened) Metta tells Chuck that Brandi and Ari are a package deal so he needs to talk to both of them. Metta, with his infinite BB wisdom, suggests Chuck start wearing Ari’s sunglasses around the house because he says she really likes that. (She has a line of them and brought them into the house) He tells Chuck he should talk to Ross and say that Metta says Chuck can’t put up Ross. (Metta did make the comment before that his closest person is Russ…yes, Russ so maybe he thinks he can sway Ross/Russ)

Metta World Peace DancingMetta World Peace Dancing 2


Metta mentions to Mark that he’s going to see the psychologist but in the meantime…he dances for the viewers. Gotta love MWP, just maybe not on Big Brother.

Ross asks Shannon if they should have a F3 and she tells him they should stick with the 4 for right now. I don’t think he likes the answer because he let’s her know that if she takes James to the F2, he’ll rally the jury against her. This seemed to rattle her a bit.

Ross tells Mark this will be a category 3 Hurricane. Mark says they should stick together because Ross is at the bottom of the ladies group.

I still don’t know what will happen but I’m leaning towards James staying…we’ll find out soon enough!


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