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Friday Night Feeds – Welcome Back Victor

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Victor and his allies plot a strategy
Victor and his allies plot a strategy

Well, the Battle Back is officially over, and pretty much what I expected to happen, happened. I picked Victor or Tiffany as the returning players, and of course they were the two who faced off to re-enter. I am a bit surprised Tiffany did as poorly as she did on her round, but nothing else shocked me about that chain of events. Jozea dominated Glenn, but lost to Victor in a match that was probably edited to look closer than it actually was (I bet Jesus Jr was practically crawling back to the platform toward the end). When I realized Bronte’s comp would be a mental one, I improved her odds slightly, but I still knew she’d lose. Look, Victor is arrogant, and has a pretty annoying laugh, but the guy is a damn beast. He’s one of those rare players who have everything it takes to win these type of competitions (intelligence, endurance, and strength), and if he goes with Frank, those two will be deadly in the next HoH competition.


Speaking of HoH.. we still don’t know who won, but seeing as Victor was not given any form of immunity that we know of, he’d better have played his ass off because I have a strong feeling he’ll be sitting on the block next to Frank if not (note – I am surprised they did not give him immunity. To their credit, Big Brother has done a fairly good job with these twists this season, so if they just leave him hanging, that’s pretty dumb). Speaking of Big Brother and Victor, I read a bunch of people say they messed up in the DR sessions. They filmed Victor with the belt a lot, so they thought that gave away the winner, but it didn’t. Those DR sessions were clearly done shortly after each competition which was done shortly after each respective HoH comp a week apart from each other.  I know it looks strange, but they didn’t mess up. That is why Jozea had the belt in his winning DR session but not in his losing one a week later.

Alright, an hour or so to go before feeds go live. I have no clue what we’ll learn when they return, so you’ll be finding out along with me!

  • 9:00pm – Feeds are back. But they’re messed up. Had volume, now trying to reset them. Awesome.
    • Da’Vonne is talking to Zaki and Nicole and they mentioned something about Frank’s neck turning red at the nomination ceremony.
    • Sounds like Bridgette and Frank are on the block
  • Meanwhile, Frank, Bridgette, Victor and a few others are in the safari room talking
    • Frank is talking about how he thinks he’s no longer a threat because he won two easy roadkill comps
    • James may be the HoH
    • Yup, he’s the HoH and Bridgette is the other nom
    • frank-victor
    • Despite being told by Da’Vonne just a few days ago that she wants showmances out, James went after Frank rather than Day. Smart move? We’ll see.

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  • Sounds like the guys are in Frank’s head again and he thinks he can approach James with the veto and try to push for Day out. I bet Paulie and Paul are just playing along
    • Everyone but Paulie and Frank leave the room, and Frank asks him about Bridgette
    • Paulie says Derrick told him before he went in, if one of your boys is getting close with a girl, you gotta cut her.
    • I am hearing that the HoH competition was an endurance competition, so it’s no shock James won. I bet it was the wall. I’m going to be upset if I couldn’t watch that
  • 9:20pm – Corey enters and Frank asks him if he’d use PoV on him. Corey humors him and says sure.  (suuuure)
    • Meanwhile, Paul enters the HN room to talk to James who is in there with Natalie. Why the HN room?  No clue. Maybe Nat is still an HN and James will sleep down there all week because he wants a bigger target on himself
    • Paul says ‘homeboy’ and ‘homegirl’ were in the safari room playing victim and shitting on James (I assume Frank and Bridgette).
    • They (F/B) were saying “I like this side of Paul” because they think he’s upset about something different.  Oh Paul, such a pawn
    • Paul says if they ask him one more thing he’s going to call them out on all their shit (He won’t. He’s all talk)
    • And again, why is James in the HN room laying in a bumper car?
    • james-hoh
    • You know what I would do if I had a ‘flirtmance’ and I won HoH and she was HN?  Cya in a week!  Have fun on slop.  This image above is James begging to be evicted.
    • Natalie tells James that she heard Paulie sympathizing with Frank and saying he can’t believe James did that. (essentially putting all the blame on James)
    • James said he just did what the house wanted, and now they’re putting it all on him. Natalie said it’s because they’re a bunch of bitches
    • And yes, it was the wall endurance comp. Grrr
    • James says if Frank pulls himself off, he’s not putting Day up. Why would he? She told him she’s against showmances… but she has his back. Sure
    • James thinks he messed up by putting Bridgette up
    • Natalie – “We’re safe until jury and that’s all we really want”.  Glad she has her goals set high
    • The talk goes to Michelle. James says she’s mean and Natalie says she’s a bully even though they get along
  • 10:10pm – The HoH competition was 5 1/2 hours. Dammit
    • Paulie comes into the HN room to join the conversation
    • They are talking about how Bridgette has been treated. I guess the house had a birthday celebration for a stuffed giraffe, but ignored Bridgette’s birthday
  • 10:50pm – Feeds switch to Paul, Victor, and Corey in kitchen
    • Paul whispers something after Frank walks by but I couldn’t hear what he said. I don’t think others did, either.
    • Frank comes back and they’re about to eat some burgers
  • 11:00pm – Paulie, Paul and Natalie are chatting in the HN more about insults, and watching what you say on camera, etc.
    • Anyway, PoV tomorrow. Could be a big one for Frank

Overnight in the morning!

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