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The Girl With The Shaved Eyebrows; Monday Feed Updates

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You know it’s smack dab in the middle of the Big Brother season when houseguests are bickering over pointless stuff. I mean past day 30, pretty much all bets are off. People can fight about virtually anything that has been bothering them  since they walked in the house. Take the case of the ‘shaving eyebrows’ comment. I guess way early in the season, Bridgette made a comment about Michelle saying if she were asleep, she would shave her eyebrows. It could have been if Michelle came into her hospital and was passed out. I don’t remember. I’m sure we’ll find out exactly what was said, however, because Michelle is still upset by it and last night the topic kept coming up.

If you’re involved in the shaving eyes controversy, I have good news for you today. The drama isn’t over yet!  This morning, Bridgette and Michelle were in the bathroom together and had a talk that got fairly heated.  Let’s rewind the clocks and blog about that….



  • 10:00am – Bridgette and Michelle are in the bathroom together getting ready for the day
    • Bridgette opens it by saying she doesn’t know what’s true or not, but there are rumors floating on both sides
    • She said it’s difficult to approach her (Michelle) because she heard every time Bridgette enters a room, Michelle wants to vomit.
    • Michelle denies saying that (I didn’t hear her say it, but it sounds like something she’d say)
    • Michelle will admit to whatever she has said (we’ll see)
    • Michelle did say she said it is hard to have a conversation with Bridgette, she won’t deny that
    • The eyebrows instantly come up. Michelle says she had issues with Bridgette saying about shaving her eyebrows, and Michelle is self-conscious about that because they’re very small and she didn’t know if Bridgette was making fun of that or not
    • This comment happened during the brief Jozea period. Bridgette is saying she has a weird sense of humor, so it’s possible she joked about it, but she doesn’t remember
    • Then the situation comes up about Bridgette leaving that Jozea meeting in the HN room.  Bridgette said it was because the meeting was to get Paulie out, and Paulie is on his team, so she felt weird being there. After that, Jozea spread a bunch of rumors about Bridgette
    • Michelle asks  “so he spread the rumors about you being a spy?”… Bridgette “apparently”. (I seem to remember Bridgette bragging to the DR about spying)
    • Bridgette said she went upstairs, but then came back downstairs and all the guys were mad at her
    • Bridgette says “that first week, I was there for you when you fainted. I gave you my dress. Honestly, people were making fun of you, but Nat and I had your back”
    • Back to the eyebrows… Bridgette says she honestly doesn’t remember saying it, but if she did, she’s sorry. This is after Michelle said “if I go back and watch the live feeds, it won’t be there?” (nope, I don’t think the feeds were on during that incident)
    • Bridgette – “You’re not denying you said a lot of shit about me behind my back”.  Michelle – “Yea, I won’t deny that. I was still pissed and bitter. That’s who I am”
    • Now Michelle is speculating that Bridgette has indeed said a lot of bad stuff because she heard the way she talks when she’s around Frank.  Not about Michelle, but just in general
    • Bridgette mentions how Michelle is holding against how her voice changes when she’s around different people. Michelle says “yea, it feels like strategy” (yes, like how Michelle is friends with whoever she talks to, then talks shit behind their back. It’s strategy I guess)
    • Michelle said she has never insulted her, just that she’s fake (paraphrasing), but outside of the house she has no problem with her. Bridgette mentions how Michelle said she reminds her of an ex-roommate who she hates. Michelle says “your personality, yes”  (I am confused)
    • Bridgette – “I have been nothing but nice to you, but I get crap in return”.. Michelle “I am nice to you sometimes” (lol).. Bridgette “you leave the room when I come in”.. Michelle “because you were with Tiffany”
  • 10:10am – Yes, we’re still only 10 minutes into this
    • Now Michelle is talking about Bridgette’s Big Brother knowledge and back to the Jun thing. Michelle swears she caught Bridgette in a lie and knows all about Jun, but Bridgette is saying she only watched 3 seasons (yes, they’re really arguing over Bridgette’s Big Brother knowledge)
    • This is because of a comment Bridgette said allegedly knowing Jun was on season 4. I need to flashback feeds because I need to verify this conversation. I remember it happening
    • Bridgette mentions how Michelle called her ‘Bridgette Crocker’ and is going to bake her way to the top. Michelle says she did say that, but didn’t think it bothered her
    • Bridgette, you're facing the wrong direction
      Bridgette, you’re facing the wrong direction
    • Michelle admits she was jealous of the relationship Bridgette had with Frank.  Bridgette asks why they all couldn’t work together, but Michelle said she couldn’t get over the eyebrow thing
    • Bridgette – “What else are you holding against me?”  Michelle – “It’s a lot of things added up”
    • Bridgette – “You’re talking a lot about me behind my back” Michelle – “A lot of people are!” (kind of weak defense. Everyone is doing it!!)
    • Bridgette tells Michelle again early on people were making fun of her for her appearance, but she and Natalie defended her. Michelle doesn’t look happy to hear that and asks who
    • Bridgette “I’m not going to tell you because they’re still in the freakin house” (come on, tell her!  Let’s get some serious drama going. Only way to flip Michelle into using veto)
    • (Note – I don’t know very many people who made fun of Michelle’s appearance)
    • Michelle asks what was said. Bridgette says they said a word that was awful. Bridgette doesn’t want to tell her (wimp.. tell her)
  • 10:23pm – The conversation kind of ends when Bridgette won’t tell her what was said, and nothing was resolved. Now they’re both awkwardly getting ready in silence together
  • 10:40pm – Michelle is outside venting to Day and James about the conversation. She’s still wondering what was said
    • Feeds go down for a brief while
    • Michelle did NOT use the veto as expected
  • 11:30pm – Michelle is outside grilling Natalie on the bad thing someone said
    • Natalie mentions something about a TV character or whatever.  (It was Buzz Lightyear, and by Paul I believe)
    • Natalie tells her it was either Paul or Victor
    • Nat doesn’t know why Bridgette doesn’t say it (same here)
    • Natalie throws Bridgette under the bus “Put the pieces together. Do you think she’d stick up for you?”
  • 11:37pm – Michelle is worried about her being called a ‘mean girl’
    • michelle2
  • 12:00pm – Natalie and Da’Vonne recommend hashing it out with Bridgette
  • 3:15pm – Well that was nice of Comcast to have an outage. Time for me to flashback to see if I missed anything. Will update below with new timestamps
  • 12:15pm – I’m sitting there watching Eminem and Dr Dre battle with Michelle between them (reference here). Natalie is telling Michelle to make amends with Bridgette while Paul is telling her that Bridgette is going to be pissed and come after her. They go back and forth for a bit with that
    • Paul – “Then homegirl threw my name under the bus” .. Michelle – “She didn’t say your name”  (Paul logic)
    • And for the record, I never understood the Buzz Lightyear reference, and I certainly don’t understand why Bridgette told her that comment was so awful she couldn’t tell her
    • Was it even an insult?  Paul is explaining because Michelle has big blue eyes, but can anyone explain the reason why Paul would call her that? I don’t get it
    • Paul talks about how he threw the PoV competition where Bridgette won. He is talking about it because Bridgette was upset that Bronte went home and tried to play the ‘poor me’ act.  He points out how it’s Bridgette’s fault because she didn’t use the veto. Natalie says she blames the person who put Bronte up (Frank). Then Natalie asks if Bridgette knows that yet, and Da’Vonne (who just joined) says yes
  • 12:30pm – James is talking to Natalie in the HoH room. Whenever they’re alone together on cam, it’s reason enough to switch feeds, but she’s retelling the story, so let’s see if anything interesting is said
    • Natalie is telling how Michelle really needs to hash it out and ignore Paul. There is always a chance Bridgette can win HoH next week.
    • James tells Natalie that Bridgette said she had a 4 person alliance with Frank, Corey and Nicole. He tells her that Day told him that
    • Natalie is saying she is having anxiety because she doesn’t like to be involved in this type of drama. Natalie may be flaky, but she really does seem like a very nice person
    • Natalie speculates that Corey and Michelle are siblings because they have similar chins.  “The live feeders are either laughing or saying we called it” (we’re laughing)
    • The camera then quickly goes to the memory wall to give us a comparison…
    • corey-michelle
  • 1:00pm – The talks have broken up and people are outside sunbathing
  • 3:00pm – Skipping to live. Victor is chatting with Paul outside
  • 3:50pm – Quiet time for the house. Many still outside, a few in the HoH room. Good thing, I can’t take any more craziness about eyebrow
  • 4:15pm – Looks like Big Brother is tired of them not even remotely figuring out the twist, and they want them to figure it out.
    • They called an indoor lockdown, and on the living room screen, they had a hint…
    • clues2
    • The wording says “You may want to keep it to yourself…” “Clues to the secret….” “Are all around you”
    • Let’s see who finds it first…
    • And it’s James.
  • 4:20pm – A few have gathered and are reading the screen over and over. I still don’t know if they’re going to get it. Most of these people wouldn’t figure it out if it smacked them in the face
    • Frank says “We’re not really in a  house, we’re in a floating ship and we’re all over the world”
    • Natalie notices how Paris is the only one departing from the ‘Departures’ list. I think she’s on to something
  • 4:50pm – The house is scattering around trying to figure it out. Sounds like James/Nat are close, as is Frank/Bridgette.  Bridgette was in the phone booth pushing buttons
    • I’ll be honest, they are a lot closer than I ever expected
    • paul-reading
    • Paul is running to each picture now. Wonder if he noticed one green word
    • Paul is running around the house, while Frank is just in the kitchen having a drink.  Who is on the block again?  Step it up, Frank
    • Z discovers one word from each painting is green
    • Paul is overthinking it now and looking for super secret signs while Z figured out the initial hint
    • Victor asks if it could do something with the times on the board, and Paul brushes him off “yea, could be”
  • 5:10pm – Frank is dialing random numbers in the phone booth.  Could he stumble on it?
    • Paul got it, you can hear the voice recording….
    • “Stay calm, and don’t panic. Congratulations, you have discovered the secret location”… something about tunnel, towel, pull the towel.  Paul hangs up phone and goes running
    • It sounds like it said something like  ‘By your feet, there is a rope’. Paul needs to pull the rope and he will  get access, but instead of doing that, he tells people it has nothing to do with the phone.
    • Paul runs off like a crazy person while Frank re-enters the booth
    • Paul tells Corey to get Frank away from the phone booth because the rope is in there or something like that
    • He is clearly getting frustrated that Frank is hanging around
    • paul-frustrated

I think it’s time to start a new post, this is super long

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