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HoH Results; Feed Updates

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Well, that was an awkward exit. One thing Michelle did say yesterday was that she was going to blow up Nicole’s game if she’s evicted. While she certainly made that attempt, it sounded more like she had just come home at 3am after a night at the bar and was trying to tell the house a story nobody wanted to hear.  She said something about Nicole is floating through the game, people need to go after her, and something about Dan Gheesling’s cousin before taking Paul’s blowup pelican and walking out the door. Nicole told James by her saying that was the justification she needed to get Michelle out this week, as Nicole was clearly Michelle’s target. Michelle just sounds very bitter that Nicole beat her to the punch.

I was just about to rant about the HoH competition not being shown, but at 7:40pm, they came up, so let’s get to some updates..


Letters down:  

  • Natalie – 2/3 down 
  • James – 1/3 down
  • Paul – 2/3 down 
  • Victor – 3/3 down – Victor wins!
  • Corey – 2/3 down 
  • They all put the eggs in the HaveNot bin, and think nobody will be HN, but I bet it will be the last person to get it in the bin (not sure who it was. Pretty sure James was one of first)
  • Scratch that. Corey, James, and Paul all hit the HN box. Natalie didn’t, but she’s immune. Victor HOH.  Not sure if they will go with the last of the 3, or just make nobody HN

Other updates

  • 7:40pm – The house has to knock the letters HoH down in order to win. The first person to knock all their letters down wins
    • They have to place the egg on the platform and roll it down to hit the letters
    • egg-rolling2
    • Feeds keep going to Jeff loops, so I’ll get updates when I can.
    • James takes a swing and misses
    • james-hoh
    • Natalie says “This competition is eggshausting” Clever
    • Corey knocks down another letter.  He has 1 left
    • Nicole says “Corey is on a roll”  these puns
  • 8:00pmVictor gets his second letter down. 
    • James is going for the ‘Have’ to not be a havenot
    • Natalie knocks down her second letter
    • Victor, Natalie, and Corey keep taking shots for the win. Looks like it’s down to those three
    • Meanwhile, Natalie dropped an egg on her slide. That is going to make the final letter tougher for her
    • natalie-slide
  • 8:15pm – Victor nearly gets it on his attempt, but misses
    • Paul is inches away from hitting his second, but misses
    • Natalie is about to give it another attempt
    • Natalie just basically tossed her egg down the ramp and then slammed the ramp up and down and broke her egg. Not sure what kind of attempt that was
    • Corey shoots…. and misses
  • 8:25pm – Corey rolls it down and it hits the letter but doesn’t knock it down.
  • 8:30pm – Corey and Victor about to give it another go
    • Victor misses
    • Corey’s egg literally hits the H and just sits there.  He has a few eggs blocking his letter now
    • corey-eggs
  • 8:32pm – Paul making a comeback. Knocks down another letter
    • We’re now in a 4 way tie. Victor about to give it a shot. The rest still on the other side of the fence.  Oh, James too, but he’s out of it for now
    • Victor tries again, miss.  He is cruising through the fence. Just missing a lot
    • James knocks one down! About time
    • Paul and Nat with another attempt….
    • Paul misses
    • Natalie misses. Corey and Victor next
    • Victor pulls a Corey and the egg hits the letter and blocks it
  • 8:37pm – Corey goes…. and misses
    • Victor is cruising through the chicken wire. He would have won this competition guaranteed if it was like the other years where they just had to stack eggs
    • Victor with another shot coming. Natalie sort of close
    • Victor wins HOH
    • victor-paul
    • Victor is inside celebrating alone in the HN room
    • victor-happy
  • 8:50pm – The others have joined Victor
    • final4
    • There is 100% chance that Victor will target James this week. James needs to win PoV or he’s leaving
    • Nicole is retelling the Michelle thing.  I guess in part of the rant, Michelle said that Nicole fucked her way to the finals. Ouch
  • 9:15pm – The house in the kitchen talking about Michelle’s exit and all agree she could have gone out classier.
    • They’re all talking about how their speeches were nice, and she was probably crying on stage after seeing that
  • 9:45pm – Victor and Nicole are chatting in the bedroom. James has kind of had a dazed look to him since the competition ended. Pretty sure he knows he’s doomed
    • james-dazed
  • 10:00pm – Jamnes and Natalie are up alone talking about how they know they’re screwed. They know they’re both going up
    • Natalie is saying if she wins veto, she is going to use it on James
  • 10:15pm – James says he’s going to play Big Brother and try to campaign to Victor about how Nicole and Corey had a f4 with them but betrayed them. Honestly, I’m not sure James can do anything at this point, but it’s good he’ll try
  • 10:45pm – After having a small talk with the final 4, James and Nat go off on their own to lick their wounds. They talk about where they went wrong, etc.
    • When they talk casually, they keep talking about the family videos.  Michelle apparently shit on her parents video saying they looked like they were being held at gunpoint
    • James is regretting throwing the wall comp. See, this is why Victor didn’t fall for Natalie’s begging.
    • Natalie is proud of herself for getting this far without knowing the game. While it’s something to be proud of, she needs to remember Liz, Victoria, GinaMarie, Danielle, and Porsche made the final 3 in each of the seasons I’ve been blogging. There is always that one girl who knows nothing about the game who gets carried along to the final 3, and Nat will probably be that person.. although the ‘final 4’ alliance seems solid
    • Natalie is upset she didn’t go after Corey and Nicole and they betrayed two people who would have had their backs (Paul, Victor).  James says he’ll talk to Victor about it, but he has pretty much accepted they’re screwed.
  • 11:05pm – Victor called to DR, so HoH room soon.  I think I’m going to head to bed. I will check overnight to see if James actually had an impact on Victor

Closing this thread, post tomorrow!

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