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HoH Results And Live Blogging

Never Miss A Post Update:

It is so much fun watching Jeff and his lousy jokes rather than HoH competition
It is so much fun watching Jeff and his lousy jokes rather than HoH competition

As I am writing this, the feeds are down yet again. For the third time this season, they have left us bloggers hanging with spoilers when we’re usually allowed to watch the competitions if they go over.  So, if you’re looking for HoH results, hang tight and I will update this when I get them.


Also, there was a surge of traffic, so I shut down profiles for an hour or two. Once the feeds return, the rush dies down and I can turn them back on.

  • 8:00pm – feeds still down. An hour now. Sweet.
    • Can people tell how annoyed I am? First I can’t go to the beach today, then someone steals my phone charger, and now I get to listen to Jeff and his horrific feed recaps
    • If Jeff seriously the best they can do?  Is it Jeff, or does CBS write this stuff for him and he’s forced to read it?
    • As far as America’s Care Package. We officially endorse Paul as the person to receive it this week.  He cries about how he was put on slop for the first few weeks, so this should take care of that.  Save the good care packages for other people – You can vote here
  • 8:22pm – Feeds return
    • Someone is happy
    • michelle-zaki2
    • Natalie is a havenot
    • Paul won HoH. Pissed
    • Michelle and Da’Vonne are so happy. Everyone is so happy. They do realize there is nobody left to send home after Bridgette, right?  The get-along-gang is going to break up soon
    • Zaki havenot maybe, Paulie as well
  • 8:30pm – Nicole – “I can’t believe Frank is gone. He didn’t look very happy on stage”… duh
    • Michelle is talking about how she called Frank “Stank” during evictions. She is just not funny. Stop trying
    • Nicole – “Did they laugh?”  Michelle – “No”
    • Bridgette is in the kitchen with Z while everyone else is in the living room talking
  • 9:30pm – People are just hanging out now waiting for the HoH room.  Bridgette is mostly alone, though Victor and Nicole have been chatting with her
  • 9:40pm – Paulie is chatting with Corey privately. They are talking about how Bridgette will probably be nominated. Paulie is going to push for Day to go up next to her and go out
    • James comes in and Paulie runs it by him. Paulie’s logic is that Frank told Bridgette to work with the guys, so he thinks she’s a vote for them. Day is more dangerous (she is)
    • I would report more on the conversation, but I turned my fan on, and it interfered with my speakers. So, I had to refresh the feeds and it apparently takes 20 minutes to load for me.
  • 9:50pm – Paul enters the room
    • Paul asks them for help to assure Victor that he’s not going home. Paulie tells him that isn’t a guarantee if he’s on the block. The girls may turn on him
    • Paul says he wants to put up Day, but his goal this week is to waste the HoH and get Bridgette out because he promised James. James, the king of holding his word
    • They talk about putting two pawns up (Bridgette/Natalie).  Paul wants to have a guaranteed guy up there with him to play
  • 10:00pm – Bridgette mentions the game felt like throwing Pokeballs.  Hmmmm. I don’t know what to think about this considering the game came out after they went in the house. Granted, Pokemon was around a long time now, but just a weird comment
  • 11:30pm – Took a little break, let’s check in on the feeds…
    • Paulie is in the safari room chatting with Nicole and Natalie. Hopefully JealouZy doesn’t catch him
    • Natalie is not happy she may be a pawn. Paulie says Paul is leaning more toward Nicole. Bridgette is almost a guarantee
    • The group breaks up. Natalie heads to the bathroom and James follows her.  He is worried, and says he will be until he talks to Paul
    • James is going to ‘call in a favor’ for what he has done for the house. He wants to keep Nat off the block. But, I heard this statement recently, and I can’t pinpoint who said it… “In the Big Brother house, you can bounce checks”… Who said that again?
    • james-nat
      Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have bounced some checks
    • Meanwhile, most other people awake are in the kitchen
    • James said if they put up Nat, then it will prove there are ranks in the house and he’s at the bottom of it.
  • 12:09pm – Paul finally called to DR. HoH room time. Time for people to pretend to give a crap about the room
    • Nicole is talking about making a deal that if she goes up, nobody evicts her during double evic
    • Nicole, checks.. bouncing..etc..etc… c’mon. Stop with stupid deals

Paul got his room, and now they’re all hanging around. I have to sleep, can’t marathon it tonight. I’ll try to get some form of an overnight report up tomorrow. Won’t be as good as Amy’s

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