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House Calls Jess/Cody Bullies; Spends All Day Bullying

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What a shit show today turned out to be.  That’s the only way I can think to describe the house after watching the feeds today  (speaking of, get the live feeds free here)

The day began fairly innocently with the veto ceremony happening around noon, and Paul removing Jason from the block like expected. Paul had a small talk with Jess and all was cool. She began packing because that’s what you do when you’re nominated (to be fair, Monday is early to pack, but whatever). As she was packing and roaming around the house, she walked in on Raven talking to Jason, Kevin and crew.  Jessica saw Jason in the mirror pointing to warn Raven that Jess was coming.  Jess pulled Raven aside and scolded her about talking shit behind her back after having the fake deal to not use the hex this week. Jessica thought everything was cool until she saw that and then realized that the house is probably full of shit with their deal.


This got Raven very apologetic and said how much she loves Cody and Jessica and would never talk shit behind their back.  However, the crew got to Raven and told her to play it up a bit and start crying. This allowed Paul to create a Raven-victim scenario and play the mediator between her and Jess.  Paul went into the apple room to have a chat with her when Jessica basically laid it out all for him. She basically told him that she’s using the hex to stop the eviction and he’s full of shit.  The two went back and forth until Paul finally left the room to game plan another way to get her to not use the hex (he really doesn’t want to waste his HoH).

Paul decided to go full steam harassment mode with the house against Jody (I hate the term but it’s easier than saying Cody/Jess).  Him and Christmas coached Josh on how to call out Cody’s manhood, and the things to say that will make him snap. The goal was to get Cody to self-evict or try to fight someone so he’s kicked from the game – or a lesser version just ‘snap’ and show Jessica that he’s a loose cannon who isn’t fit for this house.  Josh loved it and was ready to go, but Paul told him to wait for the right time.  That conversation broke up and Matt/Raven hung around talking to Christmas.  Matt was the lone voice of reason throughout all this and said he doesn’t agree with taunting a guy who has killed people (Matt’s words, not mine). He asked Christmas if she’d be happy if Josh is punched in the face, and Christmas started getting pissed at Matt for not going along with the plan.  She yells at him, he leaves, Raven tries to calm down Christmas.

Raven trying to calm down Christmas

Josh can’t take the pressure of waiting for the right time, so he starts on his own by doing his pots and pans outside the apple room where Jody was trying to hide out.  I may have left out a few times with Josh trying to harass Cody but there was so much I can’t remember. What I do remember is Paul and Josh laying it on Cody hard today and Cody surprisingly doing nothing and saying almost nothing.  He has some serious discipline because I don’t know anyone who would have stood that type of abuse, especially someone of Cody’s build who can probably whip anyone in the house if he wanted.  Throughout the abuse, Cody remained silent.

Jessica, on the other hand, wasn’t as silent.  Josh decided to once again bash pots and pans outside the apple room, but Jessica was jokingly throwing apples at Josh.  That part was annoying but ‘game’ and Jessica knew it so she was playing along. When Jess left the room to pick up the apples, Paul summoned her from the kitchen to face an onslaught of questions from nearly the entire house. Well, from Paul, Alex, and Raven while the rest of the house watched.  Alex began by asking why Jess wanted her out of the house, and Jess said that it’s because Alex nominated her.  Alex pointed out that she didn’t go home, but Jess said that doesn’t mean she owes anything to her. Alex even slipped and said everyone wanted Jess out, so Jess pointed out how much more of a risk it was to nominate her in that situation.  They started arguing about cat ears being missing and then Raven jumps in and starts completely screaming at Jessica.

The nasty screaming and fighting began around 5:02 pm if you wanted to flashback and watch it. Raven goes into full blown psycho mode and yells crazy stuff at Jessica even after Cody brought her outside away from the conflict.  Seriously, she was yelling at the sliding door for a solid 5 minutes in a tone that may give me nightmares tonight. And no, not in a ‘Raven is so brave and scary’ but in a ‘holy crap I feel bad for Matt’ type of way.


After Cody took Jess away from that situation, Paul ran around the kitchen rallying the troops. He told Josh to get the pots and pans and all head outside to keep going on Jody. They were done yet and needed to get him to snap.  Randomly, Alex starts yelling at Mark about the cat ears situation to which Mark looked on in mostly confusion…  to be fair, that’s a pretty common look on Mark

Alex yelling at Mark

The group moves outside to continue yelling at Jody who are laying on the hammock alone. This only pisses off the group even more so Raven begins acting like a crazy person once again and starts to yell at Jess. Then finishes up with a wave ‘bye’

Raven keeping it classy

It really went on for a solid hour and a half including things like Alex saying Jess is a sexual predator because Jess grabbed her vagina, and Alex, Christmas, and Paul start hammering at Cody’s military background by teasing him for allowing the flag towel to rest on the bathroom floor. This was a few hours after Jason, Paul and a few others talked about how Cody is probably fake military because he has tape on his dog-tags. It was really a cringeworthy display by Paul’s crew and in no way represented ‘gameplay’. It was harassment and ugly.

I think Josh and Paul got called to the DR and Paul said that they can’t tell Jody to leave but they can still do things like bash pots and pans.

If you’re wondering where everyone else was during all this.  Jason and Kevin remained quiet other than Jason’s early interaction in the afternoon. Mark and Elena were also quiet until Mark started getting yelled at by Alex. Matt was his typical nothing self but he did say that he supports the group because they went after Raven. So much for being the only logical person.

And as I wrote this up, at 7:12 pm you can hear someone yell over the wall “America loves Jess, Paul is a bully”  or something close to that. A few people heard it, so that may change the game moving forward when people realize they’re attaching themselves to someone who is quickly turning into a villain of the season (Paul).  Paul’s harassment plan could very well blow up right in his face and he may finally get to see the jury house for himself. Then again, most of the house has shown zero spine all season, so it would be shocking if that changed because of a fan.

Things are quiet, going to take a break. I’ll check in later and see if any drama flared up, but I think they wore themselves out today.

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