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How Long Until They Spill The Beans; Tuesday Night Feeds

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Good evening, everyone! As I mentioned yesterday, I am going on vacation in two weeks, so I am preparing people to cover the feeds while I am away. Typically I can blog a bit from vacation, but we’ll be in Disney, so I have a feeling I won’t have a whole lot of time. At best, I’ll be able to maybe do a nightly recap, but it will likely end up me rambling about my trip. “Omg, I like totally ran into Kylo Ren today, and he took me on as an apprentice, so I’m leaving Earth for a few weeks while I train. Be back for BB19, byeeeeee” (Why I changed my voice to ‘valley girl’, I don’t know). Also, if you want to, I will be whoring myself for tips the next few weeks. Why?  Those $8 drinks add up down there (I don’t really know the cost of drinks, but you know what I mean). So, if you want to tip me, click here.  I will be very much appreciative, and if not, I still love that you guys read my babble.

Anyway, I want to thank Haley for covering the afternoon shift. I should be trying someone else out tomorrow, as I also need to find a replacement for Amy who is leaving us right around the same time I am going away. Double whammy. If you’re interested in writing, please contact me and I’ll see if we can set you up with a test run.


Ok, so I am still not really over the shock of Big Brother 19 yet. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read my earlier post. I had a feeling this was a valid rumor simply because the source was pretty legit. The dude at Reality Blurred does indeed have some contacts inside the biz, so I was 80% sure this was real when I heard it was from him. (side note, when I started blogging, I covered all reality TV. I was jealous as hell of Andy at RB because he is a far better writer on his worst days than I am on my good days. #confessiontuesday?)

Alright, to the feeds we go!

  • 2:54pm – This is hilarious. Let me set it up for you first.  The About 10 minutes prior to this, James, Nicole, Corey and Paul were talking about how the votes are going to go. Da’Vonne is still going home, but James wanted to make sure she had some pity votes go her way, blah  blah blah.  Well, Da’ popped her head in briefly then left, and that made them realize she’ll probably be back. They briefly discussed what to talk about should she return, and James/Nicole agree just say they were talking about the double eviction. Easy peasy, right? Not with this band of misfits.
    • Da’Vonne instantly stumps them with her first question… “So what did you guys come up with (regarding double eviction they think is happening)”
    • They sit there in silence looking around because they weren’t prepared for actual questions about the conversation they were pretending to have. This is gold.

      Save us, Paul!
      Save us, Paul!
    • They look at Paul to rescue them, and he is like “peace out, good luck fools” by saying he is out of it because he’s HoH so it doesn’t matter
    • Da’ then asks the rest of the group “So what did you all come up with?”
    • James says “Uhhh, well B and V” (Bridgette and Victor)   *bb points if you instantly spot the mistake*
    • Someone says “hmmm?”  James repeats “B and V… but that’s if they uh don’t win, but”
    • Da’Vonne points it out “Well B can’t win if I’m still here, which I hope is the plan”… oooops
    • Paul plays dumb… “Who is B??” … James “what?” …. Corey “Who’s B?”  (seriously sounds like a court room at this point)
    • Nicole “I know, I was trying to figure that out, too”
    • Da’Vonne “Bridgette, right?”

      The look of people who realize their plan is blown up
      The look of people who realize their plan is blown up
    • James “For the double?  What? I thought we was taking her out this week”  hahahaha
    • Da’Vonne “Yea, but you said if they can’t play. She can’t play if she’s going home”
    • James “Yea, that’s what I’m saying. She’s going home first”
    • Everyone jumps in “Ohh, and then… ohhhhhh. We got what you’re saying” (they really don’t. James f’d up big time)
    • Da’Vonne plays along with the conversation that is now excluding “B”, but as the people are talking, here is the look of Da’

      Oh shit, I'm really going home this week
      Oh shit, I’m really going home this week
    • They talk for a bit about pawns, double eviction. Let’s see if Da’ calls them out on this.
    • Camera zooms on Da’Vonne because they realize she knows.  She sits in silence as the four talk about the potential competitions this week.
    • They start talking about evictions and how people will enter the jury house and the feeds cut to kitchen
  • 3:00pm – Natalie walks by and James has apparently sniffed her out and left the safari room to follow her around. They’re now in the bathroom boring everyone who is watching.
    • After a few minutes, Victor is now in the safari room minus Nicole and James.  Da’Vonne is still sitting in silence realizing she caught her friends flat out lying to her face
    • day-annoyed
    • Few minutes later, Da’ Leaves and camera follows her to the bedroom.
    • She self talks (or cam talks) “I’m so glad I walked in on that conversation. They be tryin it”
    • “They be tryin the fuck out of it. Them punk asses”
  • 3:30pm – I’m so far behind, time to catch up.  Paul talking to Natalie in the HoH room.
    • He is asking where she would vote. She has no idea
    • Paul “which one feels more right to keep”  Nat “Bridgette”  Paul “then keep Bridgette”
  • 3:45pm – Jumped ahead again. Da’Vonne joined them in the HoH room
    • Ok, had to run out and get a coffee so I can get some nighttime energy
    • They are talking to Natalie about her positive personality and how she needs to toughen up a little.
  • 4:00pm – Natalie leaves and Da’Vonne tries to pick Paul’s brain
    • Da’ says she still wants to take a swing at blondie
    • Paul is going on and on about integrity as he is lying to Da’Vonne
    • So, they end up talking about movies and crap. Nothing interesting. Lame!
  • 6:30pm – Trying to fix mobile look. On the feeds, Paulie is talking to Z. James is talking to Da’ about random stuff
  • 7:15pm – Da’Vonne is reading to Natalie and James, while the other showmance Corey and Nicole are in the kitchen
  • 7:30pm – Z walks through the kitchen and Nicole asks if she is OK.  She says ‘not really’, so Nicole is going to find out what (dumb) drama is going on
    • Yup, Z is crying about Paulie. I feel bad because Paulie is pretty much a douchebag, but she’s dealing with that
    • She is upset because she thinks he’s making her look stupid, which he pretty much is (sad to say)
    • nicole-z
    • Nicole keeps talking up Paulie and how good he is, how he has no intention of hurting her, blah  blah.  Not sure if Nicole is lying, or clueless
  • 8:00pm – Nicole is going to get Paulie. I’m sure this will be fun watching them fight all night
    • Scratch that, Pualie is busy, so they’re holding off
  • 8:25pm – Paulie made his way upstairs and is talking to Nicole
    • Hard to hear them because Victor is so damn loud in the kitchen
    • Paulie told Nicole that Z said she doesn’t really like Nicole because she’s withholding information.  Welcome to high school, everyone
    • The reason Z was crying is because Paulie I guess caught her in a lie and interrogated her about it. Made her feel dumb
    • Meanwhile, Z is inside the tunnel watching the cam or listening (not sure if she can hear it)
    • zaki-hiding
    • I guess Z was supposed to be waiting for Paulie in the Paris room, but she waited in the tunnel.
  • 8:50pm – The pair are finally in the Paris room.
    • They are having an incredibly stupid argument over Paulie possibly thinking Z in a dumb lie, maybe a lie, maybe a mistake. Really stupid
    • This is absolutely painful to watch Paulie talk to Z. He is so frustrating to listen to.
    • Ok, I’m going to say it. Paulie is a dick. He is berating her over and over because he caught her in a lie. That ‘lie’ was that she was talking to someone in the HN room and didn’t tell him James was in the room in a cart. I don’t think she really knew or thought much about it, but he has been hammering the point home to her for the last 20+ minutes. He is speaking down to her in a condescending tone, and has an answer for everything she says.  I joke about how bad these showmances are, but nobody should be treated this way.
    • z-crying
  • 9:30pm – Paulie is retelling the story to Paul. Seems proud of himself
  • 9:45pm – Now Paulie is retelling to Victor. I can’t listen to it again. Time to listen to Z retell to Nicole
  • 10:45pm – Drama has died down for the most part and people are playing hide-n-seek. With that, I’m done for the night

Overnight in the morning!

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