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Independence Day Live Blogging; PoV Ceremony

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I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July! I know Golden State fans are pretty thrilled, but if I gave a crap about the NBA, I’d be a bit sad. NBA/NHL tickets are already super expensive (hence the reason I haven’t been to a Bruins game in like a decade), but now there are basically two teams just hoping to remain healthy while they wait to meet each other in the finals – again. Not sure why anyone would pay to go to a game now. That said, if anyone wants to give me free Celtics tickets, I’ll go!

On to the real news – The Big Brother house! The big excitement so far this week has been …..



And that about sums up the week.

Seriously, this house needs an injection of excitement STAT. I stopped watching the feeds last night because I found the latest VICE story on fecal transplants more interesting. True story. The veto meeting is today, and Paul will likely go up with Victor replacing him. If Victor takes it well and doesn’t stir things up, we may as well just fast forward to Thursday night because this week will be a snoozer. I hate bashing it, because I love the show, but when you cast a bunch of people who are using the show as a launching pad for their inevitable failed acting careers, you get this. People who are terrified of looking like an Aaryn to the rest of America. $500k is chump change compared to what they think they’re going to make when they leave the house and have (no) offers lined up.

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Ok, time for some feed updates. Let’s cross our fingers that Victor turns crazy…

  • 10:40am – Feeds went down a few minutes ago for the veto meeting. Should be an hour or so.
  • 12:55pm – Stepped out for a bit. Feeds back. Like expected, Paul removed from block, Victor is now up.
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  • 12:58pm – Frank is chatting with Day in the bathroom
    • They’re having another Tiffany chat. They feel she’s playing a bit too hard, too fast. Pretty much just like her sister
    • Meanwhile, outside Nat mentions again how she only likes personality. I’m sure James’ ears perked up
  • 1:34pm – Victor is up in the HoH with Paulie…
    • Vic says he knows why he was put on the block, and he understands. If he stays, he’s not coming after Paulie. Great… sounds like a week of no drama because Victor is convinced Tiffany is going home
    • I’m going to cry if we spend the week with evreyone thinking they’re safe again. Vic thinks Paulie just wanted to hit him back for the vote last week, but Tiff is the target. Kill me
      Hi, I'm clueless
      Hi, I’m clueless
    • Vic is forming an alliance with Paulie, and Paulie is going along with it.  Yup, going to be a long week
  • 2:00pm – Meeting broke up. Meanwhile, Natalie is outside, and James is trying to be sneaky
    • jamesbarrel
      (yes, obvious photoshop)
  • 2:15pm – Music started playing outside, they’re on indoor lockdown. They’re speculating whether or not they’ll get food for today
  • 2:50pm – Paul and Paulie playing chess, everyone else in kitchen hanging around.
  • 4:00pm – Slow house. James is still flirting with Nat. You go get yours, James.  Meanwhile, I am spending the 4th eating a hot dog from Burger King. Only cookout I got invited to 🙁
    • What is going on here?  Corey’s fantasy?  A 3way with Vic and Nicole
  • 4:30pm – Nicole is in the safari room re-telling her weird fight with Corey earlier in the day
  • 5:00pm – Frank is chatting with Bridgette in the HoH room.
    • Bridgette says people are worried about him and James. Frank is shocked by that… because they had a little argument about pizza last night.
    • She also lets him know what he already knew, Van2.0 doesn’t like him.
    • Tiff did apologize to America for calling him a chauvinist. Frank was a bit surprised to hear he was called that
    • Frank explains how one situation everyone was arguing over the amount of bottles of alcohol available. Frank apparently carried them out, and insisted on a certain number, but she basically said ‘oh you’re probably wrong’ a few times before Frank snapped on her a little.
    • Frank asks if Bridgette knows her (Tiff) secret. She says “yes, but why hasn’t she told anyone yet?”.. Frank’s reply “Because she’s a fucking idiot!”
    • So apparently Tiffany still hasn’t been open about being Van2.0, yet everyone knows, and they don’t trust her because she is still hiding it (pretty much how I pegged it in my pre-season analysys)
    • Bridgette “Why did James throw the comp last week”… Frank pauses for a few seconds not sure what to say lol. I guess when you’re opening up, you gotta keep going.
      What do you mean he threw the comp? Good job faking it lol
      What do you mean he threw the comp? Good job faking it lol
    • Frank plays coy for a minute but tells her ‘isn’t it obvious? What is happening right now’ (Victor being eliminated)
    • Ironically Van2.0 enters the room, so the two stop talking game and get back to talking about food and other garbage
  • 7:30pm – Sorry for sparatic updates today. Been off and on the computer. Feeds are down right now for their party. No clue how long they will be down for, but likely back before BBAD
  • 9:45pm – Feeds were back for a bit, but I’m back now. Time to blog for 2 hours or so…
    • james
    • James enters the HoH room and tells the guys the girls seem to be up to something because every time he enters the room, they break up their talk and clearly change topic
    • James points out how Vanessa did the same thing as Tiffany. Ends up looking like an outsider, doesn’t want to be part of a group, then she snipes people
    • Frank points out how Bridgette has mentioned the number advantage the girls have in the game right now. They start wondering if they should keep Vic in to take out a girl.
    • The group talks a bit how they really need to focus on getting a girl or two out. They scrapped the idea on keeping Vic, but they need two girls to go out next to even numbers a bit
    • Bronte comes in to use the shower. Talk halts
  • 10:20pm – Bronte leaves, spy girl Bridgette enters
    • I am sure Bridgette was hoping for some good gossip, but the guys aren’t falling for it. They continue talking about nonsense.
  • 11:00pm – Feeds are painful to watch right now. Fish keep cutting in. Whoever is manning the cameras is sensitive to anything. Going to go to bed. Get back to a normal schedule tomorrow

Overnight in the morning

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