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Is It Thursday Yet; Feed Updates 8/30

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Good afternoon, everyone! Quick note, the site issues people were having yesterday should be resolved. Be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter, and if you ever experience these issues, reach out to me and let me know asap.  I would never have realized if people didn’t reach out to me like they did yesterday, simply because it was working fine from my computer. The site is never supposed to be down, so if it is longer than say 15 minutes, let me know so I can look into it.

If you were unable to access the site, don’t worry. You didn’t miss a whole lot. The biggest story of the week is that Michelle thinks she’s safe, James keeps telling her she’s safe, and Nicole is wondering why everything is so damn quiet. Her plan is going so well, that she is starting to question whether or not something bigger is going on behind the scenes.  She is worried that Victor is going to just vote out Paul, side with Nat/James/Michelle and quickly wipe out Nicole and Corey. I know from the outside that seems crazy, but she obviously doesn’t have the luxury of seeing DR sessions or watching Paul/Victor chat with each other in private.


Keep in mind, I don’t know if Nicole’s strategy is the ‘right’ strategy for her game. That can easily be debated, simply because the strength of leaving Paul and Victor together in the house every week decreases the odds of anyone else winning. That said, Michelle has privately told Natalie that she wants to get Nicole out sooner rather than later, and that is exactly the justification Nicole had for making this move at the beginning. That earns Nicole some major BB points as she was able to sniff out a problem and got rid of it before it bit her in the ass. It’s not super surprising that Michelle had it out for Nicole considering she called her a snake on national TV, but one could easily debate a Paul/Victor combo is still a bigger threat.  I personally disagree, at least for this week. If it’s a mental HoH comp, Michelle has an upper hand on pretty much everyone except maybe Paul.

What do you guys think? Knowing what we know, was it a good move for Nicole to go after Michelle?



  • 11:30am – Quiet house.  Natalie has been working out and now she’s getting ready to tan. Everyone else is sleeping.
  • 12:30pm – Nicole has the HoH cam, and Natalie is diggin for treasure
    • natalie-james
  • 1:30pm – Corey, Nicole, and Victor are outside chatting.
    • They are talking about Michelle and her sunburns.  I guess she was out for 3 hours yesterday with no sunscreen, and they have noticed like a weird mark on her back
    • Victor says “She needs sunscreen, she’s no me”, and Nicole agrees. Now, I’m not a doctor, but isn’t sunscreen important for everyone for the UV protection?
    • Now the group is inside and Victor is talking about how he hates cold pickles. Nicole talks about how she leaves them out despite the jar saying ‘refridgerate after opening’.  I think at this point, I’d probably walk out of a doctor’s office if she came in as my nurse.
  • 2:15pm – Nicole once again talks about Corey. She is fascinated by his back this time
    • Victor jokingly jumps in and goes off on her for constantly talking about Corey.
    • He says there is nothing she can tell him that he doesn’t already know about him, and the stuff she may know, he doesn’t want to
    • He’s like “Am I going to cuddle with him? Bone? No.  Do you hear me say Cooooorrreeeyyyyyy every 10 minutes?”  (glad someone noticed how often she says that)
    • The moment Nicole realized she's spent the majority of 2 seasons obsessing over 2 guys
      The moment Nicole realized she’s spent the majority of 2 seasons obsessing over 2 guys
    • Nicole says she’s going to try to stop saying his name like that today
    • Victor pretends to get serious “Have you seen his fingernails, Nicole?  He has the best fingernails”
  • 4:30pm – Fell asleep listening to the feeds. I am pretty sure I had a dream about being in the house.  Anyway, still nothing happening. Michelle has finally woken up, and Natalie is still sunbathing.
  • 6:00pm – Other than running for a coffee soon, I’m back (just had dinner).
    • Paul and Victor are playing pool, while James and Natalie are practicing their days.
    • For those who don’t understand what that means when people say practicing days, toward the end of every season, there is a ‘before/after’ HoH competition.  Julie will ask random questions like “Did James win HoH before or after Victor returned to the game the first time’.  Plus, they have a different competition (I think veto) where they need to know specific days of what things happened.
    • Also, does anyone watch ‘My Crazy Ex’? They say those stories are based on truth, but some are so outlandish that I think the only part of the story based on truth was that there were humans involved.
  • 6:30pm – Victor tells Paul he just wants it to be Thursday already. I hear you, brotha
    • Paul says based on his conversation with Michelle yesterday, she has no idea what’s going on (she doesn’t. Her, James, and Natalie are clueless right now)
    • paul-victor2
    • Victor says he would have less respect in James if he voted out Michelle simply on a loyalty standpoint.
    • They talk about how Natalie mentions how she gives everyone a sympathy vote because she feels bad for them. They say it’s bullshit, she is just trying to be nice because of jury.
    • Other than the obvious jury ploy (which I agree with), let’s see if Natalie is even telling the truth….
    • Her votes:
      • Week 1 – Paulie. Not much of a sympathy vote as much as the fact she was allied with Jozea
      • Week 2 – Victor.  It’s hard to blame her here because she wasn’t a fan of his at the time, but no sympathy vote. Paul gave Victor one.
      • Week 3 – Tiffany. She was blindsided and thought Tiff was going home (Bronte did)
      • Week 4 – Nominated
      • Week 5 – Frank. Unanimous vote.  No sympathy vote here
      • Week 6 – Da’Vonne. Da’ was evicted, so no sympathy vote
      • Week 7 – Zakiyah. Zakiyah was eliminated, no sympathy vote
      • Week 7 part 2 – Michelle. This was indeed a sympathy vote, but it’s not a surprising one. Nobody blamed her for not voting Bridgette out
      • Week 8 – Paulie – Unanimous. No sympathy
      • Week 9 – Co-HoH
      • Week 10 – She plans on voting out Paul, though there is not really any room for a sympathy vote here
    • There you have it. I bring this up because I have heard Natalie mention quite a few times about how she likes to give sympathy votes.   In order to give a ‘sympathy vote’, the person you have to be voting with the losing side of the house.  That puts her in week 1, 3, and 7.  Week 1 was not a sympathy vote, and week 3 was a blindside to her. This means she willingly gave a person she knew was going home a sympathy vote in just 1 eviction.
    • Victor talks about how he needs female company and the ‘Cooorrrreeyyyy’ and ‘Jamesyyyy’ is driving him crazy
  • 7:30pm – Nicole and Corey are up and join Victor and Paul.
    • They go inside to eat.  Nicole hugs Corey and Victor mocks it in front of them with Paul
  • 8:15pm – Paul is cooking some burgers in the kitchen, Corey and Victor are playing pool. I think Michelle has mentally checked out because I haven’t seen much of her the past few days
  • 8:30pm – Paul is outside retelling Nicole a bit of his conversation with Michelle.
    • He is telling her that Nat and James supposedly haven’t talked to Michelle about the situation this week (they have).
    • paul-talking2
    • Nicole points out how those three talk all the time, she is calling bull on it.
    • She also points out how James and Nat really haven’t talked to her about the situation much at all. Paul speculates that they’re both basically staying out of it intentionally, mainly because they don’t want to get involved.
  • 8:55pm – I’m a little behind, but it’s because I’m working on another story that I’ll probably publish tomorrow. Meanwhile, the ‘Final Four’ are talking about the game to this point.
    • Victor is chatting about Paulie’s lame plea to stay in the house.  How he said he didn’t have a hand in it, but he used the veto and nominated Victor.
    • Paul says ‘It was your HoH and Veto’….  (about Paulie).  They joke how he wouldn’t campaign against Corey until the veto wasn’t used.
    • Corey points out how Paulie told him he’d use the veto on Corey, then took it from him during the POV
    • They point out how Paulie said he needs the money for his family, but then said how he’ll self-evict and leave jury (which would forfeit the $16k or so they’ll make from stipend this summer)
    • Paul said Paulie admitted a lot of his crying was fake, like for his ex-gf.
    • Victor then mocks Michelle at eviction. “Screw you, F you, Nicole you’re a snake… Bridgette you’re evicted .. *begins crying*”
  • 9:05pm – They’re done talking about that, and back to studying a before/after comp
    • Ok, gonna step away for an eye break. It may end up a sleep break.

Check back for updates

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