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daniele talking to rachel

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

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daniele talking to rachelSo I’m going to petition to Big Brother that next season they turn off all the lights at like 10pm and force more game talk in the afternoon.  Every night I check the feeds and they’re usually dinking around smoking, eating, and playing games, then when I wake up it appears all hell broke loose in the house.

Maybe that’s some hyperbole, but last night some things were said, secrets revealed, and potential shocking alliances made.  This big question will be if they remain that way in the morning.

Because I’m a blogger and not a court reporter, I’ll do my best to summarize last night without giving you a full transcript to read through.  I’ll also give you a few times so you can flip to the flashback feeds using superpass (3 day free trial) if you want to hear word for word what they’re saying.

So it seems to have began around 1:00 AM (all times big brother time) with Shelly outside spilling the beans to Rachel about Jeff throwing the cornhole game with her super duper hubby fiance on the line.  After the night Rachel had, I can only imagine her emotions at this point.   She pulls Daniele aside to clear some things up, and they cleared up everything from who hid the duck to Jeff throwing the competition to possibly world peace.  Their conversation lasted forever, but ended with what appears to be Rachel actually joining the sweatsuit alliance (nickname courtesy of my girlfriend).   Daniele is finally saying the right things to people about how they’re all just playing for Jeff to win, instead of “let’s vote him out because it’s a fun idea“.


Once their long ass talk was complete, Rachel marched upstairs to confront Jeff (2:40 AM) about throwing the competition, and naturally he denied it because he’s a very honest person.  To be fair, he was only half throwing it because he still very well could have won based on luck.  He didn’t aim for the hole, but got lucky anyway (sounds like his first date).   Rachel says she believes him, but who really knows what is going on in her head.   It wasn’t obvious he threw it, and she’s not going to take Shelly and Dani’s word for it, though she probably should.

As of this point, there is a lot of tension building due to things coming out, but everyone holding it in due to the nominations today.   So instead of blowing  up on Rachel, Jordan and Jeff continue to hammer her into voting the way they want.  This made me think that the entire conversation between her and Daniele went completely to waste, however something happened later in the night which was very interesting….

At 4:13 AM (yes, 7 freakin AM est), Jeff and Jordan were outside being serviced by Adam, while the newly formed sweatpants alliance all went for their secret meeting in the pantry of all places.    The feeds were all messed up at this point and the only one working correctly was the quad cam, so it was hard to really get an understanding of what was said.   They were whispering while Jordan was talking on feed 3, but the interesting part is this secret meeting of the sweatpants sisters went completely unnoticed by king Jeff.

Today appears like it’s going to be a very interesting day in the Big Brother house, especially with the double eviction happening tonight.   The games dynamics could completely change over the next 24 hours, or Jeff will have all but locked down the $500k prize.  I’ll do my best to keep you updated, but you can also check out the live feeds right here.

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