Sunday, August 9, 2020

James Begins His Damage Control; Hopefully HoH Results



Well that was an interesting double eviction.  I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll go with Michelle. Calling out Paulie in her first speech then Nicole in her second was funny but sad because she was certain she was leaving. Her face when Bridgette’s name was called was priceless. Next, I’ll go to James who actually stuck to his plan of voting out Zakiyah. I have to be honest, I really didn’t think he had it in him. Of course watching him immediately join the guys conversation and throw Natalie under the bus after Corey won HoH was discouraging. Paulie – still a douchebag. Have a hard time even looking at him at this point.  Finally, what kind of weak performance was that during the HoH and PoV?  2 questions for the HoH? Seriously? And Corey of all people won??  Bizarroland.

Again, nobody had the round trip ticket, and last week is the last time it can be played. I am curious why they’re having an episode next Friday night, but I’m sure we’ll find out as it gets closer.

Anyway, I have my strawberry lemonade and I’m ready to go….

  • 7:45pm – Turn on the feeds and James is still throwing Natalie under the bus to Corey. “If you guy want to get rid of her at any point, don’t think I’m going to put up a fight”.
    • Meanwhile Michelle and Paulie are talking in the HN room
    • Michelle is saying how Zakiyah said ‘hell no’ to hanging out with Paulie after the show, and how her (Z) parents are probably disappointed in her
    • Nicole and Victor join the conversation and Michelle is talking about how betrayed she felt by Z
    • Michelle reveals she created that fake alliance called “The Advancement”
    • They all talk about how Z was playing both sides of the house and how she cuddled with him (Paulie) for strategy
    • He tells the room “we boned last night”
  • 8:00pm – Natalie joins and the house shit talk is all focused on Z.  I guess they have to get it out of their system because they couldn’t prior to eviction like they’ve been doing
    • Paulie mentions 4 or 5 times they did it (boned?)
    • Natalie and Paulie apologize to each other over last night.  Great, we had 2 days of fun and now this bullshit is back
    • I’m kind of glad the house is back to boringville for my vacation. I would have cried if this stuff happened next week
  • 8:20pm – Paul is trying to solidify a 4 person alliance with Victor, Nat, and James in the kitchen
    • Paul mentions how Corey beasted the competition tonight. Showed his cards
  • 9:00pm – Feeds down, possibly for HoH
  • 10:00pm – Feeds still down for HoH
  • 10:10pm – Feeds back, Victor is new HoH.  This should be interesting
    • victorhoh
    • Paulie is talking about strategy and Victor randomly talks about how he may get a letter from his sister. lol
    • Paulie is upset because James apparently called out Paulie for him (P) making decisions
    • Victor wants to put up 2 girls this week
    • Paulie is telling the guys that he doesn’t really believe Michelle and Natalie about the things Z said about Paulie
  • 10:30pm – James enters the room and the conversation changes a bit.
    • Anyway, I’m tired, and the house is going to sit around for the next few hours waiting for the HoH room then people will pass out. I don’t see any drama tonight.
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Overnight in the morning!

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