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The Jealous Menace; Eviction Predictions

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Before I get into Zaki’s jealousy or Frank’s impending eviction, I want to say that my mind is blown.  No, nothing Big Brother related. I went out to my car today, and just the wire to my phone charger was missing. The adapter was securely in place, so it’s not like the Mrs accidentally yanked it out while getting out of the car. Did someone really slip into my car during a brief period when I didn’t lock my doors and swipe the wire? That is almost as mind blowing as how this season has changed from Big Brother to a dating show.  (I added the Big Brother reference so it wasn’t completely out of place to mention the wire)

Seriously though, I don’t even know what to think about what is going on in the house this season. Showmances left and right, weird friendmances like Frank/Bridgette, and now jealous pouting because someone was a bit too close to someone else. Last night on the feeds, Paulie and a bunch of people were sitting up near the chess table and he had his leg over Nicole’s legs. I guess she was also playing with his hair, but whenever garbage like that is on, I turn to the other monitor and play a game while listening to the feeds in the background. I turned back when I noticed Zakiyah was venting to Michelle about walking by and noticing Paulie getting a bit too close to Nicole for her liking. She claimed not to be jealous, but she’s ‘territorial’ and then went on for about 15 minutes how pissed she was about it.

The weird part is, Z was only pissed at Paulie (or so she says), and not Nicole. While I think this issue is completely overblown, Nicole really has to know better than to do rub the guy’s head or let him snuggle up next to her. That is begging for Z or Corey to get jealous and flip the house against her. Before people wonder why I’m only mentioning Nicole here, it’s because she’s smarter than this.. Paulie isn’t. His ego can barely be contained by the house, so he literally thinks nothing of stuff like that, while Nicole instantly knew that was the reason Z was upset when she ran into her later.


Why am I spending a few paragraph’s talking about Z’s jealousy? Because that is what the house has resorted to after they accepted they can’t kick Frank while he’s down and make Bridgette hate him before he leaves. What they were doing to Bridgette this week makes little sense once the veto was not played and it was just a waiting game before one of them got evicted. Strategically it makes only a tiny bit of sense because there is a fraction of a chance he could re-enter the house tonight, but that didn’t appear to be the motive for this move. It seemed to be done completely out of spite and/or boredom by Paulie, Paul, and Da’Vonne.

That finally leaves me with predictions. It is pretty straightforward tonight. Frank should be voted out unanimously. It does sound like he had 2, maybe 3 votes in his pocket, but they aren’t going to risk pissing off the house for a losing effort.  There is a small chance he has the ‘return pass’, unless of course production rigged it somehow (I don’t see how they could, unless they cut feeds and had a direct line to the room telling him which card to pick. Assuming the winning card was still there). One thing is certain, tonight’s HoH will probably have the exciting feel, but the reality is it will end up being a slow week with them doing everything to get the non-threat of Bridgette out.

My post was a bit on the down side. Is it because my mind is still trying to figure out how someone took my freakin’ charger wire? What a weird mystery.

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