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Labor Day Live Blogging; PoV Meeting Results

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I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend out there! Soak up the last bit of summer while you can, especially if you’re in an area like mine when you never know how bad your winter will be.

It is Monday, that means it’s veto meeting day.  James and Natalie are on the block and Corey has the power to save one of them. Will he? No. Sorry for the quick spoiler, but it’s not like it’s been a huge secret that the entire house wants one of them gone this week. The biggest discussion will be which one to keep out of the pair. If the eviction happened today, it would likely be Natalie.  That is because not only is she better at comps than James is, but frankly the house simply doesn’t like her. They’re tired of her constant self-praise, the fake personality, and deep down, they feel bad for how she’s clearly leading James on while kind of shitting on him in the process.  Last night they were talking about how she has to keep praising herself for not liking guys just for looks, which is a backhanded insult at James. By telling anyone who will listen, it makes it sound like she’s already making an excuse for why she’s not with some ‘ken doll’ type of person…. like a Corey (the guy she initially liked. Before Victor, Paulie, and then apparently James when nobody was left).


Meanwhile, James has extended an olive branch to Victor and Corey when he went up last night to talk to the pair.  They let him know that Natalie was throwing him under the bus for following him this season rather than making her own decisions at times.  I am sure that was likely referring to how Natalie wanted to keep Victor, but James pretty much had none of that and told her that voting him out would be the better choice. He was a bit surprised she was campaigning against him rather than for herself, but he promised to keep it between the three of them rather than running back to Nat. This makes Paul and Victor wonder if they can work with James if Natalie goes, and it’s something to keep a watch for.



The meeting has been over and the feeds have been up, so I should jump into it already…

  • 12:00pm – Feeds up, and as I mentioned, Corey didn’t use the veto.  James or Natalie will be the next jury member.

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  • Paul and Victor debate whether today is Memorial Day or Labor Day.  Now I don’t feel so bad about mixing those two up the other day. Paul settles on Memorial Day
  • 12:45pm – Nicole is talking to Corey about family and the finale. Corey says he doesn’t think his family is going to want to come if he’s not in the finale because they wouldn’t want to sit in a hotel all day. I know he’s from Texas, but you’d think he would know there is a lot more to do in LA than sitting in a hotel room. We were only there for 2 nights for the show, and there was barely any time at the hotel.
  • 1:40pm – Not a whole lot going on. Nicole was talking about her period, that was fun. Now they’re eating lunch
  • 1:45pm – Paul is outside talking to his alliance.
    • He is saying the best move is to send Natalie home and then play off James’ sadness.
    • Paul thinks it’s smarter to tell James stuff about Natalie that will get his mind off her.  He is then corrected by Nicole about something he thought they new, but James didn’t. Nicole says that whatever it was, was said to James, so he already knows.
    • Victor says he thinks they should let him just be sad, and make him miss Natalie.
    • Nicole says they should vote out Natalie and win and be good.  Corey mocks her obvious statement with a ‘really?’
    • Paul wants to shake James up for the next HoH comp. Then again, he thinks about that every HoH comp
  • 1:50pm – Paul puts on Nicole’s sunglasses and realizes they’re prescription. He is shocked they make prescription sunglasses.  Oh, Paul.
  • 2:10pm – The group is still talking about how the best plan is to send Natalie home
    • finalfour
  • 4:45pm – Finally a slight change, Natalie is talking to Paul. Not talking about much, but any time different people talk, it’s refreshing because I’m tired of the same conversations.
    • Corey gets in the pranks this season and puts a lot of salt in Nicole. Instantly regrets it when she spits it all back on him
    • nicole-spit2
    • corey-wet
    • Back to Paul and Natalie, and their conversation is already boring.  She is telling him about NYC, and how expensive it is. I have a feeling he’s mostly humoring her because he told her he goes there a lot, so he has to know it’s expensive there. Plus, he’s from LA, it’s not exactly cheap there
  • 5:40pm – Switch up of positions.  Corey and Nicole are cooking. Paul is sleeping. Victor and James are playing pool, and I think Natalie is still outside sitting there
    • The pool game finishes, Victor goes inside and James goes to talk to Natalie
    • He tells her people are noticing tension between them (James and Nat). She asked who, and he said Victor asked if everything was ok.
    • She tells him there is no tension on her end, and she wants no drama
    • She denies it, and he tells her she is in her ‘push-away’ mode.  She blames the block. He tells her ‘exactly, so let’s enjoy the remaining time’.
    • ‘Literally, there is no tension on my end’ – Nat
    • They sit in silence for a minute or two. James says he can tell there is something wrong. She denies it and insists nothing is wrong
    • She is upset because she was ‘binged’ by production a few times about her mic today
    • After some talking, she goes in how she’s upset because of how he talks to her. I guess after the mic thing, he wasn’t sensitive enough about it. Jeez
    • Natalie – “When I am upset over something, I don’t want someone to tell me to ‘be positive'” — wtf?!?  So James is in trouble because he told her to be positive. Awesome
  • 5:55pm – James and Nat still talking
    • She is over fighting. She just wants to enjoy her last few days. She’s hates having these discussions every day. She doesnt’ want to fight every day on live feeds
    • James – “We’re not fighting” … James, just run. Fast. Get away. Go in the kitchen and start having fun again. Let her be miserable alone
  • 6:03pm – Natalie leaves. James stands around the table talking to himself. ‘Why did you get into a showmance, James?’… Because that’s what you do. Just like Nicole.
    • Natalie talks about how the weather is strange because of how it was warm when they went into the house but will be cold when they go out
    • (Oh, I forgot, Natalie returned)
    • James tells her ‘That’s how it is in Texas’… Natalie asks ‘What, cold?’.. come on, Nat.
    • james-talking
    • He explains to her how it can go from 100 to 19 in 6 hours, that’s why people always have a jacket in their car.  That seems a bit extreme. Texas people confirm?
    • James and Nat head inside to eat, and there is a joke around the table… “What type of bees produce milk?”.  Nat is like “Bees produce milk??”.  Nicole answers the joke.. “boo-bees”
  • 9:26pm – I go to watch an episode of Stranger Things, and 3 episodes later, I finally emerge.  Good show so far. It certainly beats watching James and Nat fight or Nicole shaving Corey’s chest
    • Paul joins Corey in the hot tub for some conversation.
    • They talk about how Natalie has been trying to be friendly all week, but didn’t pay attention to people all season
    • Nicole joins them and they speculate on the rest of the season. Nicole thinks this week will be normal, but next won’t (she’s right)
  • 9:55pm – The happy couple is back and now playing dominoes at the hot tub (Paul and Corey have left)
  • 10:20pm – Nicole and Corey finish a stealth talk on strategy
    • Right now, James thinks it’s his fault that Natalie is going home. It’s because they didn’t keep Victor back when Natalie wanted him to, so she’s making him feel bad.
    • Corey wants to let James know that had they voted Corey out, Paulie would have returned, Nicole would have been pissed, and Natalie probably would have gone sooner
    • They think he’s too good a player to act so defeated, and it’s sad to see. Nicole says she wouldn’t mind losing to him at the end
    • Corey is telling her that he has been trying to reassure James that they’re keeping him, without straight up telling him.
    • The battle for James’ vote begins.  I have a feeling the ‘final four’ is going to battle each other at the final 5 because of that key swing vote.
    • It is what James told Natalie the reason she should buddy up with Paul and Victor because the person remaining will be a key vote.  James predicted that the two duos will battle each other next week and leave the remaining person alone.
  • 10:27pm – Nicole heads upstairs and Paul said things are working perfect because Natalie thinks she’s staying. She is acting all buddy-buddy with Paul and Nicole
    • They are going to try to keep them in the dark
    • Victor mentions how it’s impossible to get tickets to the live shows. Makes me feel even cooler about attending last year

Ok off to bed. Update tomorrow!

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