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Let’s Find Out Who Is Going Home Next; Live Updates

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I am typing this at 11:30pm (est) hoping that the feeds really do come back at midnight, otherwise this will be a waste of an article because I won’t have any answers to give.  People are wondering what happened after Paul won HoH… well, I don’t know.  The feeds are saying 1am, but I heard midnight. I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, the rumors were right. Paul did pull off his HoH win which guarantees him to play in the endurance competition tomorrow night.  If he wins that comp, he has a really good shot at making the final 2 because of the way the last HoH competition is set up.  It is 3 rounds, and goes like this:

  • Round 1 – All 3 compete
  • Round 2 – The two losers of round 1 compete
  • Final Round – The winners of R1 and R2 compete for HoH

So, if Paul wins Round 1, he skips right to the 3rd, which is almost always a competition similar to the one you watched tonight. It’s usually a trivia question, but I believe it’s more about educated guesses rather than memory (like tonight). They typically ask someone in jury a question, and the two have to pick what they think the jury member would answer.  Many would say it’s pure luck, but it’s not entirely.  Living in the house with the same people for so long, you tend to learn how they’ll react to certain questions, and I believe Paul is more aware of that than anyone else. His best case scenario will be facing James because James literally couldn’t even remember what Natalie told him the night she was evicted.  Unless he was throwing it (once again), he is terrible at 99% of competitions.

About the episode – Paul’s eviction speech… brilliant. Able to make fun of both Natalie and Michelle, while roasting the rest of the house in the process. Victor’s was also pretty good, but the only thing he missed was to mock Nicole’s “Coooorrrreeyyyyy” that he was doing a week or so ago.  If he turned to Paul and said “Pppaaauulllllll” I would have lost it right there. Sad Victor had to go, but only one person can win the season.


Time for some updates… when they’ll actually begin will be either at 9pm or 10pm pst

  • 8:45pm – 15 minutes until the rumored comeback of the feeds. However, the actual scrolling message in the feed area says 10pm, so that is probably more accurate.  Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us
  • 9:30pm – Damn, I was watching Narcos, and the feeds did come back early.  Let’s see now…
    • Corey is asking James if he is voting him out. He says Paul is throwing him (James) a lifeline, so he has to do what Paul wants
    • Paul won PoV. Nicole and Corey nominated.
    • Paul basically told James that he has to vote his way, or Paul will use the veto
    • james-prankster
    • Nicole is basically freaking out and paranoid.  Corey is making her feel bad by saying ‘go final 3. You want your family to come, etc’
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    • Now we get to listen to Nicole pout and sigh for the next 20 hours.  Nicole, this is the best case scenario for you.  If you pout for the next week, you suck.
    • Nicole about James – “I just can’t believe he is doing what someone else wants at this point in the game” hahahahhaa… this is James she is talking about. James
    • And the weird part is, she wants him to make some move after the PoV meeting, but wtf is she wanting? To go to jury?
  • 9:40pm – Another loud sigh
  • 10:10pm – I was pretty far behind, so I went live. Nicole is talking to Paul in the HoH room.
    • He is telling about her post-Corey BB life.  Nicole says she wants to forfeit her game because Corey is crying
    • paul-nicole2
    • Paul tells her she is going to look back at this and call herself an idiot for throwing the game (if she does)
    • Paul is honest with her and says he would like to take them to the final 3, but beating her and Corey back to back is nearly impossible.  He says they have to be split up because there is 0 chance either of them take him to the f2
    • Nicole “He can’t hate me for staying in this game”  (wtf??)
    • Paul tells her this isn’t a dating show. Corey would be pissed at Nicole if she threw her game, even if he goes.
    • Paul is telling her that he wants to bring Nicole to the final 2. He doesn’t want to bring James, but he is going to act like it
  • 10:16pm – He has to keep reminder her that one of those two (her or Corey) are going. She has to accept it and get her head in the game so they can pull each other to the final 2.
    • Paul says there is no way he is bringing James to the final 2 because both Paul and Nicole had to fight their way through the game, while James coasted
    • He tells Nicole that in the final 2, it’s going to be a coin toss with them … snake, or asshole.  This is pretty much backs up what I said where the jury will feel like they need to just vote for the lesser of two evils (kind of like our choice in November, am I right?? zing)
    • Paul – “Do you know how mad I am that I have to keep this piece of shit safe?” (referring to James)
    • He says he’d rather win $50k and lose to Nicole rather than James
  • 10:20pm – Corey enters the HoH room and Nicole leaves to go pretend be super upset near James
    • Paul is being honest with him and telling him he respects him, likes him, hates the situation, but it is what it is
    • Paul wishes that they stuck with the final 4 plan because he’d feel ok with any of that 3 winning, but now he has to prevent James from winning
  • 10:35pm – Paul is still chatting with Corey and making plans after. I have a feeling all these plans Paul is making won’t go through.
  • 10:45pm – Corey is retelling his conversation with Paul
    • nicole-corey4
    • Nicole tells Corey that she’s not taking Paul to the f2. She is taking her (alleged) pre-game f2 partner to the finals if she can
  • 11:25pm – Corey and Paul playing cards now

Sounds like most of the week is already covered.  Summary – Paul has the power this week. He is sending Corey to jury. He made a final 2 deal with Nicole who doesn’t plan to honor it, as she’ll take James to the final 2 if she wins final HoH.  Also, by typing that, I just freakin realized that for the past day, I’ve been writing that Paul won the final HoH. While the next competition is technically the HoH, Paul’s win was the last real one where they enjoy the room, etc.

Alright, post tomorrow. Not sure it will be much going on in the house, but I’ll keep a thread open

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