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Live Double Eviction Thread. Will Paulie Survive The Night?

Never Miss A Post Update:

Paulie’s proud look after he let his temper get the better of him

Notice – Roger Goodell wants to keep annoying me, so there are a bunch of NFL pre-season games on tonight. Be sure to check your local listing to make sure one of those pointless games aren’t interfering with Big Brother (btw, before I get hate mail, I am referring to the pre-season being pointless. It’s essentially 4 games of trying to keep a team healthy)


What a big turn of events over the past few days inside the Big Brother house. It was so crazy, I had to break from my typical Thursday afternoon at the beach to talk about how James holds so much power tonight (watch video here). While it is not at all shocking that someone saved their game in the span of Tue-Thur, but what is shocking is to do it while simultaneously sinking the game of the current favorite to win it all. Paulie was in such a good position only a few days ago, but Michelle got so far in his head during the power of veto meeting that she may as well set up a bed and live there. Those who only watched the CBS episode are thinking “Well, I didn’t see anything big”, and that is because they cut out a lot of what Michelle said from the show. If you notice, she said something along the lines of “Congratulations on all of your competition wins…” before being edited into the closing statement.  Well, between that, she pointed out how Paulie has played in 6 veto competitions and has won 3 of them.

Many would brush that off, but Paulie’s ego wouldn’t let it go. He couldn’t be called out in front of the entire house like that, ignore it and then and just cruise his way to $500k. If you remember early in the season, he even told Tiffany that he was “bred to play this game”, so there is now way he’ll let Michelle or Natalie run around this week and talk shit about him behind his back (apparently in the breeding process, they messed up and added just a hair too much in the ego department).  We covered it here, but the short version is that Natalie approached him and said he’s a good person. In return, he said she’s as fake as her chest. This resulted in Natalie eventually approaching him once again to try to clear things up, and him just hammering her down to the point she eventually had to leave the room (You can watch this around 1:50am).


He slammed her because Natalie entered the house as a pretty big flirt, going from Corey to Victor to anyone who would talk to her then finally to James. He said by her calling him out on flirting was a double standard for that reason . He also said it’s stupid because Paul and Corey have both joked with her in flirty ways, but she singles him out.  What Natalie tried (but failed) to point out is that the difference is Paulie has still been flirting with Natalie despite clearly having a thing with Z. It’s a respect issue more than a flirting issue.  Paulie didn’t see it that way (or maybe he did), and he kept shutting her down every time she spoke.  (for the record, Paul hardly flirts with anyone, and Corey stopped flirting with everyone as soon as he fell for Nicole)

Yes, that was the short version


Time to wrap this up before the double eviction episode begins.  Seeing as Thursday night is my biggest night, I want to thank everyone for their support this season. The compliments, the donations to help my trip (donate here – shameless plug), and the all around support you have shown this site and our writers.  I obviously won’t be live blogging next week, so I wanted to get that out before I took some time off.  (If you’re wondering, we will still have updates from our amazing backup writers)

Ok, time for some double eviction updates:

  • 9:00pm – Here we go. Double eviction time!
    • Jumps right into the flashbacks
    • Quick flashbacks.  Julie talks about the past 24 hours before showing some quick highlights
    • Julie says drama has been going on right until the show started. Paulie doesn’t look thrilled
    • Here we go… eviction time
  • Zaki – Great summer, great birthday, people I hope to see outside the house (rubs Paulie’s leg)
  • Michelle – She goes off on Paulie and says he said nasty things to Natalie and doesn’t deserve it. I didn’t think she would actually go through with the speech
    • James blocks Paul and Corey like expected
  • Votes:
    • Paulie – Michelle
    • Natalie – Zakiyah
    • Nicole – Michelle (she said ‘even though Zakiyah is leaving)
    • James – Zakiyah
    • Bridgette – Zakiyah  (eliminated)
  • Round Trip time –
    • One way ticket, she’s done
  • 9:20pm – Commercial break.  HoH competition next
    • Trivia competition, round by round elimination
    • Round 1 – Paulie and Bridgette out (Michelle cheers)
    • Round 2 – Corey wins! 
    • (I can’t believe everyone else got the 2nd question wrong lol)
  • 9:25pm – Commercial break
    • Nominations……
    • (Corey is clueless what to do. They didn’t prepare for this???)
    • I have a feeling Michelle, Bridgette or Natalie will be next out tonight let’s see….
    • Bridgette and Michelle are nominated
  • 9:30pm – Commercial break. Analyze. 6 votes tonight. Paulie, James, Victor, Nicole, Paul, Natalie
    • Paulie and Nicole are guarantees again for Michelle, and I bet they can get Paul and Victor
    • Sounds like Michelle is going home unless she wins veto
    • This also makes me realize Paulie’s arrogance is going to be back with a vengeance.  Wonderful
  • 9:35pm – PoV time
    • Standard ballpit competition that happens almost every double eviction.
    • Paulie, Victor, Natalie not playing
    • Race to find 3 clocks
    • Corey wins PoV
  • 9:40pm – Commercial break.  Will they backdoor Natalie or not?
    • Either Natalie or Michelle going to jury
    • I think I did hear them whisper about Bridgette leaving.  Let’s find out
  • 9:45pm – PoV Meeting –
    • Both girls say they don’t expect Corey to use it
    • He doesn’t use it
  • … and another commercial break
    • Statement time…
    • Bridgette – blah blah blah
    • Michelle – She brags about how she blew up Paulie’s game, then she calls Nicole a snake who tried to work with her before the show. Don’t trust her
  • Votes –
    • Natalie – Michelle
    • Paulie – Bridgette
    • Nicole – Bridgette (she says surprisingly because the guys told her to)
    • Victor – Bridgette
    • James – Bridgette
    • Paul – Bridgette
  • Michelle tears up and Nicole is saying something to her
    • Bridgette said something is messed up and for Natalie to stand up for herself
    • Envelope time:
    • One way ticket – Bridgette is gone

And that’s it.  HoH will be played later on tonight, so stay with us and I’ll tell you who the next HoH is….


Strawberry Lemonade time #andthen starting a new thread

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