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Live Eviction Episode Plus A Juror Returns

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My face when I hear another player is returning

It was a surprisingly busy afternoon in the Big Brother house when James approached Paul at the kitchen table to ask if he had mentioned his name about being paranoid.  This blew up into this huge argument with Paul calling Michelle a c*nt, and saying she is mean to everyone then cries about it because she’s worried about America hating her. One thing that annoyed me, and has annoyed me this season was this stupid “If you put my name in your mouth….” saying. James uses it a lot. Da’Vonne said it a bunch of times. Everyone freaks out if they hear someone else in the house mentioned them in a conversation. What do they expect? Of course they’re going to hear their name coming from other players mouths. That happens in games like this. Drives me crazy.


Also, I loved how James threw out the major veteran card during the argument. “This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been in this house 150 (or some shit) days. I’ve played with some of the best players and hung out with some of the best”.  A little note to James – First, you haven’t played with the best players. BB17 had a horrible cast when it came to strategy. The best player couldn’t even win the entire season, and the winner was a weaker version of the overrated Ian (note – Ian is a good player, but some newer players act like he was one of the best ever. He wasn’t even the best that season, he just had a bitter jury to help him win).  Secondly, at this point, everyone in the house are considered veterans. James may have logged more hours, but 75% of those hours were spent up the combined asses of Meg and Natalie, so do they really even count?

Sorry for the rant, but James playing that is the celebrity version of “do you know who I am??” when they get in trouble. Drives me nuts.  Also, I didn’t mean to gloss over the comments by Paul to Michelle.  She really has been a mean girl this season, but throwing the c-word around was dumb. Paul loses some BB Points for that remark. Michelle also loses some points for making an ass out of herself by butting into that argument in the first place. It was funny when she did it to Paulie, even though her arguments were equally awful, but now that act is just getting repetitive  (I seriously should keep a BB points tracker and add/subtract arbitrarily, like they do in Harry Potter).


Ok, wrapping up, time for the live updates:

  • 9:00pm – Here we go!
    • Doing some quick flashbacks
    • They had a preview of the jury house with Zakiyah going off on Paulie.  Ohh, looks fun
    • Now it’s time for the Mon-Wed highlights. Was a pretty boring week, wonder what they’ll come up with
    • They’re showing Paul’s fairly decent plan about looking like he’s working with Paul and Nicole.  It actually worked pretty much on Natalie and Michelle, but James wasn’t swayed
  • 9:10pm – Commercial break, then some jury clips
    • Jury house – everyone getting along… enter Paulie
    • Paulie wearing back to the future shoes coming in the house
    • Z doesn’t look very happy to see him
    • Da’ says Paulie still has the short mans complex
    • The girls are cheering on Paulie’s eviction episode in front of him. They are trashing him
    • He keeps calling the girls catty, but they keep trashing him.
    • Bridgette tells him he wasn’t winning anyway with all of them in the jury house
    • Da’ tells Z to ask why he didn’t use the veto on her. I love how blunt Da’ is
    • Z calls him a bitch a few times.  I’m so glad she got her reality check from Da’Vonne before he entered.
  • 9:22pm – Wow, heated jury house.  Commercial break time
    • Ok, we’re back. Quick talk to the nominees. Let’s hear the statements…
    • Victor – Shoutouts, I’m loyal, I’ll eat slop, blah, blah
    • Corey – “Julie, looking great as always, blah blah blah
    • Votes –
    • Nicole – Victor
    • Paul – Corey
    • James – Victor
    • Like expected, we’ll see Victor back in the HoH competition. Let’s hope he gets back in the house
    • Michelle notes it’s only 6:27, and wonders why. (a normal week, he’d be evicted later)
    • Julie asks who Victor wants the next person evicted, he says resentment, probably James
    • Goodbye messages –
    • Michelle says Paul was target, she feels bad
    • James says it is a game move and not personal
    • Natalie said her target was Paul and she’s happy he returned
    • She tells him that he’s back in a competition. He is pumped
  • 6:35pm – Commercial break.  Very strange they’re doing this all this early
    • We’re back. Showing the jury house again
    • The tension is gone, but it doesn’t sound like Paulie is hooking up with Z again yet
    • They give the house a basket with a card explaining the re-entry attempt
    • They ask who you think it will be… Z says ‘NO VICTOR’
    • The four jurors stand on stage when Julie introduces Victor as the 5th juror.
    • Julie tells the house about the latest twist.  They all looked a bit shocked
    • The jurors re-enter the house. Paulie seeks out his buddy Corey.
  • 9:45pm – Commercial break then the HoH competition is revealed
    • If this is the wall, it’s James’ HoH to lose.
    • And it’s the wall

This competition is going to finish on the feeds, so be sure to sign up!  It’s a free week


Time to run and get a coffee, and start a new thread about this competition.

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