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Live Eviction And HoH Results!

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Please evict Paul's beard
Please evict Paul’s beard

With the Big Brother season crawling along, it is about to get a little slower tonight after the live eviction episode. Whether people love him or hate him, Frank has been the story of the season so far. He’s crude, gross, loud, blunt, but also funny, witty, and entertaining all at the same time. Despite being a target for the past two or so weeks, and have had a lot of awful things said about him by practically the entire house, he has kept his cool and hung in there. He is probably the only person in the house who could walk into a tense situation where everyone is talking crap about him, and defuse the situation by not caring and cracking random jokes about production or something. Other people are going to have to step up their game if they want to make BB18 a fun season, because as it stands, if you simply remove Frank from the house with nobody to fill that void, it is going to be a long summer for fans.


For entertainment purposes, here is to hoping Frank has the ’round trip’ ticket and walks right back into that house to stir it up for one more week.

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  • 9:00pm – Julie opens talking about how Frank and Bridgette may be screwed, but the secret room could chaneg things
    • Julie “Frank and Bridgette have been inseparable, and are about to be torn apart. Or are they?”
    • I would put more stock into this if Julie didn’t always hype everything up
    • Showing a clip of Michelle’s meltdown about Frank leaving. If only she had the power to change that this week
    • Now it’s time for clips of how the house had to get a big clue to realize there was a secret room
    • We’re going to deal with Paul bragging about how amazing he is for figuring it out. Fun
    • Frank tells the group “Don’t try to figure it out” lol.. such a snake
    • Meanwhile, Natalie is in the background doing spins
  • 9:15pm – Paul is such an awful liar.
    • Needless to say, everyone got a card as we knew
    • Julie tells us after the break, Boogie, Meg, Jason and Hayden weigh in on the vets.
  • 9:25pm – Clips of the former houseguests
    • Jason is still living in his moms basement, and still working at the grocery store
    • Meg says James needs to watch out for Day
    • Hayden talks about their relationship, and I must say, dude got pretty good looking
    • Boogie says Frank is playing a horrible game. He made huge mistakes telling people about his RK wins (I agree).
  • 9:30pm – Commercial break then eviction
    • Julie drops a hint about how we at home can have a major impact on the game. Ohh, maybe we can go back to choosing havenot food *rolls eyes*
    • While on break. Isn’t it funny how Boogie is the only one to give real feedback? Jason spent the time talking about himself. Meg spent it denying a relationship with James. Hayden talked about his relationship with Nicole and how it’s weird to see her with Corey
    • Back from break.  Julie tells them a bit more about the envelopes.
    • The last envelope will be opened on Aug 18th. After that, they expire.
  • Speeches…
    • Frank – Shoutouts.. Bridgette compliments. Don’t ever change. For the rest, the opposite applies. Don’t take care. Hope to never see you again. Sorry, not sorry.
    • Bridgette – Thankful to be here. I’m sorry to Frank and I’m sad
  • Votes….
    • Da’Vonne – Frank
    • Shiny Beard – Frank
    • Paulie – Frank
    • Nicole – Frank
    • Victor – Frank
    • Michelle – Stank, I mean Frank (dumb)
    • Zakiyah – Frank
    • Corey – Frank
    • Natalie – Frank
  • 9:40pm – Time to see if the odds are ever in his favor with the card
    • Frank said he didn’t really mean what he said in his eviction speech
    • Envelope time – After break
  • Reveal Time!
    • Nope. Frank is done.
    • Frank says “Thank you. I hope the airport takes this”
  • 9:45pm – James says there is only room for one America’s Favorite
    • Da’Vonne says he tried so hard to get her out and failed
    • Bridgette says she’ll never be ashamed of being called his cabbage patch kid
  • HoH Next
    • Crapshoot competition where they do something and get a ball in a number
    • They need to roll a ball and try to make it all the way through. If nobody makes it all the way through, they get the highest score.
    • They can practice as many times as they want with one ball, but first person counts with the red ball
    • Many are close, but nobody using the red ball yet.
  • America’s Care Package
    • Each week, a different care package is in play. We vote for them to receive it. Once they receive it, they’re no longer eligible to receive.
    • First week – Never Not Pass.  (check out future passes at cbs.com)
    • Commercial back. Everyone still practicing.  It won’t be super long, so we may have results before feeds go up.  I will start a thread shortly
    • Check back soon!
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