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Live Eviction Updates 8/18

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Could this be the end of Paulie?
Could this be the end of Paulie?

Good evening! It’s time for the live show, and I’m sure it’s going to be a good episode tonight. Either Paulie will leave and go to jury, or he will have the roundtrip ticket and walk right back into the game. Regardless, I think it will be an entertaining night. I’m really hoping that the punishments get more airtime (specifically Paul’s), and I’m hoping they show the roast as well. Not to mention, the HOH is make or break for a few people, and there has been a lot of speculation in the house that tonight may be the wall endurance comp. I guess we’ll see within the hour!



  • 9:00pm – Showtime!
    • Recap of the past week
    • Looks like we get to see inside jury tonight.. oh goodie
    • And a segment of the first BB baby (Brendon and Rachel’s baby Adora)
  • 9:05pm – Julie says that sometimes all you need to stay in the house is a humble slice of apple pie.
    • The show picks up where it left off after the VETO meeting
    • It moves into the awkward James and Paulie outside conversation (Paulie sounds delusional)
    • They’re showing how Paulie said he wasn’t going to make the pies (thank you CBS)
    • Corey gives his little pep talk to Paulie
    • Conversation between Natalie and Paulie where he apologizes for “strategy reasons”
    • Conversation between Paul and Paulie, asking for a sympathy vote (I’m so sick of typing Paulie’s name)
    • Paul says he won’t break his friendship rule, and that he’ll throw him a sympathy vote (uh-oh)
    • Now he’s chatting with James trying to get his and Natalie’s votes
    • Can we get a segment without Paulie?
    • Commercial break – BB baby when we come back
  • 9:19pm – We’re back!
    • Barf now we have to watch Brendon and Rachel’s BB love story
    • Adora’s cute though
    • Bragging about how they beat Jeff and Jordan (yikes)
    • “Being parents is like being in the BB house. There’s a lot of crying, whining, and it gets pretty messy.”
    • Fav showmance is Nat/James
    • Brendon says he thinks Paul has the best chance to win
    • Rachel was the last female to win BB 5 years ago.. she tells the girls to step it up
    • Rachel wants Adora on BB, Brendon does not
    • End of that, thank God
    • Commercial break – then jury house
  • 9:26pm – We’re back
    • Jury time
    • Da’ says her biggest regret is not keeping her mouth shut
    • She sees Z and is not happy (she wanted to see Paulie or Nicole)
    • Z thinks she got booted because of her connection to Paulie and thinks he had something to do with her leaving
    • Da’ – “Wait a minute.. He won the VETO and you’re sitting next to me??” Her face was priceless
    • Enter Bridgette, Z’s face is also priceless
    • B tells them the house is split and Z says they should’ve pulled her over with them
    • Da’ squealing at Michelle’s speech, they say they’re proud of her
    • They hope Paulie comes to jury next.. me too, ladies, me too
    • Commercial break – then live vote
  • 9:35pm – We’re back – eviction time
    • Tonight is the last time for the RT tickets to be valid
    • Paulie gives shoutouts and kisses ass one last time to everyone
    • Julie, please shut this boy up
    • wtf he just kissed Michelle
    • Corey says he’s enjoyed being her, Paulie’s his bro, he hopes one of them has the RT ticket
  • 9:39pm – Votes
    • Michelle – Paulie
    • Paul – Paulie
    • James – Paulie (Paulie evicted)
    • Natalie – Paulie
    • Nicole – Paulie
    • Paulie is evicted
    • He walks out of the house as arrogant as ever
    • Ticket time. Fingers crossed..
    • One way ticket, Paulie officially evicted
    • Julie asked him about wanting to just quit, he says crying doesn’t work for men as well as it works for women
    • Paulie says he wasn’t playing Z, but he doesn’t know if it’ll work outside of the house.
    • Julie says “That’s a no, ladies and gentlemen.” LOL
    • Commercial break – Up next, we’ll find out who had the RT ticket
  • 9:51pm – We’re back
    • Paul had the RT ticket
    • That’s hilarious because he was the one that discovered Paris and picked the right one.. Wow
    • Julie says there’s another big twist of the summer that she’ll reveal after the break
  • 9:57pm – We’re back
    • Special Friday night episode tomorrow
    • There’s going to be a jury buy back with the first 5 members of the jury, and the winner will go back into the game!

I’m not sure if the HOH will be tonight or not, Julie made it sound like it’s tomorrow. I’ll start a new thread in a little bit!

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