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The Lying Game; Tuesday Feed Updates

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Early in every season, there is usually a fairly large people who get along, and then there are the boat rockers. The large group bands together to get rid of those troublemakers, so they can have a fun summer together and everyone wins a billion dollars! The problem comes when those ‘troublemakers’ are gone, and the house realizes there is still like 2 months to go, and a new person still has to be evicted every week. That is when the “get along gang” has to turn on each other, which is also when the drama starts to really unfold.

With Frank about to go this week, that means the house has to turn on someone new. While Bridgette is an obvious choice, and will probably go next, the reality is that she’s on an island now and is a vote that some people will badly need when the showmances start taking full control of the house. During the HoH competition last Thursday, Frank was able to warn Da’Vonne that her ally Nicole may not be as trustworthy as originally thought. Because it’s Frank, she decided to believe Nicole and things went along like normal, until yesterday. That is when things started clicking that Nicole has indeed been acting a bit shady, and Frank may actually be right. It’s strange because despite completely overplaying every aspect of the game this season, Frank has been relatively honest compared to the rest. Once people realize that, it will be too late and Paul, Paulie, Corey and Nicole will end up ruling the house before Nicole becomes another Britney Haynes.


On another note, if you missed yesterday, Big Brother gave the house a clue that there were still secrets in the house (because they were never going to figure it out on their own, and BB didn’t want the twist to go to waste). Paul ran around like a crazy person trying to solve it, and to his credit, he actually did. It wasn’t too difficult considering one of the planes near the phone booth literally had ‘Call Paris’ written on it, but it still took hints from production for people to finally solve it.  The reward? Luck. Inside the room, there were 12 cards placed there with absolutely no advantage to the first person who found the room (other than keeping it a secret, which was impossible when production dropped the hint). Everyone ended up getting a card, and for the next 4 weeks, they will bring their card out with them and open it on stage with Julie.  One of the Twelve contain a ’round trip’ pass which will allow the person to get up and re-enter the house.

There is only a 33% chance the round trip ticket will come into play during the next 4 weeks, and every person currently has an 8% chance of holding the winning card (though that number increases to about 11% chance by the 4th attempt).


Enough rambling today, time for the updates…

  • 12:30pm – It is HoH picture day in the house, so most are outside taking pics while Frank is talking movies with Bridgette in the living room
  • 1:00pm – Same stuff going on. Stil chatting in living room, others still tanning outside.
  • 2:00pm – People inside eating, while Frank has migrated outside with Bridgette. She is going to be so lonely on Friday
  • 3:00pm – Off to run some more errands, I will be blogging as much as the show is entertaining tonight. Sorry for the lack of updates this afternoon
  • 5:00pm – Ok, back. Frank is still chatting with Bridgette and Nicole is chatting with Corey
    • Michelle called to DR. She yells she can’t because she has a Nike symbol on her face. Hmm
  • 5:24pm – Frank and Bridgette are outside now on the hammock.  Frank is talking about how dislikes this cast more than his last season
    • Listening to him talk to Bridgette, it is insane how gullible Bridgette is. He lies to her literally maybe every 5 minutes about something completely absurd, but she believes it every time.
    • To be fair, her stories are so boring, making up lies would spice it up
    • Listening to Bridgette's stories
      Listening to Bridgette’s stories
    • She tells him that her aunt works for LucasFilms and took for for a Star Wars tour. He’s like “What’s Star Wars? I’ve only heard LucasFilms for Indiana Jones”.  Oh Bridgette, how many times will you fall for this stuff
  • 5:50pm – Frank, Corey, Nicole and Paul are all we’re forced to watch. I guess Frank (likely jokingly) flipped off Nicole from across the yard and she got all worked up and the group has been talking about how they can’t wait for him to go home
    • The group has moved inside.  Yes, it is a very, very slow night
    • Victor is talking to Paul in the storage room and says he thinks if it came down to it, Nicole and Corey would vote for each other. Paul sounds skeptical. Not sure if he’s serious, or playing dumb
  • 6:40pm – It’s apparently beard hour. Paul is in the safari room talking to the camera about beards and has been for about 20 minutes. The camera gives us a nice closeup
    • beard
    • And here is Corey rocking Nicole’s glasses
    • corey-glasses
  • 8:30pm – Da’Vonne gets some alone time with James. Let’s see how this conversation goes….
    • Day says the house is sensitive. I guess Zaki got a little butthurt over some mac and cheese comment.  Oh boy
    • She says if Frank gets the ticket back, they’re screwed
    • 3 minutes later, conversation is over.  Great
    • Da’Vonne goes downstairs and heads into the London room. Paul joins and spreads some gossip. He said Frank told Bridgette she had some chunk to take off. He started calling her ‘hulk’, but then skinny.
    • Here is Da’Vonne’s face from Paul’s story…
    • davonne
    • Paul said that Frank was practically begging to stay in the game.  Time for a flashback to see exactly what Frank said…
  • 8:20pm (flashing back to when Paul said) –
    • Frank said ‘workd off that chunk’. Bridgette said “that’s mean, Frank. You should stop saying that”. Frank said “I’m your friend, I’m just being honest (laughing), then jokes You’re fat!”
    • He jokes that she has a big-ass head
    • A few minutes later he gives her a high five “What’s up, fatty boom balatty”
    • Ok, after listening to it, Frank was definitely ‘dickish’ there. He was clearly trying to be ‘on’ and funny in front of the guys, and probably forgets that Bridgette isn’t one of the guys.
    • I can certainly see how obnoxious it is living with Frank for so long.  Sad because he was one of the least annoying people in a house full of annoying people
  • 8:45pm – Frank is still trying to rally votes (so much for not campaigning against Bridgette). Paulie is saying he’d vote for him, and Corey said he may be able to get Nicole on board, but Frank has to make things up with her. She’s still really pissed he threw her under the bus
    • Meanwhile, Paul is in the Longdon room telling Day he plans on calling Frank out tomorrow (sure he will)
    • Day is talking to him and saying he should have ripped open the other cards in the Paris room to sabotage everyone

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  • 9:00pm – Victor is still wearing pigtails from when Nicole did it to him earlier.
    • victor
    • Paulie is talking to Victor, and they’re talking about next week. Paulie likes the idea of Vic putting Day up against Zaki rather than pushing to get Bridgette out.
  • 9:35pm – Meanwhile, Frank and Bridgette are working out their sexual tension
    • frank-bridg
  • 10:00pm – On one cam, James and Natalie are cuddling outside, and on the other, it’s Nicole and Corey.  Not a fan of this
    • James calls over Michelle and asks who she is voting for
    • James mentions how Frank is campaigning despite saying he wouldn’t
    • Michelle says he’s not throwing her under the bus in doing so
    • James asks if she would vote for Bridgette if the votes came. She says ‘maybe’, because she wants Bridgette out
    • But at the end of the day, she won’t screw over James.
  • 10:25pm – Many people are outside working out. Occasional whisper of panic from James about making sure Frank gets out this week.
    • With that, I’m done for the day

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