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Making Sense Of The House Right Now

daniele in the hoh room

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daniele in the hoh roomWow, what a roller coaster of events in the past few days.  In the past week alone, Rachel went from losing the love of her life to a mysterious death that lasts for about 6 weeks, to massive highs and lows during that period dealing with the 5 stages of grief. However, just after ‘acceptance’, she learned there was a chance of an early revival of her FIANCEE which sent her into a massive annoying mushy high, especially after the chance came true when Brendon (not surprisingly) beat Lawon in a challenge to return to the house.


(note: As far as it being fixed that Brendon returned, while I like a good conspiracy theory, I did watch the polls on this site and other BB sites.  Cassi had a huge lead early, but as the week went on, Brendon made a massive surge in every poll I saw.  This lead me to predict that Brendon was the one returning even before it happened.  How 1 million+ wanted to see Rachel and Brendon annoyingly acting like a stereotypical newlywed couple on national tv is beyond me)

This resulted in one of the most uncomfortable moments I’ve seen in the house so far this season with the fab four and their two pawns (Shelly and Adam) in the kitchen talking loudly about the events in the house while Daniele and Kalia sat together licking their wounds in the purple room…


This was certainly the end of the pair that has grown quite annoying with their terrible decision making in the house recently, but there was one last chance for them, and that was the Head of Household competition.   With Kalia unable to play, everything was riding on Daniele to pull through, and when the feeds came back up around 1:00am est, the mood in the house had a much different feel.  Daniele had the key around their neck, and the fab four had a much more somber tone in their voices.


While I’m not going to give you a full transcript of the overnight talk, I’ll leave that to my friend Jamie at her Big Brother blog.   My job is to summarize for you, and this is how it looks right now:

  • Rachel is going to try and cut a deal yet again with Daniele.  I doubt she’ll have much better luck than last time.
  • Daniele and Kalia are going to play this week very close to their chest, and not make anyone really feel safe.
  • They are realizing that Shelly is not on their side, and Kalia is still shocked how she was played to look like a fool.
  • Adam and Shelly apparently are still playing to lose to the fab four, so despite this win, it’s still a long road ahead for Danlia.
  • Porsche is such an extreme floater, I honestly have no idea wtf her agenda is.  She’s still with Danlia for the time being, naturally.
  • The girls joked about how Brendon will probably be evicted from the BB house 3 times in one year (dating back to last season).  While America may want him back, it’s clear people he plays against do not.

The interesting, and I’m sure demoralizing part on team Danlia is that everything that happened in the past 2 weeks from the endurance competition to Kalia’s meltdowns, etc were completely wiped away by the terrible decisions made by Kalia this past week.   Because the girls still have a major mountain to climb, unless they can somehow convince Adam he’s stupid for clinging to a 4 + 1 person alliance, I expect Daniele and Kalia to still end up in the jury.

When Kalia goes home, and does some searches for her name, I hope she finds this part.   Had she not been intimidated, this is what should have happened:

  • Week 1 – Daniele wins HoH, nominates Rachel and Brendon, uses Jordan as a pawn when Brendon removes Rachel.  Brendon goes home
  • Week 2 – Kalia wins HoH, nominates Jeff and Rachel, accepts Jeff’s ‘war’ invitation and puts his girlfriend on the block to replace him.  Rachel gets voted out
  • Week 3a – Rachel battles with Brendon to re-enter the house, Brendon throws the competition, Rachel re-enters with her head completely not in the game.
  • Week 3b – Daniele wins HoH, nominates Jeff and Rachel again with Jordan as the potential replacement nominee.
  • Results – Rachel finally goes home, the teams are Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Adam vs Daniele, Kalia, Porsche, Lawon.  This will also likely help push Adam to leave the sinking ship.

Because of Kalia’s terrible fear-based decision, even when one of them goes home this week, it’s still likely Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Shelly, Adam vs Daniele, Kalia, and a flipflopping Porsche.  Well, done, Kalia.

Anyway, enough rambling, I’ll keep you informed of any developments that happen in the house, or you can see them for yourself by picking up the live feeds here. Thanks for reading!

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