Meet Your Second Golden Key Holder (Spoilers)

big brother power of veto

big brother power of vetoThe power of veto ceremony was held today, and the final nominees are up for eviction this Thursday.  Without any further adieu, here are the results from the Power of Veto ceremony….

spoilers after the jump…

In a brief spoiler bonanza, Rachel won the head of household, nominated team Keith and Porsche for eviction, then won the power of veto and strongly deliberated actually using the veto and swapping them out for another team.  Needless to say, Rachel’s nipples perked up a bit with all the attention she has received already this season, and it may only get worse because the original eight are simply crumbling and eating each other alive.

It was time to put all speculation to rest today as the power of veto ceremony was this afternoon, and Rachel closed the box instead of using the power of veto, officially sealing the exit of either Porsche or Keith, while giving the survivor a ticket to the jury.  By closing the box, Rachel likely symbolically shut the box on Keith’s chance at getting his peepee wet this summer, and may as well just stabbed him in the heart.

One will go home, one will get a key

Keith felt he was going to go in the house, rally up anyone with a vagina and have them do his bidding while he sat back in a dark room with a pipe, alternating sex partners by the week.  Little did he realize, about a week later the entire house was going to basically be against him and turned off by his behavior.    With Brendon and Daniele already discussing how it’ll be with Porsche in the sequester house, it’s going to take quite a miracle to see Keith in the house past Thursday.

I’m calling it now, Keith will be voted out and Porsche will receive the golden key.

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