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Mistake after Mistake after Mistake

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Want to know when you’ve made a bad decision? When you regret it within an hour of making it. That is exactly what happened last night after the house voted to keep Tiffany rather than Bronte. They had it all planned out. Bronte would go home, and Tiffany would be so grateful she would put rose petals on the floors of their feet and give them nightly massages while they controlled her game. Everyone on category4 would throw the comp, and Frank would be a sitting duck to whoever won HoH. Then a week or two later, they can simply get rid of Tiffany anyway.

Except it didn’t work out quite like that. Frank was better than expected in the HoH competition which forced Paulie to remain in the game as long as he could  (he planned on throwing it as soon as Frank was out). Paulie ended up winning, and his team (which includes Frank) automatically became safe for the week. Meanwhile, Tiffany wasn’t exactly running around in happyland after the show ended, especially when Frank confronted her on her ill-advised (though entertaining) speech. He told her that he had no intention of going after her until he heard from Da’Vonne that Tiffany wanted Frank out. This made them both realize there kind of was no reason to target each other, and actually ended up shaking hands by the end of the night to work together. Tiff also revealed that Corey and Paulie have been gunning for Frank hard, which will end up helping solve the mystery of the votes. Nicole lied and said she and Corey voted to keep Bronte, and had him convinced so much that he actually thought Natalie turned on her friend.

Needless to say, the house made a completely foolish decision that all started because they listened to 16th place Da’Vonne.


To further nail the point home that Frank is indeed alone, Paulie pretended to go along with the plan of nominating Da’Vonne .. until he didn’t. Nominations were revealed, and they are:

Tiffany and Natalie

What this accomplished was motivating Frank and securing an unlikely alliance between him and Tiffany. Now, even the best strategist can lose a battle if he’s simply zerged to death by an army that is 4x the size, and that may be what eventually saves them from their own bad moves. As of right now, it’s basically Frank, Tiffany, Bridgette, and maybe Natalie/James. Two of those people are on the block, so the numbers are stacked heavily against them. If you’re a fan of Frank, this is going to be another ‘Frank season’ where he needs to keep winning comps to remain in the house.

It’s amazing when you think of it…

  • James coasted along and had a weird ‘showmance’ with Meg. He’s doing it again this season, but now with Natalie
  • Nicole was the nice girl who had a major flirtmance with Hayden. She’s doing it again, this time with Corey
  • Frank had an open mouth, got himself in trouble and needed to win comps and get lucky. Doing it again.
  • Da’Vonne played too hard, and had an early blow up in the house. Did it again

All four Big Brother veterans playing exactly the way they played before that got none of them no better than about 7th place. Maybe next time, they can bring good players back rather than friendly players. Former winner Dan nearly won a second time. Fiery competitor Rachel won her second attempt. This season? Forget it. One of the veterans may luck into a win, but that’s only because the competition is still playing worse.

Note – RoadKill and RK nomination will be tonight, but I won’t be around for a bit. I will do my best to get the results posted when I can.  I may start a live update thread, but it will only be about 2 hours long before I have to go to a birthday party.

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