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Monday Feedies; PoV Meeting At Some Point

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Good afternoon, everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend.  If you haven’t been around all weekend and want some spoilers, I’ll give you a brief recap of the events since Gidget (Frank) won the HoH Thursday night.

  • Nominations were Tiffany and Paul
  • Frank won the Roadkill competition
  • He nominated Bronte (though you saw all that last night on CBS)
  • Gidget won the Power of Veto, then nearly broke her ankle when she did the jumpbump with Frank
  • Showmance watch:
    • James acted like he was going to break it off with Natalie, but has still been following her around like a puppy
    • Corey and Nicole slowed a little most of the weekend, but were pretty close again last night
    • Paulie and Z  are about the same.
  • Frank watch:
    • I believe he pinched a total of 0 butts since Da’Vonne had it out with him
  • Meeting of the minds watch:
    • The girls met up last night (Spy Girls) and solved the twist this season. There are two of everything…
    • Two nurses, two tutors, and two dancers. They’re missing 5 other ‘duos’, but I guess 3 similarities are enough for a twist to them
    • To be fair, there are also two siblings, two Nicoles, and about two actual good players this season

Now you’re all caught up. Time for the feed updates:

  • 10:50am – Feeds just went down for the veto ceremony.  I expect Gidget to not use it.
  • 11:50am – Feeds back, veto not used. Poll time…
[poll id=”14″]
  • 11:52am – Da’Vonne, Michelle and Van2.0 are in the bedroom chatting….
    • Michelle is glad nobody laughed at Frank’s joke. Michelle is weird, she is buddy/buddy with Frank when he’s around but bashes him every other time
    • They’re wondering why Gidget didn’t take her friends to the Outback dinner, and didn’t take her friend off the block.
    • Michelle jokes that Gidget is going to come in the room soon to pretend to look for something
    • Or maybe they’re talking about Bronte because they’re saying how ‘If looks could kill, everyone would be dead, especially Nicole’
    • Tiffany asks if she needs to campaign, Michelle said she doesn’t think so, but she should campaign to Natalie
  • 12:30pm – Lockdown over, we’re now able to watch them lay in the sun for the next few days
  • 1:00pm – Paul sits down with Nicole to talk to her a little about the meeting.  I guess Frank said something to Paul and then stared him down.
    • nicole-paul
    • I guess during the meeting (from what I remember of Day/Michelle conversation), Paul made a friendship comment during his speech, and Frank said something about his friendship is going to get him evicted (then stared him down)
    • The pair talk about how crude Frank has been this season. Calling girls fat, smelly, etc. And taking seats… (yes, Nicole is venting because he took her seat). While Frank has said a lot of weird and dumb things, but her complaining about the seat thing just shows they’re super annoyed at him and are looking for reasons to be upset.
  • 1:53pm – Had to take care of the groceries. Back to the feeds. Frank and Paul are talking, let’s see if this gets interesting…
    • Well, starts off with them talking about smoking. Not very exciting
    • Now the talk turns to TV. I don’t think Paul is going to confront him about the meeting. Especially considering he’s on the block
    • Got boring. Went live with the feeds and this is what I see….
    • sunbathing
  • 3:20pm – Quick note, but is camera 1 the only one working for people?  The other 3 switch to midnight. Never happened before
  • 5:15pm – Had to run out. On the feeds, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Paul and Paulie are outside talking about…  guess who… .Frank!
  • 5:45pm – While they were outside, Frank joined them and obviously the bashing stopped.  After a little while, a bird crapped on Frank’s hand so he went inside
    • Michelle loved the fact that a bird did that because the other day Frank said he hoped a bird crapped on Tiffany’s head
    • Michelle loved it SO much that she went around the house for the next 10 minutes telling everyone that story.
    • Early on in the feeds, Michelle seemed to have such a major crush on Frank, now she’s trashing him every chance she gets
  • 6:30pm – Very slow on the feeds. People were outside playing catch and Zaki, Gidget and Frank are in the Tokyo room chatting.
  • 7:00pm – Nicole and Z are on the hammock bashing Frank. I’m sure he isn’t too pleasant to live with, but I am noticing a trend in this house. Whenever they target someone, suddenly that person is the worst person in the world.
    • The weird part is nobody is really controlling that, at least obviously. I can see that being a Vanessa move to get the house turn on everyone who is leaving, but this is just kind of happening.  Jozea, while annoying, wasn’t nearly as annoying as the house made him out to be. Same with Victor.
  • 8:45pm – Nothing has been going on in the house. It’s hard when you’re stuck to one camera. I am forced to listen to some very, very boring conversations by Corey.
    • One thing to note – Beard was up in bed with Good Will Hunting and she was rubbing his back softly. Could something be blooming in his beard?
    • Michelle is chatting with Van2.0, and getting buttered up. Van is telling her how great of a social game she’s playing (I’ve heard a few people tell her that today)
  • 11:15pm – Feeds were too crazy for me tonight with only being able to watch one camera. I don’t think much happened, but hopefully they have it fixed by tomorrow.  Sorry this post was pretty boring today, I’ll try to spice it up tomorrow somehow

Overnight in the morning!

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