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Monday Feeds – America’s Nom And Veto Today

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Happy Walking Dead hangover day!  What an episode. I have read all the comics, played almost all the games, and even read the novel series about the governor, and I will say last night was the biggest mental beatdown I’ve seen in the series. Not from a fan point of view (although that was big as well), but without getting into spoilers, they were actually able to capture the essence of Negan even better than the comics. Reminder, many people DVR the show and don’t get to watch it for a day or two, so please please please no spoilers in the comment section.

On to BB.


It’s a pretty big day in the house, because not only is it the very important veto competition, but we’ll get a major indicator of which direction the viewers are leaning with the nomination vote. We will certainly get a better idea of who is going home in a few hours, and possibly the direction for the rest of the season.  Will Neeley go on the block and show the house that viewers are not so ‘Team LNJ’, or will it be Shelby or Whitney which will show the opposite?

The veto will also be important because if Neeley is nominated and she or Kryssie wins PoV, that guarantees Scott or Morgan will leave.  If Scott wins PoV, and say Shelby is nominated by America, that nearly guarantees a block of Morgan, Whitney, and Shelby. The house can swing in either direction, which is rare to see from one nom and one veto comp.


Time for some updates to see what happens:

  • 9:45am – The house is awake because the nomination reveal should be around 10am (I think) along with picking players for the veto
  • 10:00am – Jason is in bed doing some camtalking.
    • He is saying how weird the girls are. They’re like a school of fish.  He thinks Shelby should be nominated because she’s a ‘terrible person’
    • ‘She’s about as deep as an oil puddle at a gas station’… ok
    • jason-venting
  • Ok, veto pick and America’s Nom!
    • Neeley was selected as the 3rd nom
    • neeley-3rdnom
    • This means she will be playing in the veto.  Here are the players:
    • Morgan, Scott, Neeley, Kryssie,
    • And just before they draw, the house calls for Alex to sing happy birthday to Kryssie to break a nice awkward moment  (similar to when Paul had to do his secret service stuff at veto. Love it)
    • alex-happybirthday
    • And now the final 2…. Justin + Shelby (Scott’s pick)
  • 10:10am – I kind of feel bad for Neeley. While she is a major hypocrite, I think this message was to Kryssie and/or Danielle and she’s collateral damage
    • Jason goes into the London room and begins trashing Shelby  “what is America watching?”
    • Danielle’s logic is that we left Shelby off the block so she can be the replacement nom
    • Jason “She’s an anorexic gold digger”
    • He is trashing her because she is picky with guys.  He keeps bringing up how Shelby talked about how she only dates good looking and rich guys.  Yes, Shelby’s personal dating life is equal to the horrible behavior of the LNJ
    • Jason “She’s a prostitute posing as a waitress”
  • 10:20am – I need to do homework, but listening to Jason rant and cry is comedy gold
  • 10:40am – Jason says Shelby was cast because she is an “argumentative c*nt” … Ok then
  • 10:50am – Well, I need to do some homework.  Veto comp is in 2 hours, so I’ll be back before that
    • Before I go, here is the ‘Vote Neeley’ dance that the girls are giving America
    • alex-shelby
    • Alex raps “We know you hate Scott, but we need you to vote Neeley”  Better work on the rapping.
  • 12:45pm – I am back, as the veto is in 15 minutes!  I am in the process of writing a story for my creative fiction class. It is Big Brother themed.
  • 12:55pm – It’s going to be a long comp. They are going individually into the backyard to compete against a time. These type of comps during the regular season take a few hours, but I doubt it will take that long because the comp likely won’t be as elaborate.
  • 1:25pm – So, I was waiting in hopes that we can actually watch the comp, but we’re stuck watching Alex, Jason, Whitney and Dani in the HoH room while the others do the comp.  I guess we won’t get results until the comp is over
  • 1:30pm – Yay, we get to watch the competition. It’s called the ‘Wall of Shame’.  They need to answer questions and scale a wall
    • morgan-comp
    • They have to stay on the wall while answering the questions. If they fall off the wall, they get a 3 minute penalty.  Tons more rules, but each person gets 30 minutes to do it
    • competition
    • First question so you can play at home “In Shane’s shameful performance in ‘Live by the Sword’, only ____ houseguests were eliminated before him”
    • Second question “Monte’s shameful performance in the Big Brother house got him America’s Nominee on this day”
    • Third question “Cornbread’s shameful performance in the BB house earned him this many votes to evict”
    • Morgan is failing big time.  She keeps changing the second one but she also has the third one wrong. she put 10 votes
  • 2:00pm – Neeley’s turn
    • Timer started at 2:03pm and change
    • It’s 2:12 and she hasn’t even rang the bell. She has one wrong answer up there, and is on the way to post the third question. Dropped it, got a 3 minute penalty
    • 2:19 and she is still wrong.
    • 2:23pm she is done
  • 2:45pm – Kryssie’s turn finally
    • Beginning time: 2:46:19pm 
    • Kryssie had a fall and she’s already at 8 minutes, and has a wrong answer. She’s out
    • Kryssie isn’t doing very well.
    • She is bleeding and wants to forfeit
    • kryssie-bleeding
    • She is quitting. She said she’s going to stand there until 30 minutes up
  • 3:35pm – The blood has been hosed off the wall, and it’s Shelby’s turn
    • Official start time: 3:36:12pm
    • It’s 4+ minutes in and Shelby has the 2nd one wrong. She is going for the 3rd one now.  Morgan crushed this comp, even getting it wrong like 3x
    • End time: 3:48:30pm
  • 4:04pm – Scott’s turn
    • Official start time: 4:05:40pm
    • Final time: 4:14:30
    • More wounds… yet somehow did it in less than 42 minutes
    • scott-wounds
  • 4:26pm – Justin’s turn
    • Official start time: 4:28:58
    • He is as fast as Morgan. He’s easily winning if he has the questions right
    • Justin’s out of it. He has no clue on the first 2 questions
    • Morgan is going to win the PoV barring any weird penalty time they may give her (not sure why they would)
    • Justin just doesn’t know the answers. He basically gives up after trying like 20 different combinations.  So he then starts playing with the buzzer. He’s hilarious
  • Un-official Times:
    • Morgan: 8:36
    • Scott: 8:50
    • Shelby: 12:20
    • Neeley: 26:14 (includes falls)
    • Kryssie: 42:00 (includes falls)
  • 5:15pm – Scott is losing his mind in the yoga room. He keeps yelling to the camera because he thinks he won, so he’s pumped.
    • scott-crazy
  • 5:30pm – Here we go….
    • Justin – Disqualified
    • Scott: 8:51
    • Shelby: 12:18
    • Kryssie: Disqualified
    • Neeley: 26:15
    • Morgan: 8:35

I’m closing this thread.  I will probably start a new one after dinner later.  Kryssie is going to be fired up this week

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