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Monday Madness Live Updates

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Good evening, everyone! My afternoon thread was getting a big long, and there won’t be an overnight report tomorrow morning as Amy is busy, so I figured I’d try to blog late into the night. There is no way I’m waking up early to pump out a report, so I’ll try to stay awake as late as I can. Had a coffee, and ready to go watch people talk bad about each other behind their backs like it’s middle school all over again!


  • 9:05pm – It appears the happy couple is no longer fighting as James and Natalie are on the couch and she’s pulling glitter from his face. So romantic.
    • If you missed it earlier, the pair were having a mini spat because James joked about snuggling with Nicole.
    • Remember, a week or so back, Nicole mentioned how James said he had to ‘run it by Natalie’ before they could talk. She said he sounded like he was kidding, and maybe he was, but there was apparently some truth to that joke as Natalie may be a sweet girl, but yikes. Run, James, run.
    • James starts whispering about getting the votes. I get excited about real talk, pop on my headset to hear the whisper, and it turns out he was just joking that he got the votes to evict Natalie this week. Time to check outside…
  • 9:30pm – Nicole is in the HoH room with Corey and she is telling him the story about how James was kind of flirting with her and saying he needs to get a girl like her. Corey half jokes that he’s going to back off and let James do his thing.
    • Corey then gets up and leaves to start dinner
    • Nicole talks to herself after he leaves saying “is he actually mad about that? It was supposed to be a joke. He is weird about stuff like that”
    • Personally I think Corey is forcing distance from Nicole for whatever reason and looking for random excuses to back off. Maybe he doesn’t like her, maybe he does but wants to remain single, or maybe he doesn’t want to have a relationship on TV.  Either way, it’s clear Corey takes dumb little things like that and blows them up for excuses.
  • 10:00pm – Michelle and Natalie are outside in the hottub talking about underwear.
    • She kept her mic off for awhile before jumping into the hottub where she can leave it off.  She was then called to DR (which is rare this late) and said she hoped she wasn’t in trouble
    • Michelle came out 15 minutes later walking pretty fast outside before the feeds cut to the kitchen.
    • They likely know Michelle will talk about her (probably) getting yelled at, but don’t want to show fish during BBAD, so all feeds on Tiffany and Paul (ugh) for the moment
  • 10:20pm – Feeds finally back outside, but they’re on Nicole and Corey.  Nicole is bringing up the awkwardness earlier in the HoH room.
    • She tries to back off the topic but he continues on and she finally mentions how he said ‘Well I’ll just back off’.  Corey kind of changes topic and lets her go to the bathroom
    • Nicole and Corey are having a weird discussion/fight or whatever the hell you call it over the comments made earlier. I didn’t think anything could top the crazy Natalie/James argument, but this is it. Wow. I am staying up late to blog this weirdness??  Give me some real drama
  • 11:00pm – Paulie is up in the HoH room talking to Nicole and Corey
    • Shirt store? Never heard of one
      Shirt store? Never heard of one
    • They all agree they believe Tiffany on what she has said about Day, but still want to vote her out over Day because she is attached to Frank (makes sense, for now)
    • Corey is terrified of a reset button, so it sounds like he’s going to ‘play his cards’ at the very last minute
    • They’re still planning on a Tiffany, Frank, Day order. 90% chance that doesn’t work out like that and something goes wrong. Not even counting the returning player they’ll have to evict in the middle of that
    • Drinking game – take a shot of vodka every time they say “100%” on the feeds.  Alcohol poisoning within 2 hours, 100%
    • Paulie talks about how they (Frank, Tiff, etc) came up with ‘fake’ alliances like the ‘fatal 5’ and whatever the fake guys alliance was.
    • This is where I give Michelle tons of credit for creating a fake guys alliance mid conversation to throw off the ‘fatal 5’ leak. That earns her a Big Brother Beanie Point (new thing I just made up haha)
    • Nicole – “There have been so many big personalities that have been evicted”. Yea, no kidding. The live feed watchers are suffering as a result of that. Just wait until Day and Frank are gone and we’re stuck listening to Paulie suck his own …., awkward showmances, and Paul. Kill me already.
    • Corey – “Man I hope it’s a team comp this week. You know, not individual”… thanks for clearing that up, Corey
  • Frank joins
    • Frank has been talking about how he needs laundry detergant. The conversation carries on to something else with Paulie talking about the HoH laundry service. Announcer calls out Paulie for talking about production. Frank yells out “Hey, why don’t you give us some laundry detergant, and I know you’re listening you eavesdropping son of a bitch!” (11:33pm) They all crack up and Frank says he’s just joking.  Pretty hilarious the way he says it
  • 11:45pm – That group broke up, Frank is gone, Zaki and Michelle are in.
    • Zaki is trying to hide from the camera that keeps following her around
    • zak-paulie
    • Ugh, Michelle is back to the Jun story how she ‘caught Bridgette in a lie’. Good job, Sherlock.  I don’t actually believe you did catch her, but if you did, well done?
  • 12:00am – Hour 13 of blogging today.  Although I did take an hour off here and there, so I guess it’s not a straight marathon.
    • Paulie just keeps talking and talking and talking.  He was telling us all about his losing strategy for the roadkill comp. To be fair, he did get a high score, but he really loves himself.
    • Time to change the channel, this is too boring…
    • natalie-james2
    • Nope, changing back….
  • 12:30pm – Ok, mini marathon is over. Heading to bed! It’s just Paulie and Michelle talking and I want no part in that right now


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