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Monday Night Feed Updates – A House Divided

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Good evening, everyone! It’s Monday night in the Big Brother house and it’s surprisingly a lot calmer than expected.


The reason that it is calm is because The Hive is in the dark with how things actually are in the house (hold your shock!). When the feeds returned from the veto meeting, Rockstar and Kaycee both looked upset, but when the two finally talked to each other, RS spoke to KC like KC was the one going home this week. Rock actually thinks she has the votes to stay and is so confident about it that she’s already telling Kaycee how she’s sad that KC has to leave. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand Rockstar having some confidence right now. She still doesn’t know who the hacker is and if a vote will be canceled (it will), and she thinks she has Sam on her side because they’re friends. I’m sure Rock really believes that she has Scottie, Fessy, Sam, and JC locked down which gives her the votes to stay regardless of the hacker. Even if the hacker strikes, she thinks she has a tie and Haleigh will obviously break it in her favor.


What Rock doesn’t really know is that Sam still appears to be loyal to Tyler and also believes she gave Kaycee a pinky promise at one point – and we all know how Sam is with pinky promises. On top of that, JC is just about done with RS and has been extremely close with Kaycee from the start. Even Rock admits those two have the ‘lgtb connection’ so it’s still a bit surprising that she is counting on JC’s vote as much as she is. At least enough to tell Kaycee that she wishes KC didn’t have to leave this week.

If the vote happened tonight, RS would be leaving by a vote of 5-1 which is going to slap her in the face pretty hard. The only thing RS has going for her at this point is that evicting her would shift the balance of power to a point that cannot be changed unless they run a stretch of HoH wins and have no more twists. Seeing as Rock thinks she’s already in the power alliance, she’s definitely not going to push that angle. She’s going to basically beg and plead all week and pretend she somehow deserves the money more than KC because she is the only poor person in the house (I don’t know if that’s actually the case, but she’s the only one who openly talks about how broke she is on a daily basis).


Now, before I begin my feed updates tonight, I do want to share a tweet from the production leak:

(there are more replies regarding how mental health status works in the house if you go to that twitter page)


I probably would have opened with that discussion, but I noticed the tweet just before I finished talking about Rock. Oops


  • 4:30 pm – The house is either eating or tanning right now. Slow period
  • 5:00 pm – Brett and Haleigh are up in the HoH room talking
    • Haleigh is pushing for Rockstar to ‘catch a break’ .. alright
    • She said by the way she’s been nominated, you’d think she was a competition beast (or because she’s been a pawn)
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    • Back to BB – Haleigh says that KC is PISSED. Fuming!  She is pissed because she is just floating by this season and is now the target
    • I absolutely hate Brett’s goodbye messages. He pisses me off so much. I think he took his lemons and not only made some lemonade but a damn lemon meringue pie with it but is working to throw it away with snarky goodbye messages. I fully expect him to shit on RS this week which means he’ll have pissed off the first two jury members despite playing a phenomal social game this season. Dumb.
    • RS comes up and the chat stops. She is sulking on the bed while Brett listens to music. Haleigh is off doing Haleigh things
  • 5:20 pm – RS and Haleigh are up in the HoH room alone
    • Rockstar is counting on Brett’s vote lol
    • They only need JC or Scottie but it would be cool to have both – lol
    • RS mentions how KC and JC are the only non-straight people in the house. Haleigh says JC doesn’t care about that (which is probably true. I don’t think that will make a difference on his vote)
    • Haleigh is shocked that Kaycee is pissed
    • RS had a one-on-one with Kaycee for no other reason than to help her… RS – stop helping your opponents
    • Rock is pissed that Angela got away so comfortably again.  Angela is the new Brett
    • Haleigh thinks Tyler completely screwed his game up
    • RS says that Tyler follows around pretty girls like a puppy, so he’s stupid… but she’s not even that pretty (she follows)
    • RS asks why Haleigh canceled Tyler’s vote – Tyler is in her head.  She asks who should she have and RS said herself
  • 5:45 pm – RS comes up to Sam and tells her to tell people she’s voting to keep RS
    • I guess RS told Sam to tell her otherwise. We’ll see if Sam changes her stance with Tyler the next time they talk
  • 6:45 pm – Outside, Angela, JC, and Tyler are talking
    • JC is making fun of Tyler for knowing gay shows he didn’t even know of (Queer Eye)
    • JC thinks Tyler is so gay
    • JC jokes that the twist is actually he is straight and Tyler is gay. JC said he’d believe that
  • 9:00 pm – The biggest story out of the last hour or so was the house not knowing who Nancy Kerrigan was and made me feel old. Oh, and The Hive still overconfident about RS staying

Check back for updates


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