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Big Brother 19 – Monday Overnight Report

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Labor Day party in the BB backyard last night. There was food, alcohol and games for the HG’s to enjoy. (may be the first time this year we’ve seen most of them play a game) Everyone in the house is tired of Raven. Once they finally started to question her stories, they moved on to constantly comparing them. With Matt gone and no one to keep her occupied, they’ve entered into the phase of wanting to kill her themselves. I can understand that because I’ve gone from commenting on what she says to rolling my eyes at most of it. After a while, it just isn’t worth mentioning.

  • Josh has been feeling guilty over Jason leaving. Paul has him convinced to tell Jason right before the live show and Paul said he will take the heat from Alex. (That won’t happen and Josh knows what’s going on but it’s too late for him to do anything about it)
  • Jason talked to Josh about how cold hearted Alex is and he’s sure she’s that way in her real life. He doesn’t like it and has started to ignore her. (too bad he didn’t do that while his game could still be saved)
  • Paul said he got some news in the DR that had him upset and ready to quit the game. Xmas asked him if it was something he needed to attend to but he didn’t really answer her. Paul has mentioned several times what a lightweight he is with alcohol so did he really receive bad news?  Did he have a small emotional buzz or was he simply venting and Raven has rubbed off on him a little? (I don’t know but they don’t normally give people news from home unless it’s major) Xmas said the house brings out the worst in people and she’s done and said things that aren’t really her.
  • Paul said he’s frustrated with everything and he’s especially irritated with Raven. She screamed in his ear, he doesn’t respect that she hasn’t done anything and she seems like a shell of a person because she only mimics other people. Paul said what many past hg’s have about how in real life he doesn’t surround himself around people he doesn’t care for and it’s hard to deal with. (I’m sure this game is stressful but I get so tired of hearing that since at its core, that’s what this game is about)
  • There was more discussion about getting Kevin riled up and using Raven to do it. Paul suggested telling Raven that Kevin said she is a shitty dancer.  (Has anyone noticed that all Ravens dances inside the house and clips of her preshow look like routines she remembers from a High School dance team?)
  • Alex asked Raven what the biggest thing is she had done as a dancer and she said it was trying out for So You Think You Can Dance and that she “almost made it.” I mentioned this in my first post about her and still can’t find anything on it. I’m not saying she didn’t try out but since I watch SYTYCD, I doubt she “almost made it.” Once they’re moved to LA for their dance hell week, most of the remaining dancers are highlighted with their story. I personally don’t think it’s possible that a story like hers would have been ignored so if she tried out, I’m convinced she was cut early.
  •  Paul is still upset that Trejo has a hole and he told Xmas he may switch his out with Kevin’s when Kevin isn’t looking. (Paul should probably just ask Kevin because I doubt he is worried about a blow up pool toy)
  • Alex, the self-proclaimed superfan was having Paul explain to her how the final three works and why there are three competitions.  She also announced that no one had ever quit the show before and Megan was the first. (everyone can’t remember everything about BB but like so many other things Alex has gotten wrong, a super fan would know)
  • Kevin mentioned what a perfect night it was and how great the weather was. This triggered Alex to be annoyed once again and to make fun of him. When repeating what he said, Alex said “shut the f*ck up you b*tch.” (what a sweet girl)
  • In a rare moment when Kevin could get anyone to speak to him, he explained the origin of Labor Day.
  • As usual, Paul has predicted a Sunday eviction, a Monday eviction, the comic book comp, the black box comp and now he sure there is a double eviction this week. (I suppose with the list that long you’re going to get one right-Josh has been trying to convince Xmas for several days that a DE is this Thursday)
  • Paul explain to Josh that he can’t put Alex straight up on the block and expose his game. He will have to use Kevin and Raven as pawns. He’s already said this to Xmas and even if he hadn’t we knew it was coming. (so much for that blood Paul said he would get on his hands this week) Paul told Xmas that if he could throw the next hoh to Raven, he would and she told him she didn’t trust Raven and she wants Paul to win.




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