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More Girls To The Chopping Block; Friday Feed Updates

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Sorry for the late start this afternoon. I went to get a haircut, and 2 hours of traffic later, I’m finally home.

If you are just tuning in, a quick recap from last night: James, Corey and Bridgette fell first, so they are havenots for the week. Natalie and Victor remained on the longest, and Natalie begged for him to drop for about 15 minutes before she couldn’t hang in any longer. She finally dropped, and Paulie got another puppet HoH for the week. Within minutes, the targets were already set. Michelle and Z will likely be nominated, but the big decision will come on who will actually go home. They have flipped between the two, but there is still a lot of week to go, and a PoV competition.  Yes, you read that right. Paulie was pushing for Z to go on the block, and even go home for most of the night.  Why?  It’s Paulie. He doesn’t follow any set rules.


Ok, here are the feed updates:

  • 2:10pm – Appears most of the house is sleeping.  Nicole is talking to Corey in the Safari room.
    • I have been comparing Nicole to Britney Haynes all season long, and it’s funny because Nicole just actually mentioned her.  She pointed out how Britney didn’t win many competitions, but was able to go far in the game before the guys cut her.  I guess that was to prove that floaters make it far, but I wonder if Nicole will pick up on the fact she is going to be strung along by Paulie, Paul and Corey until she’s eventually cut loose as well.
    • She says it’s frustrating because guys have an advantage in competitions as they’re stronger (don’t tell that to Rachel or Janelle).  She admits she’ll never beat Paulie or Victor in certain comps. And no, she won’t, but there are many comps where she will. It seems like 60-70% of HoH competitions (if not more) are fairly gender neutral.  The veto competitions are generally more physical, but not the HoH.
    • The real problem is not the competitions, it’s the fact that the girls they cast for the show are terrible. There are plenty of strong women out there to cast, but they’re also less likely to drool over the guys, which decreases chances of showmances (something BB loves).
    • Then, even when a rare moment comes when an alliance actually looks pretty damn solid, like Michelle, Day, Z, Nicole and Tiffany, people break off into showmances or some shit, start talking about each other behind their backs and it crumbles.  Nicole may want to blame females and competitions, but I blame the specific females they cast.
    • If Nicole wants proof, just look at Survivor: One World (season 24). Those women were strong, smart, and had their eye on the prize. The weak ones were eliminated early, but the final 7 consisted of 6 girls and 1 guy, who was like 100 years old and just strung along for the votes. You put THOSE girls in the Big Brother house, and I guarantee Paul, Paulie and Corey wouldn’t be running the show.
  • 2:20pm – Done with my rant. Care package time…

    • James wins the care package, which will go to waste because Paulie will decide which votes to eliminate.  Seriously people, stop wasting votes on James for stuff
    • Apparently Big Brother gave James some parachute underwear. I’m sure those will end up on someone’s head before the end of the season
    • james-undies
    • 100% chance Natalie or James wins America’s Favorite Player. This year’s vote should be called ‘the least obnoxious player in the house’
  • 2:30pm – Victor is practicing his nom speeches…
    • He is going to say ‘Michelle, two days ago was the wrong day to piss someone off, and you hit that button. And you threw the orca on the ground. Uncalled for.  Z, I feel that you don’t like me, so I’m going take a shot at you before you take a shot at me”
  • 2:45pm – Nicole is outside worrying because James got the care package. She thinks America wants Nicole out. She wonders if Victor is going to put her up.
    • James joins and they’re speculating why America picked James. They think CBS was smart and actually did the voting after HoH and noms were announced. Care packages should come on Tuesday or Wednesay with voting starting on Thursday. Da’ receiving this package would have been a game changer. Now it’s useless.
  • 4:10pm – PP and Victor are upstairs talking about what is going on today
    Blah, blah.. we're awesome.. blah, blah .. we're the best
    Blah, blah.. we’re awesome.. blah, blah .. we’re the best
    • They are bragging about how they’ve pretended they don’t know what is going to happen today
    • Paulie is talking about how he wouldn’t mind being free from Z
    • She asked him why he told her to fall from the competition, but he said he didn’t. He told her that by her nodding to him, and him nodding back, he thought she meant ‘you got this’.  They laugh
    • Paulie says Michelle may put them on the block because she’s a ‘super fan’ and they’re not. He says they’re still better than she is
    • Paulie retells what Corey heard Natalie talk about. She apparently said she’ll never nominate a girl as she wants a girl to win
  • 4:30pm – The guys are still talking…
    • Paulie said last night Z asked why they haven’t kissed. He said he may have to get her out soon because he doesn’t want to go kissing on cam
    • He retells how Nicole told Z “You feel alone yet you’re with the strongest person in the house?”… this causes the guys to say they gotta pull the plug on Z
    • Paul leaves, Paulie reassures Victor he’s down for whatever. He wants to have an alliance that goes down in history as one of the best ever
    • Paulie is worried he’s going to laugh during the noms
  • 4:40pm – Paulie leaves and joins Paul, Michelle and Nicole in the Safari room.  They are having “the friendship show”
    • Michelle is going through the dos and donts of dating her.
    • One of them is style.. the guy needs skinny jeans. Hrmmm
    • Witty humor… not butt and fart humor.  Plus the guy needs to be a fan of Big Brother
    • This goes on for a bit and screw that, time to switch feeds
  • 4:50pm – Switching to Bridgette and Natalie outside talking about Nicole
    • Bridgette is scared of Nicole’s game.  They talk a little about that and how Nicole only wants to talk to people when she’s potentially in danger
    • Bridgette tells Natalie that one of the first names Da’ threw out there to go on the block as a pawn was Z (her closest friend). They say it’s messed up.
    • Natalie mentions how even stuff she says to James comes back
    • Bridgette tells her how when Michelle caught wind of the plan possibly switch, they (her and Z) volunteered to go on the block to ensure Bridgette goes out
  • 5:00pm – Nicole joins them and the game talk breaks up
    • Feeds cut to Jeff loops. Noms happening.
  • 6:00pm – Feeds still down for noms
  • 6:05pm – Feeds back. I guess Victor gave a funny speech (or so they say) and now they’re all kissing his ass
    • victor-paul
    • I guess he threw beads. If it is like his rehearsal, he was going to throw beads at each person.
    • Meanwhile, Big Cry is doing her thing after being nominated…
    • michelle
    • Michelle is still going off on the votes from yesterday. She is mad at Natalie for not telling her Da’ was going home.
    • Paul and Paulie join the girls trying to comfort Michelle.  She is losing her mind.
    • I guess Victor called Michelle mean. They’re pointing out how Zach called Nicole a ‘fruit loop dingus’
    • Watching Michelle freak out reminds of what Frank told Bridgette in private. He laughed at how people think they’re all going to be best friends when the show ends.  He said the reality is only a few will keep in touch, and it is looking that way. People are always happy until they’re evicted, and then they get bitter.
  • 7:00pm – Michelle was called to DR so they can get a good crying session of her
    • She is back out and furious at Victor. Venting to Z about him, and saying things like ‘if she goes home without winning HoH she’ll stop watching BB’.  They mentioned her being a ‘superfan’ about 10x in the past hour. She’s not a ‘superfan’, she’s a fan. Like most of the people reading this blog. I’m so sick of the term ‘superfan’. It’s like casting is so awful that all you just need to be a fan of the show to be considered a ‘superfan’.  If you’re not a model, actor, etc, and have watched multiple seasons, you’re a ‘superfan!!’.
    • Personally, I think the biggest ‘superfans’ in the past few seasons have been Ian and Steve. Then there are fans, then there are people who have heard of the show, then recruits who know nothing of it.
    • What’s worse than people being called ‘superfan’ is when they refer to it about themselves, and Michelle does that often.  Michelle was like 7 when Eddie was winning season 1. When Chicken George was becoming the most beloved BB player in history. When they mixed lawyers with blue collar workers with pageant winners and even a stripper. I watched nearly every episode of that season (I’m old), and blog for the show, yet I’d feel weird calling myself a ‘superfan’.  Sorry, rant done.
  • 7:15pm – Michelle is feeling better and she’s walking around thinking tomorrow is a luxury comp PoV because the backyard is still open tonight. That means a small setup which is usually a very simple comp. If it is a luxury comp, she actually has a good chance at winning, but little does she know that Z is the target.
    • Nicole talking to Z “I just go with what the guys say.. ”  We know, Nicole. That’s why you’re not going to win.
    • Now Nicole and Z are gushing over their showmances.  Puke
    • They call over Corey and Z asks if he wins, will he pull her off lol. He says yes
  • 7:30pm – Michelle joins the girls
    • Z tells Michelle that her fanbase is going to tear him apart (what fanbase?)
    • zaki
    • Michelle asks if anyone has cried at nominations.  Wouldn’t a superfan know this?  (sorry, I’ll stop ragging on her about it. It’s just so stupid)
  • 8:00pm – James is in bed with Natalie talking about HoH
    • He tells her if she wins HoH, she’s going to have to do what the house wants.  This is pathetic. I need a break from this crap. Are they all playing for Paulie to win it all?  Be back in a bit
  • 11:00pm – I’m back from break. Z is doing her hair in the bathroom while Michelle talks to her. Paul has his ‘Pattie’ thing going on in the kitchen, so I’m not going to bother watching that.
    • The back yard is still open which is extremely odd. It has to be either a night veto or a very quick setup tomorrow
  • 12:00am – Paulie is talking to James and talking strategy. The conversation is basically Paulie telling James what’s going to happen in the house.
    • He wants to get Michelle out soon. Michelle made a comment earlier about how ‘I didn’t backdoor Victor’ which shows she’s willing to throw others under the bus.

Heading to bed.  No overnight in the morning, so I’ll try to start a thread early

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