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My Chat With Paul From Big Brother 18

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Well, that was unexpected. I was set to get in a conference call with Paul tonight, but it turned out to be a one on one talk. Thinking I was going to just sit back and listen to a bunch of people ask him questions, I answered ready to listen in, but nope, it was just him. The friendship king himself. Unreal.  Let me ramble while it’s fresh in my head.

First, I totally wasn’t expecting to actually talk to him, so I literally had nothing at all prepared. Never cared. Just went out there and ran with it and had a great chat. Let’s cover a few things….

  • He obviously said his experience was great in the game. I asked him how he felt about the ending, and he was great about it. Not holding any bitter feelings as he told himself he was going into a game.
  • His clothing company is doing great, and he had to even hire a few people about that. He is extremely grateful about the support he has received in that regard since coming out of the house. For those wondering, I asked about the company. It’s not like he was just calling people to plug it.  (I seriously had to think of stuff on the spot)
  • With him hosting the HoH competition tonight, there was some rage going on in the Big Brother chatrooms about a potential connection to Shelby. Both went to school together, so I asked him about that. He said they did, but he doesn’t know her. He said it’s entirely possible he was in some classes with her, but wished he did know her because she’s cute. I told him it was likely because people probably think he’s somehow going to rig the competition in her favor, but I told him fans think every competition is rigged.
  • He still hangs out with people from the show, but that was obvious from twitter. He has posted a few times with pictures of him and Vic.  As far as others like Michelle go, he said he would have no problem hanging out with her, and as I mentioned above, isn’t bitter at all. I think once you leave the house, you kind of leave all of those feelings inside.
  • I did tell him that you guys are big fans of his and wanted me to tell him about your support, and things like that (the longer I type, the specifics I forget).
  • Regarding OTT, I asked what he thought about this season. He hasn’t had a chance to actually keep up with it, but he knows how it is going. He said playing it much be incredibly tough considering all the power America has, so he definitely gives credit to those who are in the house this fall. He said as a fan, he loves the concept, but as a player, he would struggle (I doubt it. I bet he would be a Justin and super well liked)
  • Oh, and I took some time to fanboy over the fact that I was chatting with him, and I think that probably took up half the conversation.

If I had known that it would have been a private chat, I would have hammered social media with some questions, but it was still an experience. The conversation went great, he is just as cool on the phone as he was on the feeds, and I am thrilled I was able to have even a few minutes.

Paul, if you get to read this, thanks for the chat! If you ever come up to Boston, let me know!

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