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Has It Been Newbies Versus Vets And Production This Season?

When it comes to reality shows, I generally like to bury my head in the sand and pretend production interference doesn’t exist.  When my brother goes on and on about how he thinks shows like “The Amazing Race” manipulate cab drivers to suddenly “get lost” driving in a city they live in, I just bury my head.  When Survivor adds crazy twists or changes up tribes when something isn’t going well, I bury my head deeper.  However, listening to Julie Chen continue to lecture Shelly about making her move “so early in the game”, I’m not sure I can continue to bury my head, I may suffocate!

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There is already a massive amount of ire against Shelly, including reported death threats for betraying Jeff and Jordan, but to turn the knife even more by Julie was unnecessary.  For starters, Julie is wrong, it’s not early in the game at all, and secondly, it wasn’t a bad strategic move on Shelly’s part at all.   While technically the house has only just begun filling up the jury, so in a regular season it may be considered “mid-game”, but when you factor in the original vet twist, that basically shortened the game quite a bit.  Jeff and Jordan are 1 person, and when you combine them with Rachel, it made the house already essentially down to the “final 5”.  (Shelly, Porsche, Kalia, Adam, Rachel/Jeff/Jordan).

When you then factor in that Porsche and Kalia have been super tight, and Adam up the ass of Jeff all year, Shelly was in a bad position and needed to make the move when she did, or else she was going to be picked off eventually anyway, like Adam would have.  He decided to ride it out, Shelly did not.. it doesn’t make it a bad move, especially considering the move worked!

Jordan and Rachel were on the fast track to being completely eliminated from the house until production stepped in with Pandora’s Box and their game changing option.  Sure, Porsche didn’t have to, and shouldn’t have taken it, and I was fine with that.   However, when Rachel opened her box today, and the entire house essentially benefited from it (Jordan was giving Rachel clothes), that left a slightly bad taste in my mouth.  Porsche’s punishment was completely game changing, but Rachel’s was to sit in a room with a former annoying houseguest?  That doesn’t seem very balanced at all and really makes me question this season.

From being forced to pair up with random strangers competing against pairs of relatives or bf’s/gf’s, to filling the house with very competitively weak players to making some of the key challenges more geared towards vet strengths, it does make you wonder.  While I praise Rachel for winning the two biggest competitions in the house over the past week, the fact is both were geared almost specifically for her, so much that I predicted she’d win any type of competition that involved running.

If a newbie does pull off a victory this season, it will be pretty impressive considering the deck has been stacked against them from the very beginning.  Was Big Brother manipulating the game?  Not directly.  However, it is clear this is probably not the outcome they anticipated when they first picked this cast, and it’s showing based on the twists so far this year.

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  1. Comments (12)

    I agree completely.

    Shelly’s mistake was not being more discrete, but she made her move at the perfect time. I think the reaction to her has been way over the top. She was playing the game and working it harder than anyone else this summer.

    I think the manipulation by the production team has been more obvious this season, than in any other I can think of. First Porsche’s Pandora’s box and then a Veto competition that was perfect for Rachel! It was all just to good to be true to be coincidence. The vet’s have had it way too easy and yet the newbies have managed fight and take control, only to have the production team pull the rug out from beneath them. For that reason I’d be happy to see no vets in the final (Highly unlikely though).

    • Comments (2)

      Let’s remember that Pandora’s box worked the same way last year, Matt got the diamond POV when he oppened it and Brittany got an hour with Jesse. Point is just because it benefited vets doesn’t make it rigged this year because Pandora impacted the game the same way last year.

  2. Comments (1)

    I have watched BB since the first season. I am appalled a the antics of CBS and the way they are fashioning the competitions to favor the vets. It was a great show when they let things play out in an honest way. I am hooked till Sept. 14th – but, don’t know if I’ll watch next season. Too much manipulation by CBS.

    • Comments (12)

      I’ve found the diary room clips have come across way to scripted this season too.

    • Comments (14)

      I agree I think once house guest are picked for next and in the house cut off from everything CBS should post the order of HOH comps and veto comps maybe even have/have nots comps, Or post let the outgoing HOH do random draw of wht the next comp will be. I love bb but I realized the first time danni won on those skis that was ment for her tiny body and little feet very unlikely jeff or brendon would havepulled that on out, and that was maybe the 3rd or 4th week!

      • Comments (2)

        That comp was not geared to Dani, anyone could have won, i.e. Shelly, Jordan, etc. Please remember that as big as Kalia is she was still up there with Dani and gave it to her so we don’t know who would have won. But just because the results are not what u want, doesn’t mean its rigged.

  3. Comments (1)

    I agree about Shellys move( timing was fine). No problem with the opening of porsches pandora box. Remember though they all had a chance to pick a partner for the week. Porsche picked Kalia first, Jordan was lookin at the other two for a partner and Rachel turned to her and asked her. The newbies screwed up by not splitting up Rachel and jordan as partners because they still could have guarunteed one of them going home no matter who won the pov. So good job vets!! Newbies are clueless and very poor players

  4. Comments (1)

    The only 2 newbies to win HOH were under Dani’s control this entire game! Yes, they may have won their HOH challanges but Dani was the decision maker,even after her eviction, so they were not at too much of a disadvantage regarding game play. She coached them, when they weren’t sleeping that is! As far as CBS/BB changing the rules, as you are saying, they have FCC rules they must abide by because it is after all a game show(ie playing for cash and prizes) and they can’t go off script from the guide lines they have set and submitted to the FCC.

  5. Comments (1)

    Love the organization of the website. Hate the editorials. Just want to know what is happening in the bb house. If things had not changed in the house then the couple of people left watching would not pay to keep the show on the air.

    • Comments (405)

      I’m sorry you hate the editorials. I think just doing nothing but a transcript of the house is boring and not my style.

      • Comments (14)

        I agree I love the website! The editorals are wonderful very informitave along with you thoughts make it personable, Its nice to hear not just the facts but someone else expressing their excitement/irriation with these house guest. I just wish there was a live chat on here haha I would never have to watch afterdark again

      • Comments (405)

        Thank you 🙂 As far as a chat, I will most likely have one next season. I will probably be testing a few different kinds out on blogs this winter so I can have something stable up.

        I seen facebook had something but it seemed king of buggy, I’ll have to look for a good one.

    • Comments (3)

      There are other websites to visit that focus solely on blogging directly what is taking place on the feeds. Maybe you should try one of those? I happen to like the editorials. It is nice to read another person’s opinion on what is going on in the house rather than just reading summaries regarding the feeds. Thank you for the time and effort spent on the entire content of the website!

    • Comments (1)

      I agree.. The editorials are a bit much. I just want to know whats going on in the show.

  6. Comments (3)

    Wow, first of all it is a reality show that has a cash prise at the end which legally makes it a game show. With that being said it is against the law to rig a game show, so l doubt very much that production is that stupid that they would jeopardize a lawsuit that would astronomical. This show has always been full of twists and turns that sometimes we like and sometimes we hate. I started watching this season with no favorite in mind but have always been annoyed by Rachels personality, which was even worse when Brendon was still in the house. No matter who l want to win, l have to say that Rachel is the only player in the house that is doing a good job playing the game a great job winning comps. Jordans social game is always great but her ability to win a comp. is hideous. For the rest of them….they are horrible at playing the game, socially and by dumping alliances far to early, and by flipping back and forth from one alliance to another way to may times. They are even worse at the competitions than they are at anything else in the game. As much as Rachel drives me crazy she is really the only person who deserves to win this game….hands down. Unless someone starts playing the game, the house will vote for Rachel. And then you will all be whinning that they paid off the jury.

    • Comments (405)

      I don’t think the game is rigged, just manipulated a bit. Like I said, Porsche wasn’t forced to accept the Pandora’s Box.

      Though they were forced to partner up with complete strangers going against real life partners and that put them at a disadvantage, they weren’t forced to throw the first competition and still had the numbers to just peg off the vets.

      I do think it’s weird they put extremely competitive people like Dick, Daniele, Jeff, Rachel and Brendon up against some who treated the house like a summer vacation. They should have done full all-stars, none or some of the most competitive newbies they can find. The only reason the vets didn’t completely dominate was because Dick left and Daniele flipped.

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m still upset Dick had to leave (and still hoping he’s ok). But it did make the game harder for the vets.
        Dani sure was running the house, I just don’t get why Jeff was her first target and not Brenchel??? I almost think if Jeff and Jordan were in the HOH room on week 3, Dani might have gone after Brenchel first. Either way, that girl rocks at being a puppet master. Heck, she’s still in control of Kalia and Porsch, at least to some extent. I almost want to check to see if the 2 of them have t-shirts that say “WWDD” (what would dani do).

      • Comments (405)

        I agree completely. First, I was thrilled he came back, and extremely disappointed he left. The summer would have been entirely different.

        As far as Dani, I agree with that as well. It was probably a bad move to go against them so quickly, but why Jeff? I got the very trustworthy ally vibe from them, but the volatile vibe from Brendon / Rachel, plus they’re both insane competitors.

  7. Comments (11)

    dani flipped the script on the vets and declared war. dick left for some unknowen reason and the odds quickley went to the newbies favor. dani was running this whole game even on her way out the door. ya got floaters all over the place and bb wants to make this a little more balanced, it is a game show. it would be nice for a player to win this game and not a floater, even jordon floats but not side to side like adam. i hope rach wins the big bucks and any of the other flotillas second.porsch, adam, kalia, jordon. go head to head best of the five wins, so does bb.

  8. Comments (1)

    I love the editorial style! I read this website instead of others to catch up on Big Brother BECAUSE OF the writing style!

  9. Comments (1)

    What pisses me off is the vets can do whatever they want but as soon as the newbies do it it’s a federal case……jordan ain’t won nothing all season but all I hear from her is who don’t deserve to win… kills me how they act……and yes I to knew rachel would win this comp it was rite up her alley but I think they gonna let adam win or let jordan win again

    • Comments (65)

      Thank you! that is why I hate Jeff and Jordan – they are so self entitled . like it was pre ordained that they would win and everyone was there to support that end – and yes, Shelly fed TOO MUCH into that. Okay we get it, they are cute. Their lives are easier because of it – and they already have $500K and each other for it. They do not deserve another nickel.

  10. Comments (1)

    I’m fairly new to big brother so I’m wondering when people say a competition is rigged toward a particular player do you really think the producers come up with an idea over night and build the set? I don’t understand that. Also you predicted any running style competition would be won by Rachel well of course she is going up against Kalia, Adam and Jordan. Rachel works out everyday sometimes twice a day for over two hours. She is the favorite to win any endurance, running comp. against those three.

    • Comments (405)

      It’s hard to say for sure. I know they don’t come up with ideas overnight, but I also know they can easily pick and choose which competition is played when.

      It could be pure coincidence that as the vets were essentially eliminated, they added a game changing punishment to Pandora’s box, then had the same type of veto that Rachel won in week 1, then had an HoH competition that favors her as well.

      Like I said at the beginning of my post, I like to bury my head in the sand when it comes to reality shows at times, and honestly almost never posted it at all.

      • Comments (2)

        I think they can also pick and choose which twists to bring in to play, when they bring them in to play, and how. For all we know, they could have come up with PB’s twist the night Porsche won HOH. We didn’t get a heads-up warning of pandora’s box by Julie last week, which we usually get. I wouldn’t put it above them coming up with ideas overnight.

  11. Comments (2)

    What gets me the most is Julie Chen never said anything about Pandora’s box returning last week when it popped up after Porsche won HOH, but she announced it was retutning this week and hinted to the celebrity twist that was involved. The fact that it wasn’t mentioned by Julie last week leads me to believe that it was brought back as a last-minute effort to save the remaining vets after Porsche won HOH, because everyone, even production, know Porsche was going after Rachel and Jordan. I would bet money that as soon as Porsche won HOH, Production decided to bring back Pandora’s box on the spot. And yes, Porsche didn’t have to open the box, but everyone opens the box. Production knows that, and I believe they used pandora’s box as a convenient cover-up to save the vets. I don’t think its fair that the twists always have a way to mess up the newbie’s HOH’s.

    As far as Shelly’s betrayal, it was just strategic gameplay and it doesn’t make her a bad person. Jeff and Jordan were going to evict Adam and Shelly at some point,(Jordan even talked to Jeff about getting rid of Adam before Porsche), so she needed to make a move to seperate them before they got rid of her. People need to give Shelly some slack. She did what she could to win 500,000.

  12. Comments (1)

    I don’t think its ‘rigged.’ Just scewed in favor of the Vets. But, the newbies are dumb enough to take the bait so who’s really to blame. Dani chose to target Jeff for 3 reasons. 1. BrenChel both can win comps. Jordan can’t 2. Her dad left and she needed a definate parter, Dominic to stay. 3. BrenChal are HUGE targets. Thus, why JeJo wanted to keep them. Shelly and Dani are the only 2 who played smart social games! Though I want Rachel or Porcha to win Jordan needs to leave and it might be too late for that.

  13. Comments (65)

    I DO think its rigged – and CBS is your reading this – maybe not Les Moonves but an intern or something: I stopped watching ! since the Pandora’s box thing – the highlight of the season was the double eviction and the fact that Jeff didnt have time to bully his way to safety – I was enjoying watching the rest of the vets be gone (they had their chance before.. and one won..) Now? I could care less. I just read this blog once in a while …

  14. Comments (65)

    also , Vets working in teams vs. newbie individuals makes it rigged to the Vets from the get go.

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