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Nicole And Paul Think Natalie Has Hidden Secrets – Can’t End Soon Enough

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T-minus 30 or so hours until Big Brother 18 is over…. wait, I think T-minus is supposed to be an accurate number. Don’t they use that for shuttle launches?   I can see it now… “T-minus about a minute until launch”. Probably wouldn’t go very well.

Before I talk about Big Brother, I want some suggestions for how to handle Survivor this winter.  Seeing as I’d probably only post recaps like once a week (I can’t really think of what else to actually post), should I bother with a different site, or just post it here under a Survivor category?  Big Brother is easier to blog because it’s happening as I type this, but Survivor already happened. We’re all at the mercy of CBS and their schedule.  I can probably search for spoilers, but I heard some site got sued for posting that, so I’d rather avoid that area.  I have survivorjunkies.com, but I haven’t updated it in years and would have to modernize the layout to make it more mobile friendly.  I suppose that may be the better option?  Just start posting there, and modernize it when I have time?  Thoughts, suggestions?  Keep BBJ as Big Brother only?


Alright, now on to the house. The house is clearly running out of stuff to talk about because now they’re speculating on whether or not Natalie had some super secret like she’s really a rich CEO of a company. I mean I guess it kind of fits. Playing some ‘ditz’ role to get by early on is no different than the Ian ‘harmless’ strat. I did point out early on a few times how surprisingly she was the only one of the noobs who actually seemed aware of potential flaws in their ridiculous plans that Jozea had.  She also apparently has a multi-millionaire friend and rarely talks about it.  Obviously, she’s hiding it from us as well if true, but I am just saying I guess it’s not too crazy for them to think so considering last year’s 3rd place finisher was a secret millionaire.

It’s also funny just listening to them talk about junk now that little matters. They’ve been pretty open about their games this season if the topics ever come up. They’re clearly just waiting for this day to go by so they can get on with their lives, and it’s hard to blame them.


With that, here are some updates

  • 12:30pm – Paul is talking about Corey’s dumb comment “momma didn’t raise no bitch”, and how ‘not-Corey’ that was.
  • 12:55pm – Paul is yelling at his sister through the camera saying he’s going to put her on the block when he gets home
  • 7:00pm – I forgot I had the update thread going. Oops. Watching some TV, I’ll check in on the feeds shortly. This thread was honestly to get opinions on the survivor blog anyway
  • 8:50pm – In 24 hours, the house will be gearing up for Big Brother: Over the Top. James is already fast asleep, and Paul and Nicole are having a conversation in the safari room
    • I really hope Nicole doesn’t screw over Paul. I will be really, really disappointed in her if she does.
  • Wait, I flashed back to Nicole practicing her speech. She really is strongly considering taking James.  I may puke
    • nicole-thinking
    • This will be 50x worse than a bitter jury voting for Ian. Note – Ian’s season wasn’t bad, in fact it was quite good, I just think Dan’s was amazing.
  • 6:14pm – Nicole tells herself that she isn’t taking Paul, and he has to know it. There is no way he’s taking her, either, so she shouldn’t feel guilty.
  • 9:25pm – Jumped back to live. Paul is telling Nicole how he wants to take her, but she wants to make sure he’s not BS’ing her
    • This is because James is not doing anything, so they both think that the other person is taking James
    • Paul basically tells Nicole straight up that if she didn’t take him, he would never speak to her again. Not because she didn’t take him, but because there is really no reason to play it out right now as the game is over and it’s in the jury’s hands. If she was stringing Paul along and she doesn’t take him, he won’t talk to her.  If she was up front, he would have more respect and not be a baby (and I agree)
    • Nicole is still stressing because she wonders what if she can win against James and not againt Paul, and her decision loses it.
    • She asks him why he isn’t freaking out about that, and he says because his mind is made up.
  • 10:00pm – Anyway, they are still talking, Nicole is still freaking out. Paul is getting nervous now.  At this point, I guess it’s up in the air.  I will say, whether it is his plan or not, playing dead this season has everyone wondering about James. Appearing to not give a crap could possibly land him in the finals… go figure.

I will post an afternoon thread probably reflecting on the season, rambling, and all that fun stuff.  Then I will obviously have a live thread going to see who wins it all…

In a week, we start again

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