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Nominations, Care Package & Live Feed Updates

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I will say one thing about the season, you really can expect the unexpected. Obviously that term is overused in this game, but even if you ignore the twists by production, the direction of the game has shifted quite a bit on a weekly basis. For the longest time, Paulie had Derrick-like control over the house, but in just the span of a day or so, Michelle and Bridgette blew up his game and spun the season around on it’s head. Every time you think you see the ‘new direction’, something else shifts. Now, I’ve already spoken ad nauseam about the downfall of Paulie’s game and why they were able to blow that up. However, with that move, it looked clear that Nicole and Corey were doomed. The final 5 was set to be James/Nat/Paul/Vic/Michelle, until it wasn’t any longer.

Nat and Michelle decided to flip on Paul and tried to get him out. It obviously failed when he veto, but when Victor walked out the door, it looked like that duo (Vic/Paul) was screwed no matter what.  Nicole and James had an unofficial final 4 with the boremances, so once it was Nicole and James remaining on the wall, you expected the duo to be the main target and we’ll cruise to the end with the boremance patrol commanding the game.


Now, it sounds like Nicole wants to go in a different direction with the season, and it may not involve the other half of the boremance patrol. She definitely wants to get to the final 2 with Corey, that’s a no-brainer, but at this point it sounds like she doesn’t care who is in the final 4, as long as it is people who could help her advance to the final 2.  She wants to try to play the new animosity between Paul and James off each other and let them battle it out while staying on the sidelines.  So, as of now, it sounds like she is punting the week off to someone else by just pegging off the final solo player (Michelle). Once that happens, it will be 3 two person teams all going head to head, except one of those teams (hers) will only have one person competing that first week.

Is it a good move? Will she make it at all or chicken out? We’ll find out today!



  • 12:00pm – Nicole is doubting herself for winning the comp because it’s super stressful.
    • She is confused because Natalie would have voted out Corey if she could, despite being in an ‘alliance’
  • 12:40pm – Wow, Corey won the care package.  Corey.
    • Corey
    • Wow
    • corey-carepackage
    • Corey reads the card to the group.  Summary…  He may offer one houseguest $5k for an action that will benefit his game. Once that offer is agreed on and handed over, the person must perform that action. If no deal is made, nobody gets money.
    • This expires before the end of the next HOH competition.
    • Nicole even states the obvious that he can bribe her $5k to not put him on the block (a way to exploit it since it’s fairly useless in his hands right now)
    • Nicole and Corey are trying to figure out what America is telling them what to do with this.  Newsflash: Nothing.  Corey won because CBS edited him to look like a friendly ole country boy who loves Christmas and his dog.
  • 1:00pm – Michelle comes up to the HoH room to say it’s fine if she goes on the block. She is not going to kiss butt, or throw Paul under the bus, etc, etc
    • She just wants to make it known she’s fine with whatever, no hard feelings, so won’t say anything
    • After a few minutes, Michelle leaves and Nicole says for certain she is going on the block
  • 1:10pm – Paul and Victor come up to talk to Nicole and Corey
    • Paul is saying it’s pretty obvious that Corey should bribe Nicole just so he can give her the money. They are coming up with reasons what he could bribe her
    • Nicole tells them that their best interest is in mind, and she is thinking of going after Michelle.  Both of them agree it’s fine and smart
    • They are working Paul to be the pawn. Saying they’ll even throw the veto to Victor if needed so he can pull Paul off and she’ll have no choice but to nominate Nat or James
    • Paul says he is fine with it. I doubt he really is, but he doesn’t really have much of an option because if he fought it, he’d look sketchy
  • 1:40pm – Paul and Victor are still talking.  They are talking about a name for their alliance. Paul rolls his eyes because he thinks they’re corny (they are)
    • paul-talking
    • Their alliance is official, just need a name
    • Sounds like they’re coming up with “The Final Four”. That creativeness of that alliance name sums up this season.
  • 2:45pm – Still no noms, but sounds like it will be Michelle and Paul.  I’m going to step away for dinner. Be back in a bit
  • 5:30pm – Back from break. Feeds down for nominations
    • Watched Fear the Walking Dead. I still don’t know about that show. I want to like it, and I don’t need nonstop action to keep me entertained, but it’s tough. This episode was actually fairly good, however. Probably because they focused one of the rare interesting people on the show.  Also watched Naked and Afraid XL. Anyone watch that?  Be careful sharing your fruit with bats and monkeys I guess.
  • 5:45pm – Feeds back. Let’s find out who was nominated…
    • Michelle and Paul as expected
  • 6:00pm – Natalie is cooking Jello and manages to start a quick fire… making Jello…
  • 6:30pm – House still chatting about the jello… oh Natalie.
    • Meanwhile, Corey is saying how he wants to get rid of her to Nicole, but Nicole says that’s emotional play
  • 7:00pm – Sorry for the lack of updates since feeds returned. I got a phone call, so I didn’t get to cover the jello incident much.
    • Anyway, Nicole and Corey are in the position for the week, and for the sake of the next HoH, I really hope they replace the sheets on Thursday
    • nicole-corey2
    • The pair are discussing the future of the game and how to move forward
    • They are talking about the final 4 with ‘the final 4’ (that won’t get confusing) and how it’s going to come down to veto, and it will be very hard to beat them
    • Nicole is talking about how right now she’s essentially punting the week to play defense next week. She is getting out the extra and wants to see if next week bromance will actually go after the other boremance, or stab them in the back.
    • She does realize if they do go after each other and not strike at them, the big boremance (Nic/Corey) will eventually have to pick a side between the remaining factions.  She is asking Corey who he’d rather face off against because they have final 4 deals with both, and he is having a hard time understanding what she is talking about.
    • After putting it in simple terms – “Who would you rather compete against at the end” he finally gets it and said definitely Nat/James
    • Scratch that.. Corey is still confused.
    • Corey is confused because she made the mistake of saying right now it seems Corey is more loyal to the bromance, so she wants to see who he really would want to compete against.
    • Corey – “I’m just saying this week we have to get Meech out no matter what”
    • Nicole – (with a ton of patience) “I’m just asking who you’d put up next week if you won HoH”

      Nicole may finally be realizing how dumb her partner is
      Nicole may finally be realizing how dumb her partner is
    • Corey repeats the question because it’s apparently confusing to him.. and then finally sinks in a little “Ohh, between James/Nat or Paul/Vic, we’d have to pick a side” (lightbulb!!)
    • (radio silence) … “umm, I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it”.   He did have a plan last night though, it was to put up one from each side, like Vic/Nat so stay loyal to James and Paul.
    • He would then probably try to send Natalie home to pull in James (smart, get out the weakest player in the house to pull in the second weakest as an ally)
    • Nicole points out that if James wins veto and pulls Natalie off, Victor or Paul is going home.  (So he’d want to pick a side and pick Paul/Vics, yet potentially send one of them home)
    • Nicole tells him they have to pick a side. They don’t need to pick one yet, but in that situation, they should pick a side.
    • Her instincts are that she can trust Paul/Vic more, but she’ll have a tougher time beating them in comps.  (I disagree, as shady as James/Nat may be, they have more incentive to eliminate stronger players as well)
    • Now they’re at the ‘I just like Paul and Vic’, they’d be happier to lose to them than someone like Natalie
  • 7:15pm – Game talk over, too much for Corey’s brain. Cuddle time for them.
  • 7:40pm – Natalie and James are having a chat about game. Let’s see if it’s interesting
    • Oh, and people were wondering about the wording change on the care package. They were indeed changed.  This is what the care package said regarding when it ended…
    • For them to add the extra time period, which is not a small addition, is pretty funky. I mean I get that the rules can change at any time, and it is better for the show if the care package actually had an impact.  By extending it to the end of the next HoH competition, it decreases the chance of Corey simply giving it to Nicole to do an obvious move.
    • Back to the boremance.  Natalie is talking about Michelle and how she feels she’s safe. In fact, she apparently even told Michelle if it’s one of those competitions again with prizes/punishments, she (Michelle) may want to consider taking the money because she has two votes locked in (the boremance). James calls it a bold move, but she can’t go around cussing everyone out and pissing people off. Especially Nicole.
    • James – “Aint nobody in here foolin’ nobody”. This is in regarding Paul and Victor being buddy/buddy again. James also makes the statement without realizing Nicole already plans on voting out Michelle in a tiebreaker
  • 8:15pm – Listening to James and Nat talk is so f’n painful. They slip in 10 seconds of game talk between 5 minutes of googly crap.  How does the phrase go?  “I just … can’t”
  • 8:55pm – Houseguests talking about going to sleep already. Corey and Nicole are upstairs drinking wine alone, and two cameras are showing an empty bathroom.  Rocking Friday night!
    • Victor leaves the bathroom and runs into Michelle. Asks her for some wine.  She says yes, but he has to promise not to give any to Paul.  Ohh catty.
    • Michelle runs to tell Natalie how Victor asked for the wine then went upstairs to drink it with Nicole and Corey.
    • Now she feels like a target (she is)
    • I kind of feel bad for the blindside, although I’m sure she’ll realize she’s the target well before Thursday.  Michelle has grown on me since the Paulie thing
    • Michelle and Natalie are ironically talking about the reason why Michelle is the target this week.  It’s because she’s good at mental comps.
  • 10:15pm – Paul, Victor and Corey are upstairs ‘broing it up’. Most others are sleeping, so I may do the same.

Veto tomorrow. Michelle has to win it, otherwise nothing changes. Not very exciting, but I think it’s going to be one of those weeks.  It will be interesting to see what happens if Michelle actually does win it.  So, off to bed for me.

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