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Opening Night Live Blogging – Big Brother 19!

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It’s finally time! Big Brother Summer is officially here. I’m sure many of you have missed my ramblings, unrelated posts, and bitching/complaining about houseguests.  If not, well, get used to it because you’re going to get a heavy dose of it this summer. Kidding… sort of.  I can guarantee I’ll be rambling, but the rest is up in the air!

I am planning on breaking down the cast much better after this first episode so I can see how they interact with each other, their true personalities, the theme of the season, etc.  I could have thrown together a list of people I randomly think will do well, but I’m hoping the list I make tomorrow will be fairly accurate (*spoiler alert* It won’t be). There are a few preseason favorites who I think will go far, but once I see them actually interacting with each other, it’s anyone’s game. Except Kevin. Kevin is screwed. Sorry.

As I write this there is less than 30 minutes until showtime, so I need to get off PC, dust off my laptop and get in front of my TV for the first episode of the season!  Keep checking back here for updates

  • 5:oo0pm – Here we go!
    • Julie talks about the temptation twist. Mentions more consequences than ever
    • Three temptations right away.
    • Former houseguest may return – Nooooooo
  • First four – Alex, Mark, Ramses, Elana
  • 5:15pm – First commercial break. Typical beginning cast with them loving the house, loving each other, etc
    • I forgot to mention how Julie said that someone may be offered $25k to leave the house
  • 5:30pm – The point where everyone sits around introducing themselves and the cast talks about how hot each other is
  • 5:35pm – Finally done introductions. First temptation after break!
    • Twists – Tempted by money, safety, and power.
    • Temptation #1 – First person to push button wins $25k. If you take it, the first twist is released.
    • Kevin presses the button
    • Two consequences – Person who claimed the money is not eligible for HoH. They have to throw it
    • Second consequence will be revealed in due time
  • Paul is back in the house.
    • Jillian, Alex, Ramses, and Megan are an early alliance
    • Paul is taking one of their places in the house. Someone is going home.
    • Second twist is in order to stay in the game, the house has to kiss up to Paul.
    • He is given 9 friendship bracelets. One is for him. The other 8 are going to be safe. He can choose who to give them to.
  • 9:00pm – So that’s where we are for the first part of this episode.  Returning player (shocker), someone is going to be leaving. Googly eyes at other houseguests.  An alliance formed.
    • The ass kissing of Paul has begun
    • Ok, after some painfully awkward sessions with Paul, it’s time to see who gets the bracelets
      • Kevin
      • Raven
      • Dominique
      • Mark
      • Jason
      • Jessica
      • Ramses
      • Elana
  • 9:15pm – Time for the eviction competition!
    • When they fall, they pick an apple.  The longer they hang on, the more clues to good apples.
      • Jillian off first
      • Megan second
      • Josh third
      • Cameron fourth
      • Christmas fifth
      • Matt sixth
      • Alex seventh
      • Cody safe
    • Apples…
      • Alex safe
      • Matt safe
      • Christmas poisoned
      • Cameron poisoned
      • Josh safe
      • Megan safe
      • Jillian poisoned
  • Christmas, Cameron, or Jillian will be the first evicted
  • One more temptation remaining.. .here we go….
    • Only offered to the nominees.  Power
    • They choose how they’d like their fate to be determined.
    • Either let houseguests vote or battle for safety.  Loser goes home
    • Jillian chooses vote
    • Cameron chooses comp
    • Christmas chooses vote
  • 9:50pm – Ok, looks like it’s eviction time!
    • (8 votes guarantees eviction)  Paul tiebreaker
    • They’re not showing who votes this week… wtf?
    • 2 votes – Christmas
    • 8 votes – Cameron
    • 3 votes – Jillian
    • Cameron evicted 

Ok, that’s it for now.  I’ll be posting my thoughts on the season soon enough.  Until then, JOIN THE LIVE FEEDS!

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