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Over The Top First Safety Ceremony

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Here we are, the first Safety Ceremony of the Big Brother Over the Top season. Reality is, it’s essentially an extended nomination ceremony with the old keys. Back in the day, they used to pull the keys out of the boxes to know they were safe, but they would do it all while sitting around the table. Now, the HoH just stands up in the HoH room and pushes buttons (when told) to let them know who is safe


I guess this ceremony takes place over the span of two days with the final 2 people being nominated. I am not sure how the 3rd nominee will work, or if it happens at all this week, but it would suck to be called safe only to be nominated by America.


Let’s jump right in with the feed updates:

  • 7:00pm – The announcer tells the house to get their block passes from the storage room
    • block-pass
    • Monte remains up in the HoH room and pushes buttons when told to. Otherwise he just stands there awkwardly (I love behind the scenes stuff)
    • Here is the current order of safe players
      • Neeley
      • Whitney
      • Cornbread
      • Morgan
      • Shane
    • When they are selected, their face also lights up in the HoH room
    • whitney-safe
    • And that’s it. Monte takes it upon himself to go downstairs and give a speech on who he picked as safe for the night.  Kind of weird considering he’ll have to give another tomorrow, but I guess that’s how it will go
    • He keeps explaining to people not to read into any order of selections, etc while the house gives him a pretty blank stare.  Monte, you selected 5 people, you have another one tomorrow. Don’t stress
    • Cornbread comes up to the HoH room and Monte is asking him how people reacted for each pick.
  • 7:40pm – Cornbread states the obvious “If Jason came in the house as a new person and not a returning player, he wouldn’t be a target”. Cornbread, Monte, and everyone else. Stop. You don’t need to justify doing the right decision. Every season that has veterans and the newbies don’t evict them right away, the vets end up going near the end. Evicting Jason first is smart.
    • Note – I would usually update the header with ‘safe’, but they’re not safe for the week. I reserve that for people who are completely safe for the week.  This safety is only for the nomination, and does not include the users 3rd vote, nor does it count toward the veto.  This is merely pulling the key out of the box and being safe from initial nomination
  • 8:10pm – The Jason outdoor crew is talking about the guy who speaks over the mic (the recording). I met him!
  • 8:20pm – Not a whole lot going on in the house.  Jason is in his spot entertaining people with stories
    • jason-spot
    • I’m pretty sure he’s going to pull a Michelle with Pablo with that seat cushion when he goes home.  When evicted, he’s going to run outside and grab that thing.
    • Meanwhile, Shane and Danielle are off doing boring ass showmance stuff. I have a feeling that may be the only one this season (thankfully) unless Monte ends up hooking up with Morgan
  • 9:40pm – Shelby, Cornbread and Scott are hanging out in the bedroom while a bunch are outside – yes, Jason is still in his spot
  • 10:15pm – Uh oh, Morgan and Monte chatting in the HoH room.  Please don’t make this match happen. Please just be a conversation.
  • 10:30pm – I’m going to be heading to bed. Fairly slow night. Monte is overplaying the game right now, so I don’t expect him to last very long.

Tomorrow’s schedule is the finalizing of nominations at 7pm

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