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Paulie Tells Me I Should Do An Afternoon Feed Update

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That’s right, everyone. Paulie has so much power in the Big Brother house that he has moved beyond telling them what to do. He is now letting us bloggers know what to do, and how to spend our days. Fortunately, he is letting me go to the movies later this evening, but he told me I have to start a live thread before that to make up for my missing time.

(I hate that I have to write this, but that is clearly sarcasm)


To seriously put in perspective just how much control Paulie has right now, think of this. During one of his HoH runs, he nominated Bronte and Paul, which didn’t allow for Victor to play in the veto competition. Paulie won the veto, removed one of his own nominees, and replaced them with Victor, who was then eliminated in a 9-1 vote. Victor fought his way back into the house, and was told prior to entering to trust Frank because of the direction of the house. Just a week or so later, Victor wins HoH, and with the guidance of Paulie, he nominates two people who had nothing to do with his eviction.

Victor’s HoH pretty much sums up the season of Big Brother 18 perfectly. Paulie in command of a bunch of people who have their heads up their own asses.


If you’re wondering, Amy is busy today, so there will be no overnight report. Scrolling back, it doesn’t look like a whole lot happened anyway. The big drama of the day happened after nominations when Michelle had her major meltdown after being nominated. She eventually said she has cried about 6 times over the past few days, and that sounds about right. She is losing her mind in there, and needs her own care package. One full of Xanax

Here are the updates:

  • 8:55am – House is up early today. Feeds just went down for what I assume is the PoV player pick
    • I am still not sure how they’re going to do the veto competition today. The back yard was open all night, so either it’s an insanely easy setup, or it will be later tonight (or both?).  Even easy setups take a few hours to complete, which makes it that much more strange they’re picking players this early.
    • Ok, wasn’t veto drawing. It was have-not food reveal. I can’t tell what it is yet, I’ll let you know
  • 10:40am – James is chatting with Natalie while the rest of the house sleeps
    • Veto players were picked: Victor, Z, Michelle, James, Nicole, and King Paulie are playing
  • 11:25am – Feeds cut to Jeff loops. Could it be veto already?
  • 12:00pm – Feeds still down.  Now is a good time for my very shameless vacation fund plug. Want to donate?
    • (I’m heading to Disney in a week  *yikes*. I’m only posting this because some have sent me messages on how to tip)
  • 12:30pm – Feeds are still down, but I’m heading to the movies now.
    • My prediction is that it was a quick, easy competition where all they did was like count stuff and do hold/fold or something like that.
    • I bet Michelle will win via prize. Meaning she’ll finish 3rd or something, and take the veto, but Paulie or Victor will win like $5k or a trip and keep that rather than taking the veto. I bet Nicole is in another germitard type of thing, or maybe Z.   Be back in a few hours to see if I’m correct
  • 5:30pm – Oh wow. I am back, and feeds are still down. I can’t wait to hear what this comp was all about
    • As far as the movie (Bad Moms), it’s decent. Had some funny moments, but the part I enjoyed the most was when the power went out near the end of the movie and they gave us free tickets for another movie. Looks like I’ll be going to see Suicide Squad soon!
  • 6:45pm – Feeds still down
  • 7:08pm – The feeds are finally back. I should have freakin guessed it was this competition.  The house is all torn up, and players are cleaning up now (except Natalie, who is eating chips).  Looking to see who won
    • pov-back
  • 7:45pm – I guess James did something during the competition that pissed Victor off, something about a prank.  Victor came in and saw James’ stuff all neat, so he pulled it all apart
    • James comes up to make sure things are alright between them
    • Victor says he hopes noms stay the same and they can get Z out. James says Paulie may have another idea, so they’ll talk about it later
    • James tells Victor that Paulie feels he can control Z more, and Michelle is more unpredictable, so she may have to go
    • Havenot food is cornbeef and hash. James and Corey are thrilled and say this is the best week to be HN
  • 8:00pm – Paulie is debating on keeping noms the same. Would be funny if he did that considering Z picked him as ‘houseguests choice’.  “Sure I’ll play for you, enjoy the block”
  • 8:17pm – The guys meet up in the HN Room…
    • Paulie tells Corey and James how he doesn’t want to use the veto, and needs their help to keep Z from going crazy
    • It sounds like he wants Michelle out, so it’s always smart to look like a complete asshole for no reason
    • Talk breaks up, they say they’ll resume later in the HoH room
  • 8:50pm – Paul and Paulie are together. Paul is telling him how everyone is pissed at James for whatever he did during the competition
    • Paulie is debating on telling Z he isn’t going to use it just to see her reaction.  It’s not really a tough decision. He has to use it. If he doesn’t, he’s going to look like an asshole to the house, and the viewers. You don’t win veto and leave your ‘showmance’ on the block, no matter how much she may annoy you in private.
    • Paulie mentions how they also have to split Corey and Nicole soon. They tell each other way too much
    • (took a break, but I paused it. Time to resume listening to PP)
    • They are tossing around ideas on who to send home in the future. Bridgette is a name being tossed around now
  • 10:00pm – Natalie is outside chatting with Big Cry while Victor is hanging out alone in the HoH room
    • nat-michelle
  • 11:30pm – Corey and Nicole are in the kitchen talking and Bridgette is playing pool by herself. This is probably a good time to close the thread since the house is dead

Overnight in the morning

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