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Will Paulie’s Plan Play Out Today? Saturday Feed Updates

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Paul may be the HoH this week, but one thing is clear, it’s Paulie’s decisions that are playing out. To his credit, he has done a masterful job channeling his brother’s old ally (Derrick) this week. Paul started his reign of HoH pretty set on evicting Bridgette, but just two days later, the plan to backdoor Da’Vonne is well underway all courtesy of Paulie telling Paul what to think. The only difference between Paulie and Derrick is Paulie had to “Paulie” the week. Derrick would have never put himself on the block as a pawn, but Paulie’s arrogance had to leave his mark on the week, so he risked his season just to see the plan pull through. Honestly, he probably has very little to worry about because this house is full of terrible players, but I guarantee in a house full of All-Stars, Paulie goes home 10 out of 10 times.

Another note of the week, the trend to talk shit about people leading up to their eventual eviction continues, and this week Natalie gets to fill the void Frank left. Don’t worry, people are still trashing Bridgette, but that has mostly died down (for now) in exchange for Natalie.  Apparently she has a nickname among the boys, which is FT (“Fake Tits” as Paulie explained), and Victor is still furious she called him out during her eviction speech as someone who treats women poorly. Ironically, Victor’s way to handle that is going to be to nominate Nicole and Natalie and tell them off during his nomination speech (if he wins HoH next). Yes, good way to show you don’t treat women poorly by treating them poorly. Natalie is also not just disliked by the boys, but apparently the girls as well. Why? Good question, but I think it may have something to do with Z’s jealousy. I think I forgot to mention during that post is that Z initially became pissy when Natalie offered to paint Paulie’s nails or something stupid like that.


Seriously, this is the type of stuff I have to work with this season.

Anyway, I am going to be stepping out for a bit as I try to do on Saturday afternoons, but I will update feeds until then…

  • 9:18am – Feeds went down a few times today already. Early start for the house.
    • The first time, havenot food was revealed, and they were given marshmallows and trail mix.
    • The second time, PoV players were picked. Let’s see who they are…
    • Sounds like Paulie chose Victor as one
    • Corey and Natalie are the other two
    • James is wondering why Paulie chose Victor rather than him. Natalie says it’s because James may not have used it
    • James (of all people) is telling Natalie if she wins PoV, to make a deal to use it (hahaha)
  • 9:50am – Nicole is in the bedroom with Corey when Paulie joins
    • Paulie tells Nicole something about Day talking about her. I couldn’t hear much because they were super whispering
    • Paulie mentions how he is frustrated about not being able to play the way he wants to play because of Z
    • He is going on and on about how frustrated he is with Z and her drama. I guess they fought again last night because Z said all pro athletes cheat and Paulie took offense to that for the generalization
  • 10:50am – The house is waiting for the veto comp. They think it’s going to be a luxury style comp, and I agree. I just have that feeling.
    • Going to head out for a little bit. Will report when I get home
  • 4:45pm – I am home finally. Veto competition is complete
    • Paulie won the power of veto.  Operation backdoor Da’Vonne is still under way
    • Victor and Corey seem to be the only two awake right now. Must have been a tiring PoV
  • 7:15pm – (back from a nap) Backyard is open, most are hanging around outside
    • All the guys are in the hottub together.  (not that there is anything wrong with that)
    • natalie-laughing
    • Natalie is talking about some kid she used to chase around while she was a kid
    • They have Da’Vonne read a verse from the bible, and all the guys baptize each other
    • guysdunking
    • Note – If you are on Facebook often, and want to help run out page to increase the fun and activity, please use the contact form and let me know.
  • 7:45pm – Z is talking to Nicole, and she said she hopes she didn’t offend Natalie with the care package comment. She apparently said ‘damn, I wouldn’t want that one’ (about the nevernot pass)
    • Z is talking about Bridgette getting one, but she said she’ll be gone this week, so it won’t matter (this should be fun if they keep it hidden from a few people)
    • Most of the girls (minus Bridge) are outside talking. I guess they were given some wine, and the topic of conversation is the bottle of wine Bridgette was hording
    • They joke how they want to tell her she’s going home this week, so she may as well drink up
  • 8:30pm – Paul is going to lock himself in the phone booth downstairs and chug the beers he was given.
    • paul-chugging
  • 8:45pm – Oh boy. Michelle is saying how she thinks Paul is getting cute, but she’s intimidated because he’s dated Disney Channel actors
    • Please, not another showmance
    • Nicole comes in. Michelle asks if Corey and her kissed. Nicole says not a full blown kiss.  They’ve done a lot more than a peck on the cheek
    • Meanwhile, Paulie and Corey are talking about future plans. They want to get Michelle out fairly soon because she can be dangerous
    • Paulie has been talking up Cody’s game. Saying how in the end, it’s not about popularity, it’s about best strategic player.  While true, he is also saying people were just bitter at Cody for being buddies with them then cutting them loose.
  • 9:40pm – Natalie and James are in the bedroom talking (zzzz), and Michelle is jogging around the yard.  Where is Paul the drunk?
    • Michelle is talking about her jealousy over Bridgette and Frank.  Ugh
  • 10:20pm – Someone drank too much
    • nicole-tumble
  • 11:30pm – Not a lot going on in the house. People sitting around the hottub chatting.  It feels weird seeing them outside all day. Feels like a Sunday.  With that, off to bed

Pretty sure there will be an overnight in the morning

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