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That Didn’t Go As Planned; Feed Updates

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Before we talk about the feeds, the episode, the speech, or the HoH, can we talk about Nicole. What was up with that outfit tonight? She looked 8 years old. Not that she looked bad, it was just funny to see her prancing around like she was on the way to a playground. I love her though, she’s so sweet (though she’s still Amy’s pick for the season)

Alright, there isn’t any time for a recap of tonight. Feeds up already and they’re finally good (watch them here)



  • 7:05pm – Frank is talking to Paulie, Corey, and Bridgette in the safari room trying to figure out who flipped. He thinks Corey and Paulie didn’t. Feeds cut for a minute, then they return with Frank gone and Michelle coming into the safari room saying Frank just said something to someone.
    • Switching to another camera and re-watching it. Frank approached Tiffany and told her the only reason he went after her is because Da’Vonne told him Tiff was after him. That they had an all girls alliance
    • Da’Vonne overhears and comes in and Frank/Day go back and forth. Da’Vonne is denying saying anything to Frank, while he is calling her out as a liar.
    • Day dropped down a ‘point, blank, and period’.. you know things are getting real now
    • As she walks away, Day drops how he won the RK and put up Bronte. He yells back that Bridgette already knows that (good thing he cut that off at the pass)
    • Now Tiffany is saying her side of the story how she heard Frank was targeting her. He denies it until he heard she was coming after him
    • Da’Vonne drops how Frank wanted to go after Corey and Paulie. He says they already know.
    • She tells him he’s going home, and he says ‘Not this week’.  She replies ‘There are plenty of weeks’
    • Frank tells her that she starts the drama and that’s why she got sent home her season.
    • Paulie jumps in to try to calm the situation
    • Da’Vonne leaves and Frank is doing damage control. Paulie asks what she meant about Paulie/Corey and Frank said he was just humoring Da’Vonne.  Tiffany gives him this look…
    • tiffany-looksfrank
    • Frank makes a joke about something Tiffany said during her speech. With shit coming out of his mouth. She said she didn’t mean he had bad breathe.
    • He jokes how she mentioned his farts, but he admits he does fart a lot
  • 7:15pm – In the safari room, sunburn is talking to Day and Nicole. Day is still upset that Frank told Tiffany the secret
    • Z comes in the room saying how good of an actor Frank is how it just kept rolling off his tongue.
    • Switching back, Frank is still doing damage control with Paulie.
    • Frank thinks the votes were him, Paulie, James and Natalie.  A+ effort by Paulie to keep with the plan while also being able to say he was still on Frank’s side
    • Paulie’s early talk is putting Day up vs Tiffany, but I doubt that’s what it will end up being
  • 7:25pm – Da’Vonne comes in and says “It don’t gotta be awkward” and shakes Frank’s hand.  He said it’s all part of the game and he’s fine with it all
    • frank-day
    • 20 minutes of drama for the Big Brother 18 season, and it seems like it has ended already with a handshake.  We’ll see, it should flare up again
    • Frank doesn’t think Z is mad. I guess he’s not the only good actor
  • 7:40pm – Frank and Nicole go off to talk
    • She asks if he trusts her. He says he has to at this point
    • Nicole is denying the vote. She is saying her and Corey voted to get Tiffany
    • He guesses Day, Z, Michelle definitely voted for Bronte. He’s trying to figure out the other two. Nicole does a terrible job at sidetracking the conversation until she eventually says ‘at least your safe’
    • Frank says he doesn’t want Tiffany out now. He wants Da’Vonne out.
    • Nicole asks where James’ head is at (hint: check up Natalie’s butt)
    • He wonders if James got Natalie to flip and vote out Bronte
    • Frank says ‘No BS’ing me… this means it was me, you, Paulie and Corey’
  • 7:54pm – Day, Z, and Sunburn are chatting in the HN room
    • They are bashing Tiffany for saying that stuff to Frank
    • Day is regretting losing her temper because that’s what got her sent home last season
  • On the other feeds, Paulie is chatting with Corey and Paul on what he’s going to do
    • Paulie says he is not putting Day up (while she was in the room. She then left)
    • They talk about how Frank wants all the guys out because he thinks he can beat all the girls, and Paulie thinks so as well
    • Whispers continue how they want to keep getting the girls out while eventually getting Frank.
    • James and Natalie come in and talk a bit about Bronte. James said she hurt his feelings because she just walked by him.
    • Natalie tells Paulie that Bronte had a crush on him (duh)
  • 8:00pm – Frank is in the living room chatting with Gidget.
    • Tiffany leaves the DR and he asks if she had a rough session. Couldn’t hear if she replied, but sounds like not.
    • Michelle comes in and tries to lie about the vote, but Frank doesn’t even entertain it. He tells her it’s ok to flip, it’s part of the game. No hard feelings
  • 8:15pm – Tiffany is in the HN room with Nicole and Z. She is playing her sister’s sympathy card “why was I even the target??”
    • tiffany
    • Meanwhile, James is talking to Da’Vonne in the safari room about how much of a risk it was to keep Tiffany
    • Day warns James that they’re putting up Natalie, but Tiffany is the target. He sighs
    • James says it was bad to bring Paul into the conversations. He is no longer just a pawn, he’s part of the group
    • Paul and Paulie come in and Paul says that he’ll put himself up if he wins roadkill (as a pawn)
    • Paulie mentions how Frank tried harder because Tiffany was still in the house (duh). James is agreeing it wasn’t a good idea
    • Paulie is sitting around basically doing a ‘I told you so’ about Tiffany (because he initially did).
    • It’s hilarious watching them have buyers remorse on their eviction. Especially since it took about 10 minutes for her (Tiff) to stir stuff up with Frank after the HoH competition

I need to step away from the computer for a few minutes. Blood sugar issues. I’ll pause the feeds and resume this discussion shortly. Also note – I am going to a birthday party tomorrow night. Hopefully I have someone available to cover the roadkill and all that stuff. I’m still looking for writers. Contact me here if you’re interested in contributing.  Another thing, in order to pay said writers, I am accepting donations. You can read about that here.

  • 9:30pm – Back. Man, when that hits, I can’t focus or really doing anything. Become completely useless, or as Big Brother calls it – Natalie
    • I paused the feeds, but Windows was like… “Hey, Steve is not feeling well, this is a perfect time to force an update because he can’t stop me! Muwahaha”. Damn you, Windows 10.
    • Paulie, Paul, Corey and Frank are in the safari room chatting.
    • The Pauls leave, and Corey is chatting with Frank alone.
    • Corey is using the ‘Bronte was spreading rumors’ excuse.
    • Nicole comes in, sits down for a minute and gives Frank and Corey weird looks. She has a terrible poker face
    • Corey – “It’s not a big deal. We can still get out Tiffany”.. Frank – “It is a big deal because there are people I can’t trust”
    • Nicole leaves to change, comes back with the guilty conscious worried Frank thinks he flipped.
    • Bridgette comes in and Frank tells her that he thinks Natalie voted out Bronte because she was doing some spins after she left the DR
    • In the other room, Paulie is chatting with James about Natalie. Natalie has been acting cold to James since the eviction, so Paulie said if she’s going to act that way, he’ll cut her sooner than later
  • 10:35pm – Frank is talking to Bridgette about who voted. They know Day, Michelle, and Z were 3. He is still thinking Nicole told the truth, but I have a feeling she won’t be able to hold her lie long
  • 11:15pm – The house died down, they’re all eating and waiting for HoH room. This means time for bed. Have a busy day tomorrow

Overnight in the morning

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