The PoV Results Are In…

shelly fortune teller
Shelly better stray praying to her fortune teller
shelly fortune teller
Shelly better start praying to her fortune teller

So the feeds are back up, and Rachel won the veto which means Rachel and Jordan are off the block, and Shelly and Adam will be their replacement.   This means Shelly will be voted out on Thursday most likely, and it also means Rachel and Jordan will be competing against Kalia and Adam for the HoH this week.   There is an extremely good chance Rachel or Jordan will be HoH on Thursday because of that, so the vet fans have reason to celebrate tonight.

What this means:

Rachel and Jordan will be off the block tomorrow, and by default, Adam and Shelly will be their replacements.   It already sounds like Shelly is their #1 target, and they have complete control of the votes this week as Kalia is the only other person able to vote.

What are your opinions on it?  Leave the comments below, but be civil to each other and the houseguests please.

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It sounds like it was an endurance competition, and Adam said as soon as he saw it, he knew Rachel was going to win.   Speaking of Adam, here he is suddenly chatting with Rachel and Jordan….

Adam flipping alreadyIn the words of Daniele.. … SHOCKER!

Meanwhile, in the pantry, Kalia still has a shocked look on her face.  So close to $500k, but was a Pandora’s box away from possibly going to jury soon…

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