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So I realized there is probably a 25% chance I’ll actually have time to write a recap tomorrow, so may as well bang one out while I sit in my hotel room (I was booted from the apartment tonight.. night before wedding thing).

The big news – Cody won the PoV, and by win I mean he crushed it.  Caleb joked that his time was likely faster than those who created the mashups could do. I guess studying does help.. for some.  Frankie also studied and bombed.

What does this mean? Frankie is screwed. Completely screwed. He may be going from a 4th place lock to entering the jury house before Victoria.  Even Caleb’s hard-on for fame likely can’t save Frankie now because Cody and Derrick control the votes.  The ONLY way Frankie stays right now is if the guys completely chicken out, or Derrick sticks with his ‘I hate Victoria’ routine and votes her out.  This means Caleb would break the tie, and he’s always a widcard.

I’d like to believe Derrick isn’t stupid enough to let the Victoria thing stop him from voting out Frankie. He simply has to now. Thanks to Caleb’s mouth, Derrick and Cody have no other choice.   It would be the dumbest move of the season to keep Frankie after what he learned from Caleb last night (that Derrick and Cody wanted him on the block because they couldn’t trust him).

As of now, I don’t expect Cody to use the PoV, so this appears to be the set nominations heading into the backout that should likely happen on Monday night.

This should be the last post I will make for a bit, but if you’re curious what I’ll be up to during  my vacation, I will likely be updating my facebook page. Subscribe to me there!  Have a good weekend, and I sincerely thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve shown me this season.  It hasn’t been a good one. Hit with some bad news coupled with a lot of stress doing wedding planning, but I can always rely on the positive comments on you all.  So thank you again!

This is by no means my last post of the season, but it may be my last post for a day or three

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  1. Comments (676)

    Bye Bye Frankie!

    What a Glorious Day!

    • Comments (191)

      Rita I agree. He is going to whine all week until he walks out the door.

      • Comments (843)

        That walk better be to more and louder boos than Christine got.

      • Comments (1436)

        Wow, kinda of “lion’s den” mentality here today, eh? My guess is no – Christine got booed because of her relationship with Cody.
        I know that there are alot of Mango haters here, but the fact is that the HG’s like him. People on the outside are more offended by his flamboyant behavior than they are on the inside.

      • Comments (1443)

        If he has real live audience with bb fans and not production I believe he would get mor boos than Christine. I really don’t know anyone who liked him in house except zach and Caleb. Not sure about Derrick but Cody and Vic have never liked him

      • Comments (25)

        The only way he doesn’t get more boos is (1) the audience is in some way coached or encouraged to support him or (2) his sister just coincidentally miraculously happens to be there live in the audience to greet him and suppress the hecklers.

      • Comments (211)

        There’s actually a third way he doesn’t get more boos than Christine – if the eviction doesn’t take place before a live studio audience and/or before production (instead of a live studio audience.) How lame would that be for them to go that route?? Frankie should be confronted with how the BB audience and BB fans feel about him just like Christine was – he should not be singled out to be sheltered from the reaction of a live audience.

        As I’ve shared in previous posts, someone who was actually in the audience the last time there was a chance for a double eviction, posted on another BB website that production doesn’t coach the audience on whether to cheer or boo the person being evicted. They’re free to do whichever they feel.

        In respect to Frankie’s sister, family, and friends being in the audience to support him and suppress any boos he may get – apparently the last time there was a chance of Frankie being evicted, they made up almost half of the audience.

      • Comments (25)

        Wow you have good information. Thanks for sharing.

    • Comments (178)

      Seriously. As much as you all seem to hate Frankie, how it is justice that he gets booted before Victoria? She has done NOTHING in the game except cling on to Derrick who has kept her safe because she’s good for HIS game. I still think Victoria will be in the final two unless Big Brother is able to bring about an upset with the new $50,000 revelation. Derrick is a greedy pig (and I use the term pig because he looks like one). Forget the final 2 talks between Cody and Derrick. If given the opportunity, both will cut the other out and take Victoria to the final 2, thereby guaranteeing themselves a sure win. Lousy season; lousy gamesmanship.

      • Comments (191)

        BB is not about which players deserve to be there, it’s about winning $500K. Survivor is the same, bring the person you can beat

      • Comments (211)

        I think, realistically, they would rather have Victoria go before Frankie, but the opportunity to get Frankie out after Victoria may not be there – it’s there now, though, and they’re smart to not let it slip by (like Caleb did.)

      • Comments (644)

        Anita, I don’t think Derrick looks like a pig. That’s mean. 🙁

  2. Comments (20)

    Enjoy your special time away and, again, don’t worry about us.

  3. Comments (1)

    Don’t cry Frankie….your makeup will run. (ps Best Wishes on your marriage)

  4. Comments (2)

    So excited for you and your Mrs. tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see pics via FB. Relax and enjoy your honeymoon, we will be okay for a few days <3
    Oh, And I soooooo can't wait to hear the booooos for Frankie!! Bye Bye, brother of a pop star…bleh.

  5. Comments (692)

    Enjoy your day!!
    Thank you for making MY summer a lot better!!!

    One of your newest fans,
    the gay man who can even have straight male
    friends who love him!! I don’t fondle ANY of them….EVER!! Lol.

    • Comments (822)

      Franko, how are you doing? Been concerned, hope you’re doing some better. Take care

      • Comments (692)

        Things aren’t going too well. I will try to update those who have been pulling for me a little later. I’m trying to catch up on all I’ve missed. I haven’t read anything all day till now. Omg, so many comments on last post. Can’t wait to see them!!! Its so bad here in hospital. The tv is out throughout the entire building, something about the severe flooding here in Memphis area yesterday. Some areas got 10inches of rain in about 5-6 hours. Glad I was not out in all that. Just hoping tv is back up by Sunday!!! I won’t be leaving here for several days AT LEAST.

      • Comments (1136)

        Dude Iive around Memphis!!! Good to see you on here I was worried.

      • Comments (692)

        I left you a message on last thread. I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not. You made my day!! I miss you folks on here. I’ve just really not felt like trying to keep up. I need alllll the good thoughts and prayers I can get!!!
        Where do you live?? I stood in my hospital room yesterday and was blown away at what was going on outside. It was so bad in areas near here. I just watched water rushing down drainage ditches around hospital and overflowing almost into parking lot. Usually there’s barely a trickle of water in that ditch. I had actually slept through the worst of the rain.

      • Comments (1136)

        In the forest. I know that rain was horrible. Unfortunately I got stuck out in my van with my daughter who is disabled in all that rain. Too far from home to walk plus I didn’t want her to get sick so I had to wait until my husband came to get me. It was a mess. I’m so sorry that your having a bad time of it. I have been thinking about you all day as I know a lot of people on here have. I hope you feel better soon. I understand that you probably don’t want to talk about it but know that I’m keeping you in my prayers. Feel better. How do you feel knowing Frankie is probably going home?

      • Comments (1798)

        That had to be some scary times Glad to hear you came thru it ok Nothimg worse than having to just sit their as Mother Nature does her thing. Franco keep being a fighte for your self

      • Comments (1136)

        I’m going to go check it now.

      • Comments (692)

        I misspoke. It was 2 threads ago. I just looked back to see if you commented. It was on the Caleb blows up the house thread.
        I don’t mind talking about what’s going on. I just figure not everybody really wants to hear it. This has reallly made me do some deep soul searching. If I DO NOT take better care of my broken down self I definitely won’t be here for next years show.
        I have severe emphysema, to the point of needing a transplant. Yes, I’ve been a dumbass smoker. Have I stopped?? Nope, not even after all the warnings I’ve had over the years. I think I just got a slap in the face and a big huge kick in the ass all in a few days.
        Kinda depressed but still trying to keep on keeping on at the moment. Need much prayers and ALL good thoughts as I’m wearing a patch right now. Making up my mind to choose life. Well, hoping I haven’t completely blown it already. 🙁
        More later.

      • Comments (27)

        Sorry to hear that franko. Both my mom and brother have emphysema (copd). It sucks. Since you are in the hospital could you maybe try acupuncture? ( I did it in our hospital) I was stressed that day and my appt was at 630, I ate at 530 and sat in my truck chain smoking until my appt. after my appt I thought wtf I’m gonna go into a smoke filled truck and want a smoke but I threw the pack in the back seat and never looked back , I think it was $180 for three sessions. And even to this day smoke is one of my favorite smells but I never started again. I’ll be thinking and praying for you.

      • Comments (1436)

        Franko –
        Hope you’re doing better – keep your chin up!

        Just curious – As a gay man, what is YOUR opinion of Frankie?

      • Comments (383)

        Franko, we’re all pulling for you!!!
        Maybe you could try Chantix? One of my best friends was finally able to quit with that. No use beating yourself up for the past — just look ahead to what you can do now to make your life better. You can DO THIS!!!

      • Comments (1276)

        Hey Franko, I’ve been horrible the last few days about having time to get on here, but I try to check for posts from you. I’ve been working a lot and have some family stuff going on, so it makes it hard.
        That being said, I’m a smoker too, and my only suggestion that might help would be using this hospital stay as maybe a kick start to try quiting. Trust me, I know how hard it is, but maybe with a few days of not being able to have one, it might be a good way to get that out of your system.
        Just try to remember when you head home, and want a cig out of habit, that you made it these few days, and hopefully it will help. I know it won’t fix everything, but it should help to stop making it worse.

      • Comments (843)

        SO glad to see you post, franko! We have been worried. Please get a family member, friend, someone to be with you and be your advocate. Prayers for you my friend ♥

      • Comments (233)

        Keep fighting, darling! And keep that patch on. I quit several times unsuccessfully until the final time when I used the nic-gum. I still use it when stressed but haven’t smoked in years.

      • Comments (15)

        Have a cousin in Cirdova. Been trying to get in touch with him but he hasn’t answered. He works with Baptist Hospital in Memphis in the IT dept, so he may be working nonstop. Hope you feel better!

      • Comments (644)

        Glad to hear from you franko. I hope you can quit smoking, you’ll feel much better after you do. Keep that patch and do whatever you have to do to be healthy again. God bless you.

      • Comments (5)

        Hi franco,……..glad to hear from you. Praying you have TV by Sunday!

    • Comments (843)

      We love you because you are awesome! I don’t choose my friends because of race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. I despise Frankie because he is a horrible, vulgar person. Hang in there franco and get well.

      • Comments (1436)

        He also builds schools for kids in Africa.

        What a horrible, horrible man.

      • Comments (2645)

        He does? With his own hands?

      • Comments (1288)

        Yep. Unless of course the pics were photoshopped. You know how sneaky he is.

      • Comments (1443)

        It’s admirable that Frankie donates some of his time for the charity in Africa. But there is nothing to suggest that he himself has put one dime toward the project. The web page giving him award for his VOLUNTEER work that Frankie put out says nothing about any financial help he has given. In fact the site has great big button for ppl to push to donate and then he gets praise and admiration for raising the donated money from others. Has he donated any of his own money? Who knows. And Frankie has told so many different stories on bb about donating the money that he’s really not credible. He’s inferred he was on bb and winnings were going to be donated, he’s said he was donating his TA winnings. He has said one school cost $15,000(think that was amount but thought I heard $10,000 once), and he wanted to build one school. Reading feeds little while ago he said he was going to donate all winnings. So who knows what the truth is. I’ve heard he had 1 1/2 million dollars of his own but have looked all over net and can’t find out anything about financial situation. If anyone knows of this please send link. Also sounds as if family was fairly wealthy. We know Ariana is making big money. Mother is CEO of alarm(?) company. Thinking this might be her dad’s company? Also heard she is Ariana’s agent and travels everywhere with her. Frankie said that. Frankie also said wanted to be able to pay for his own agent to get a career going so money from bb could help with that. Said mother would pay it but he didn’t want her to do that. Frankie really has no job except internet and he said he didn’t make money with that because he didn’t have large enough number of followers to be money maker. In my opinion Frankie is doing bb for the attention and publicity to get a career so that he can earn a living doing what he wants. Is there anything wrong with that? No. But don’t try and say he’s doing it for charity when he’s really doing it to promote himself.

      • Comments (178)

        Thank you, Jannie, for seeing some humanity in Frankie. I have no horse in this race. I’m not a fan of Frankie, nor am I a fan of his sister, Ariana. I’m just appalled at how rampant the homophoebia is in some of the posts I’ve read where people are describing why they dislike him so much. They don’t like Frankie because “he’s always grabbing and/or touching the men”. Big deal. These are grown men who don’t seem to be offended (as some of these viewers and posters obviously are) because they know that Frankie is overly affectionate. He craves affection AND attention. As I’ve mentioned before, if it really bothered the men, they would tell him it makes them uncomfortable and ask him to stop. Can Frankie be annoying at times? Most certainly, but I think he is being judged far more harshly because of his sexual orientation. Anyway, just my opinion. This is a true Derrick room. I’m just trying to defend a man I believe has had a lot of undeserved, as well as deserved, animosity directed towards him.

      • Comments (383)

        Anita, all due respect, but several have made comments about how they are gay and hate how Frankie makes gay men look so bad. My best guy friend is gay. He hates men like Frankie. I loved Frankie at first but after a couple of weeks couldn’t stand the act anymore. And it isn’t homophobic to say he is touching people inappropriately. If a straight woman were grabbing all the men’s crotches constantly , that would also be wrong. Frankie is vulgar.

      • Comments (178)

        Jenny: I started off enjoying watching Frankie on the show. Yes, I found him to be overly theatrical. Yes, he was continually playing to the cameras. And yes, he came across at times as insincere in his interactions with the other houseguests. But I saw in Frankie traits that I thought would make him a good game player. He’s shrewd and analytical. He’s good at sizing up people and situations (or so I thought). Unfortunately, Frankie giving Derrick his trust was a major mistake on his part because it will probably end up with him being voted out of the house. As previously mentioned, Frankie knows now who really orchestrated his being on the block and who is also behind him getting voted out. I hope Frankie will be able to convince the jury house NOT to give Derrick their votes.

      • Comments (1288)

        This summer has been like a 90 day long Pride Parade and it does get old after that long. But I cannot buy in to any of the rampant animosity and exaggerated outrage over Frankie. He has been a competition beast and is clearly a knowledgeable Big Brother fan. Some people just have to be offended by something.

        This season has been a 2 horse race and I am fine with that. It doesn’t mean one of them will win though. BB has no way of predicting how new players will react to being in the house and the game.

      • Comments (328)

        Frankie is HILARIOUS at times and ANNOYING at times, who isn’t. His being gay has nothing to do with how I feel about him. To me, this is a contestant on a game show who I don’t want to win in the end.

        I laugh out loud, joke with my 15 year old at some of the crazy antics Frankie does and then sometimes have to do an “ooops” with my son and explain about personal space. Nothing bashing in my family just want to teach right and wrong on personal space touching (he is 15 girl crazy at the moment).

        As for the other contestants, some have said stop OUT LOUD, I don’t think it completely bothers them but I also think Frankie doesn’t really understand boundaries period.

        Now on this site, some people really have strong opinions about what they have seen and apparently there is a whole lot more seen on the live feeds so that could be why some have stronger opinions. Everybody has one and that what I like most about this site. YEP, when I can, I read them all and do a lot of giggle talk, trash talk to the tiny screen on my phone and comment when I feel the need. I think that’s what makes the conversation lively! So please keep it coming!!!!! I like it!!

        🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Comments (1288)

        I think a lot of people do not account for how being isolated in the house effects the players and the game. Some players may have recently experienced dorm life or even just roommates but others have been the actual head of household every day of their recent lives. How does it feel for people like Derrick, Devin and Brittany to give up so much control of their everyday life and have to accept random strangers as housemates?

      • Comments (211)

        “I’m just appalled at how rampant the homophoebia is in some of the posts I’ve read…”

        Oh, please. It’s “homophobia” (not homophoebia, lol) when even gay men and women here on the blog have expressed their disgust for Frankie??

        If you’ve been following the blog, you’d see that most of the reasons many here dislike Frankie have nothing to do with his being gay – if a straight person exhibited the same behaviors, we’d still feel the same way. To fall back on the “homophobia” excuse is getting old.

        Lastly, this is far from a “true Derrick room” – I think there are as many here who support Derrick as don’t. As others have posted, no one can deny how well Derrick has manipulated all the other players in the game, and how well Frankie has done at comps, but that doesn’t mean we have to like or root for either of them.

      • Comments (178)

        Diane, thank you for feeling it necessary to point out my typo. And yes, that’s precisely what it was…a typo. I’m sure I’ve made other typos in prior posts and probably will continue to do so. I know how to spell “homophobia” just as I can recognize that many of the comments made on this site stem from homophobia. You can justify to yourself that these extremely negative comments are being made because they don’t like Frankie as a person, e.g., he’s vulgar, etc.; but I’ve seen far worse Big Brother houseguests over the years. Take last season’s houseguests for example. Frankie is certainly no more unlikeable than some of the houseguests from last season and yet some people seem to delight in giving Frankie the brunt of all the venom. The insults to Frankie have even carried over to his sister, which is absolutely ridiculous. Jealousy or homophobia, take your pick; but it’s certainly in some of these posts.

      • Comments (644)

        If a man was doing the same things Frankie is doing to girls, he would have been sent packing. But he is still there. So CBS must be heterophobic, not homophobic then. It doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is, you have to respect people. You can’t go touching them and making sexual references. That’s disgusting.

      • Comments (1443)

        I have not read a single homophobic comment on this website. HG going out of their way not to act homophobic and Frankie taking advantage by copping feels every chance he gets. You don’t have to say no or physically push someone away(which they have all done without success) for it to be sexual harassment. Not to mention his comments which anywhere else would be considered sexual harassment. You don’t act like that toward men you know are straight. And continue. We are not talking about innocent hugs and slaps on the butt.

      • Comments (1443)

        Grabbing and touching INAPPROPRIATE LY is the thing no t innocent grabbing and touching to be affectionate. Big difference.

  6. Comments (2)

    Frankie will be next to go…

  7. Comments (692)

    I’m the one person in the universe who apparently is not on facebook so I CANNOT keep up with you. I may just have to get on there just to know what’s
    up with you and others ffrom this blog. Lol

    • Comments (238)

      Franko, I am thinking of you and saying prayers for you. Your sweet spirit is needed on this earth SO KEEP THE PATCH! 😉 I for one would like to see you on FB or twitter! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Comments (198)

      Franko, I have been thinking about you. Glad to see you are keeping your spirits up. I am praying for you. Hope you feel better soon. Has anyone seen anything from johnruth? I haven’t. Johnruth let me know you are ok.

      • Comments (1136)

        John made a statement yesterday on one of the threads. Not sure which one.

      • Comments (692)

        Connie sue,
        Thank you sooooo much!!

      • Comments (843)

        FIGHT, franko. You can do this. Join FB and we can all keep you encouraged and chew your hiney out if you try to quit on us.

      • Comments (328)

        Dear Mr Franko,

        I found this blog last year and loved how Stevebeans choose comedy, sarcasm and his own personal views about Big Brother, but I loved your input just as much and couldn’t stop laughing at how you and some of the others had as much crazy opinions as I do about this show. So, YOU and all the others is why I had to come back! Pleas please take care of you sir, my father and father in law both battle emphysema and it is very scary. Dad now lives on oxygen tanks and can barely stand without having assistance. Life is extremely precious and hope you win this battle, sir. Because I for one, would like to see you next year and sit back and enjoy what you and the others have to say and share about Big Brother. I usually don’t have much to say because all of you crazy BBJ Fans say it for me.

        Yippieeeeee Skippy!!! So happy to see Frankie sulk and panic and ask himself over and over, wwwwhhhhhyyy mmmmmmeeeeeee, aren’t I lovable enough for them, I THOUGH THEY ALL LOVED MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


      • Comments (198)

        I loved your post it made me laugh.

      • Comments (328)


  8. Comments (1136)

    It’s sounds like on BBAD that they had a time limit for the POV. . Sounds like they were racing against their last times maybe.

    • Comments (1443)

      They certainly haven’t mentioned any other times have they? But Derrick was second Frankie after Vic. Don’t know where Caleb came in sounded like maybe they didn’t all finish. Will they show this Sunday or Tuesday. Hey they all think games ens next sunday

    • Comments (538)

      I heard Cody say he was glad he went first and didn’t have a timer. I thought maybe they put the first persons time up and time ran out if they didn’t beat the first persons time. That make sense?? Lol…I could be wrong, but that’s how I took it…

      • Comments (4)

        On Jokers site it said Cody did POV in 2 minutes and 21 seconds. My understanding from BBad was everyone else that went out would be shown the time they had to beat and it happened that Cody went first and that was that. Cody also said he can’t wait to watch it because he doesn’t even remember what he did. He seemed in shock.

      • Comments (1443)

        That makes sense. That’s only time mentioned so winner was person who got most answers in that amount of time. Frankie did not get past 2nd face. Derrick was second. Maybe Vic next then Caleb or those two switched around. Very surprised franki was last. Cody blown out of his mind that he won but he studied lots also. So much for derricks photographic memory. Maybe he’s just a little too careful. We know he doesn’t like to make big and fast moves. Likes to think about all angles. Don’t want Vic in final 3 and for sure not in final two but Derrick and Cody say Caleb goes next. Saying that. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE AND ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

    • Comments (1443)

      You have probably read by now but they were given a certain amount of time and when time was up it was over. They said Frankie did not get past the second one. Vic beat him. She said something that seemed as if she was better than two of them so maybe she also beat Caleb. It was hard to tell. Cody and Derrick talking about getting rid of Caleb and taking Vic to final three. Cody feeling bad about it but will do it. Derrick not feeling bad about it at all. Frankie asking himself why he pushed button but we all know button was going to be pushed by someone. That’s one thing he can’t blame on himself. They decide to tell him he’s going night before. They expect de and that game will be over week from Sunday. Hope they don’t learn until after next hoh that second person going home the very next day

  9. Comments (626)

    Mazel Tov again stevebeans.
    Glad to hear from you Franco. I hope this means you’re doing better.
    I’m SOOO..stoked Mango is finally getting what he deserves, a ticket out of the house. But there won’t be a live audience. The eviction will be recorded on Monday according to BBN. THAT kinda knocked the wind out of my sails. I wanted him to hear the boos.

    • Comments (692)

      Thank you!! I’m feeling better but what’s ahead is gonna be tough to beat. At least my heart isn’t any weaker, its not strong but NOT getting weaker. My lungs are a different story, tho. They’re close to being shot. 🙁
      I will be here at least a few more days.
      Need all the good thoughts I can get. 🙂

      • Comments (98)

        Franko sending good thoughts your way.

      • Comments (692)

        thank you so much!

      • Comments (1136)

        Franco since I don’t see anyone else chatting right now are you out east in the hospital or downtown?

      • Comments (692)

        I’m in Bartlett. That should help you. Lol

      • Comments (1136)

        Hey I just moved from there 5 yrs ago and took up country life. Small world huh? Look Franko I know your feeling down but you need to stay positive. I understand how hard it is to stop smoking as I have smoked since I was 13 and yeah it’s affected my health too but it’s the most addictive drug there is. Don’t beat yourself up over it. What you can do now is to try to quit again. I say again because most of smokers have tried to quit many times. But it’s not how you start the game it’s how you finish it. I’m glad to hear you say you choose life. Don’t give up. Keep me posted. Now try to get some rest before they come in and wake you up. People care about you. You know

      • Comments (692)

        Thank you!!
        Did you find the comment I left you earlier?
        I quit for seven years a long time ago.
        Wouldnt it be funny if we have met?? Lol
        Small world!!
        I’m actually very relaxed. I’ve gotten more rest this time in the hospital than I’ve ever gotten on any other stay. I’m waiting for blood to be drawn, its almost time. They usually come around 4am. My mind is racing right now. I’m actually enjoying reading this blog right now and getting caught up. I have missed you guys!! You make my day.

        Still waiting on the haters to start jumping on me, tho. I’m very OFF TOPIC, you know. 🙂


      • Comments (1136)

        Aww who cares? Their not up anyway. I always call the blood people blood suckers. Lol. Yeah I went back to the other thread and found your message finally!! Sent me on a scavenger hunt huh? Lol

      • Comments (692)

        blame the drugs! Lol

      • Comments (383)

        Franko, I don’t think anyone here hates you. Unless SB is removing their posts before I see them. 🙂

      • Comments (692)

        Oh, I live outside Memphis. I live in the next county due east. That’s where I grew up but left when I was 21 shortly after both my parents died. Moved back out there 12 years ago….

      • Comments (1136)

        That’s about the only decent way to live here. Around it. I’ve been here all my life except for alittle 41/2 year stint in Oklahoma. Gee that makes it sound like I’ve been in prison. Lol I haven’t. Wow talk about different. Yep sometimes memphis can be the smallest city in the world. It would be crazy if we actually knew each other. I don’t know if your awake or not but it’s so miserable looking outside but the temp is quite cool. Yes we will have to become FB friends. I have one that my daughter sat up but very seldom look at. But I’ll start if you’ll get a page. Now take your medicine and get some rest like a good little patient, and don’t worry everything will be okay.

      • Comments (692)

        you must have missed my earlier comment that I made at some point. I’m the only person in the universe that doesn’t have facebook, I think. I’ve been getting text messages from family all of the United States and some from just a few miles away because my niece was posting on her facebook account what was going on and that we were on the way to the hospital. When I had my open heart surgery in April of 2012 several of my friends connected with her on Facebook so they would know what was going on with me.

      • Comments (1443)

        Franko have your niece set up FB page for you. After set up and getting your friends it’s kind of like posting on this site.its really easy You can really learn a lot of interesting stuff on FB. Also a lot of crap. I know what you r going thru and know how exhausting it is fighting to breath. Emphysema is bad enough then add pneumonia is tough. I am retired RN and worked entire career at large university hospital and took care of many in your condition- transplant patients also. Heavy smoker and smoked for about 36 years but quit 12 years, 11 months and 20 days ago. Lol. Hardest thing I ever did. Husband still smokes. Most smokers know it takes 2-3 weeks to get nicotine out of system but the psychological and emotional withdrawal lasts a very long time. That’s the part that’s hard to kick. Best of luck to you

    • Comments (238)

      CBS is probably trying to avoid Mango hearing the boos.

      • Comments (1443)

        I thought all eviction part of shows was live? I was worried about that. I don’t ever remember a HG leaving house and talking to Julie without an audience

    • Comments (843)

      Really not fair that Christine got booed and freaky Frankie won’t. Hope he reads all the sites and realizes how hated he is.

  10. Comments (1)

    Thank u for all your great updates! And I hope u have a great day tomorrow! Can’t wait for FRANKIE to be walking out the door!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Comments (174)

    Derrick trying to tell Celab if he gets Pandora box don’t touch it. But Celab will not be able to help himself. He is like a kid in a candy store when it comes to those type of things.

  12. Comments (1443)

    All I ever see Vic eat is cereal and snacks. Never seen anyone eat so much cereal

    • Comments (1136)

      That’s all she does is eat, her and Frankie both. And they always chew with their mouths open. Disgusting.

      • Comments (233)

        I just don’t watch BBAD because of the EATING. I just want to jump in the TV and go crazy on them. (Yeah, it’s a problem. HAHA!)

      • Comments (1136)

        Hey I’ve actuay thrown my shoe at it. Didn’t help. Lol

      • Comments (1443)

        Franki and Derrick the two worse about smacking. Caleb does not smack. If Cody does have not noticed. Haven’t noticed Vic either but don’t pay that much attention to her

      • Comments (1136)

        Oh my gosh Trudy. Nobody us worse than Frankie and Victoria. Last night I had to fast forward through them eating. Cody is usually pretty good at it and so is Caleb. Victoria sounds like a bunny that is using an electric saw to clean to clean her teeth. So annoying

      • Comments (1443)

        I usually go in bedroom when bbad comes on we r on central time. I usually take my book and read on my stomach and have to be on Bach or side to watch TV. It’s been so boring that I’ve read and only turned around to watch the TV when it sounds like game talk starting. Guess that’s how I’ve missed lots of the smacking. It gets boring when men playing pool and Vic watching. My book is better!!

      • Comments (25)

        Haha! This thread is excellent. You should start a Facebook Page or Twitter account for Victoria’s and Frankie’s open mouth chewing. Or camera winks.

  13. Comments (1136)

    My goodness Frankie has put on weight in his belly. Guess who is going to Cody’s running partner this week? Yep you guessed it.

  14. Comments (15)

    congrats sb. many years of happiness. after 35 years of marriage I will offer this – a sense of humor – laughter is wonderful. count to 10 before you speak if you’re angry. give and get massages. enjoy your wedding and celebrating with family and friends.

    re:bb – I just hope the men don’t chicken out.

  15. Comments (1136)

    BB bought Victoria a new necklace just like the one that got broke. Aww

  16. Comments (1136)

    Caleb and Cody talking about some people being embarrassed because they left too soon. Frankie keeps jumping in and saying how some people would be embarrassed if they left before final 4. He just lost and he’s all over Cody and Caleb. Caleb told Cody it would be cool if the vote split and he sent him home. Cody and Derrick both said not happening.

  17. Comments (15)

    Congratulations SteveBeans tomorrow your life begins anew

  18. Comments (22)

    I hope Frankie gets boo’d like Christine

  19. Comments (4)

    Praying for your recovery Franco . Prayer changes things !!! You are awesome!

    • Comments (692)

      Thank you.
      I’m just me. I don’t think I’m awesome. I’m not that kinda person, I’m franko not freaky Frankie. Hahahehe

      • Comments (1136)

        Somebody got into the happy juice at the hospital. Lol

      • Comments (692)

        Cough medicine with codeine and percocet for migraine does have a nice effect! I don’t like drugs, never did them but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

      • Comments (722)

        I like Propofol myself. No groggy hangover when they wake you up!

        Glad to hear from you Franko. Small world about you and Sandra Ftsm.. pretty cool..

        I know its hard to get rest in a hospital .. sorry to hear about the awful flooding too. It rained all last night in Charlotte. My basement might have a tiny stream.. but nothing lIke what you guys get west of the I-40.

      • Comments (1443)

        Boy is that stuff great. Had in May for dental procedure. Husband with me. He said I talked continually when they woke me up. Talked all the way home I do kind of remember him stopping at pharmacy. (Kind of) Texted grand daughter 5 times and asked her the same thing each time. Don’t remember anything. First thing I remember was pulling into garage. Then asked all same questions I has asked before but did not remember!!

      • Comments (328)

        Trudy!!! Ya made me spill my latte laughing so much!! My oldest had that stuff for his wisdom teeth two months ago and (no lie) did exactly what you did. Talk talk talk talk talk talk all with his little head muzzle thing strapped around his swollen little face. Thanks for the giggle!

      • Comments (383)

        I had that when I underwent shock therapy trying to cure my depression. I hope that’s the drug they use when euthanizing animals. It’s such a peaceful feeling when you go unconscious.
        I don’t think I talked when they woke me up. The other patients said I was pretty out of it for a while afterward. ECT (shock therapy) wipes out short term memory so I am missing time from that period. From what friends and family have told me I was just kind of quiet and out of it after.

      • Comments (1443)

        That’s the drug vets use it all the time. It’s what Michael Jackson overdosed on. I had no idea they were still using electroshock therapy for depression thought they stopped that 30 years ago. They were using it when I first starting nursing. But it’s not the drugs that make you out of it afterwars. It’s the shock therapy itself. Patients usually sleep for several hours.

      • Comments (4)

        He he he but you are awesome bc you are a FIGHTER with a great SPIRIT!! You are touching people in a special way on this thread!

      • Comments (383)

        Franko touches all of us in an appropriate way. Frankie touches everyone else in a VERY INAPPROPRIATE way. 🙂

      • Comments (692)

        Jenny, my dear,

      • Comments (692)

        Thank you!! You guys make me want to be a better person!! (I can be a jerk………..not mean…….but a jerk. Lol). I’m getting tired of fighting, buddy.

  20. Comments (1)

    Bu-bye Frankie……..Ariana’s shadow called, you’re wanted back in it! Muwhahahahahahaha

  21. Comments (1436)

    Victoria is the Kim Kardashian of BB 16.

    Says a lot about our society…

    Do nothing and get rewarded.

    • Comments (692)

      That’s funny in so many ways BUT Vic hasn’t done things like KK. I think she at least has way more integrity, she hasn’t SLEPT with sooooo many men(or any) or traded on daddy’s fame to make a name for herself. I’m not trying to be mean, I think Vic is over protected and very naive, and pampered. I dont like or dislike her. Should she still be in the game? NO.
      Victoria lovers PLEASE DON’T JUMP ON ME. I’m already down.

      • Comments (1136)

        I agree with you 100 percent. She really never should’ve been on BB. She’s too nice for those clowns

      • Comments (692)


      • Comments (722)

        I like Vic too. She’s cute and has a nice shape. I don’t understand why the guys weren’t more into her.

        I hope Derrick takes her to final 2

      • Comments (248)

        I agree too. When BB is over, I think she will be really messed up emotionally. Poor girl.

      • Comments (1436)

        Y’all serious?

        She came into the house as an innocent, naive sheltered Jewish girl – or so she said. I remember in week one or two she said that she was offended by swearing – that swear words were NOT in her vocabulary. I remember either Hayden or Cody laughing at that.

        Now she is in the DR trashing all of the girls, she swears like a sailor. and she is having an inappropriate emotional relationship with a married man. She’s no Christine, but she’s also no Snow White.

      • Comments (13)

        I’m interested to know where she said she’s offended by cursing, thanks.

        She’s so sheltered that she runs and owns her on photography business… ouch

        All of those DR lines are feed to her and they make her say it, you can tell by the way she talks when she’s saying that vs when she’s talking outside of the DR, or even after she came back into the house from the hospital and spoke about how thankful she was. Productions feeding her lines because that want a mean person who isn’t in the house so they’re trying to make one. I’m sure others have been fed lines before also, like when Hayden said,” Wait.. Who are you? [about Victoria].”

        Not to mention Brittany’s countless times degrading Victoria’s game, but that doesn’t matter to you?

        “Inappropriate emotional relationship” HAHAHAAHA first it was mutual, so blame the married man before the virgin. Second, what’s inappropriate about their relationship? Is it that they been stuck in a house for over 80 days and it’s bad that they naturally want someone to be close with?

      • Comments (383)

        the other day he hugged her and called her “the little sister I always wanted” or something along those lines. I don’t see him making anything romantic out of their friendship. He probably knows she has a crush on him and is using it for his game — but unless he’s saying things to her that suggest he wishes they could be together, wishes he weren’t married, stuff like that — he isn’t doing anything wrong.

      • Comments (211)

        Are you watching the same BB the rest of us are?

      • Comments (13)

        Whoa you’re so right!!! I especially like how you’re right because your conclusion is based on assumptions, lack of events, and bias.

        Assumptions: assuming Victoria has a crush on a non-Jewish, 8 year older than herself, mostly unattractive man who is also married and has a child, without Victoria even indicating it through DR or through explicit actions (lack of events) such as how Frankie has with Zach. Not to mention Victoria may like Zach some based on her and Frankie saying they love him. Additionally, Derrick may say if he thinks Victoria likes him in the DR, which he hasn’t, but you’re assuming he knows she does.

        Bias: It’s great Derrick isn’t saying any of those things, but Victoria not saying it means that she really wants him. I mean how come he isn’t saying anything wrong and that’s ok but Victoria isn’t either but that doesn’t matter?
        Conclusion: But unless Victoria’s saying things to her that suggest she wishes they could be together, wishes Derrick wasn’t married, stuff like that – Victoria isn’t doing anything wrong.

      • Comments (1443)

        Victoria obviously has a school girl crush on Derrick and craves his attention. She is not doing anything wrong and behavior has not been inappropriate. Derrick is well aware she has crush on him. He also has not done anything inappropriate. He is encouraging this in very subtle way. It’s all game play to him. Some admire his play others don’t. Bet his wife doesn’t admire it. But ppl all have their own opinions and that’s what this site is for. ppl come here to read what others think we all know they are opinions. But it’s not often that others actually make fun and downgrade ppl for their opinions. There is no sense in that. Just because it’s your opinion doesn’t make it right

      • Comments (238)

        Vic also was the one that came out in a skimpy bikini & hooker heals on to tan. She’s changed. I think she’s trying to find her place. Young & naive. Follow the leader type.

      • Comments (873)

        And Victoria is very easily manipulated, that’s why Derrick chose her.

      • Comments (211)

        What did you expect to happen to someone who comes into a house like we’ve had this season as an “innocent” after all this time? Last week I posted about the comment she made when she was in the bedroom with Cody, Caleb, Frankie and Derrick about how she couldn’t believe how much she’s learned about sex since she’s been there, and how guys don’t consider oral sex as “sex”. (Sad, but true.)

        If anything, I feel bad for the girl – I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to have someone like her do BB (hers or her family’s), but I don’t think it was a very wise one…you can’t “undo” all the crap she’s learned while being there.

      • Comments (1443)

        She was truly an innocent and very immature relationship wise. She has definately changed. She said when she came in game she didn’t curse and not used to it. Listen to her now. All her thoughts come from Derrick. She got really close to Nichole when she came back into house and hoped they would keep her. When she left Derrick told lies about Nichole and Vic parrots him. I think she’s just been overly sheltered. Know her parents are outraged with everything

      • Comments (25)

        But here’s the golden opportunity. If Victoria wins, what a beautiful clear loud obvious message to send to BB, CBS, and future contestants that the only one who wins in such a boring, flatline-cast season is the one most undeserving. The season itself is a floater by its very definition. So, reward the floater. Maybe the cast will become more diverse again, with some older players, some actually smart humans, and interesting people who don’t just vote with the all boys’ club because it’s all they know from their limited life experience. Had you asked me at the start who I’d remove if I could? Victoria, would have been my answer. But I’m 100% for Victoria now. Derrick winning is too obvious and validates stale casting, lacking wits, and a boring run.

      • Comments (211)

        I understand and agree with what you’re saying, JT, but most definitely not the part about rewarding someone like Victoria to make that point. That would be a slap in the face to what Big Brother is all about (and, yes, what it should have been about this season.)

      • Comments (25)

        If I was in the jury and Victoria was final two, I’d vote Victoria. It would be the first shock of the season. Unexpected.

      • Comments (1288)

        Jury members who vote emotionally and bitterly are always considered sore losers. Just saying….

      • Comments (1443)

        There are those who say anyone who gets that far deserves to be there. Who are we to judge how jury votes. And who says if jury votes for her they are voting with their emotions or are bitter? I would respect how any juror voted. And I don’t think anyone in jury now Are sore losers.

      • Comments (1443)

        JT. I agree with the age of house guests and have thought for many years they needed older ones. It appears that a large number of bb fans are middle aged or much older ( I’m in much older group) but I figured it out. The real adults are married with children and maybe jobs. They can’t afford to leave family and or jobs. Plus not much excitement in house with Middle Ages or older HG who don’t act like idiots, have showmances etc. the viewers would be bored to death. And the times they have had older adults they have not lasted long. They are in minority therefore “different” and get voted out. And there is no way bb is going to put more than two real adults in house because younger ones just vote them out. Donny was their token adult this year and maybe jacosta. Look at poor Donny…he wanted to stay and play game but he was miserable. He has nothing in common with them and was never accepted. They thought he was creepy. Truth was he made them uncomfortable because it was like having parent at frat party.

    • Comments (722)

      Hey I only mentioned her looks. She’s a nice looking broad. Nothing wrong with it. Is she the BB queen? No. She’s merely eye candy. Does she deserve to win? Do any of them?

  22. Comments (1136)

    Cody was crying on BBAD. I think because him winning POV he was emotional.

  23. Comments (1)

    F–K this show they need to Fire Producer – Allison Grodner – she has completely ruined this show and it now TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!

  24. Comments (692)

    mom, Christina, Willie, and a few others who have been so kind to me, I miss you guys! Hope to hear from you and don’t give up on me.

    • Comments (722)

      Hey buddy! I’m here!

    • Comments (722)

      I haven’t heard from Christina. Probably busy. Its been a hectic week for everyone.

      Didn’t you just love the scene where Christine went to jury? I had to watch it last night on TVGN again… It was hIlarIous! I feel like she got her just desserts. ..

      What’s gonna happen when Mango goes to jury? Julie said Tuesday and Wednesday are evictions.

    • Comments (487)

      Hey Franko — we are not going to give up on you. You have our prayers and whatever support we can give you through cyberspace. Keep your head up. Keep on believing.

      • Comments (248)

        Franko haven’t given up on you. Sounds like most of you are in different time zone. I know you and Sandra ftsm are in the same zone. I sadly live on the west coast. Two to three hours behind you all. So by the time I get on line you all are gone. Kind of sucks. Very glad you are in better spirits. Still soooo happy Frankie is leaving the BB house. YEA

      • Comments (238)

        I am West Coast as well. So. Cal

      • Comments (692)

        Sarah and JD

        Awwww shucks folks. Time zones don’t mean nuthin’ dagnabbit. Lol
        As much as I’ve been awake lately I go back to check past, older threads to see you if anybody has posted anything new or to see if anybody has commented on what I posted.
        that’s one reason you will see I have some strange punctuation on my comments. you guys have been amazing to me and have lifted my spirits way beyond anything you could possibly know.

    • Comments (238)

      I am not going to give up on you Franko. Wish we could all find a way to keep in touch after the show is over

  25. Comments (1136)

    Frankie was trying to pull some shenanigans last night. He was pretending to be tired I think to try and get Caleb alone. Didn’t work Victoria asked him if he was going to bed and he said yes and followed her down the stairs but abruptly stopped behind her. She looked and said Frannnkie are you coming to bed? He said yeah I just uh uh. He was making some dumb excuse but he exposed ( no not literally ) himself to Derrick and Cody who were on the couches in the livingroom. Maybe he doesn’t realize it but everyone is giving him the same speech he’s given to every HG that left Yeah yeah Frankie your safe. Karma. It was beautiful. He’s so desperate right now and he’s trying to play on the sympathies of everyone left. He makes comments and everyone just looks at him. Justice will be served cold.

  26. Comments (1136)

    SteveBeans if your reading this you shouldn’t be. It’s your wedding day, have fun, dance and drink until your heart is merry. If you do any of those things. Happy Wedding Day!!!

  27. Comments (843)

    It’s a cold, cloudy, drizzly day here but sunshine is in my heart because the vile, disgusting, pervert is GOING GOING GONE!!!

  28. Comments (1798)

    Great comment about karma with Frankie. All that your safe ,your so loved, we have you’d back. So will we get the fake hug goodbye kiss kiss. Or does Frankie pull out the claws . I say he goes all walk out with my head held high. This is where not having the live audience sucks. Last time with Christine the HG heard all the booing . It shock many of them .The only down side will be no live eviction. So the production can load the audience with his sister and her people. Why the had no problem editing to burn Christine in her jury house return . Yet they will shield Frankie ? Much better game wise to see how the HG react to hearing Frankie get booed royally by the crowd like Christine . Than hear how the HG justify it .

    • Comments (722)

      Yeah that’s not really fair to shield him. Maybe it will be taped in front of an audience and played for us Tuesday.

      • Comments (1798)

        Nice to hear from you again Mr.Willie Jones Jr. Good advice to Franco about meds. Nice to see so many people connect on some level with a stranger and show true concern. Franco sounds like an intelligent guy and it makes it harder on him because he understands that many of the medical issues are self inflicted. Many of us know of our problems over weight, poor eating habits, ignore medical issues till they land us in the hospital. All things I have done all so. Worse part looking at wife and kids with no one go blame but me without having an answer why didn’t you help your self. That’s why I’m praying and pulling for Franco that he understands no matter what he has support Beside now that i have found this site looking forward to next year to complain with others

      • Comments (1443)

        One thing I can say from my many years in health field. More than smoking, eating and other things they say are bad for us the thing that affects us more than anything and we can’t do anything about is our GENES. You can be the perfect specimen and do all the right things but if you have bad genes all the rest does not really help. Your perfectly lead healthy life style you can get cancer or have heart attack at young age while your over weight, smoker neighbor who never exercises out lives you by 20 years. All because of your GENES. I know all of you have known ppl in both these categories and have thought about it.

      • Comments (722)

        I’m right there with ya.
        Glad I found this site. I met some cool ppl, spouted off a bit.. good times…

      • Comments (328)

        No live eviction????
        Well poop!

    • Comments (843)

      Go on CBS BB, scroll down to site feed at the bottom and flood them with email about this. I did. Frankie should have more and louder boos than Christine.

  29. Comments (19)

    It will be interesting to see how Frankie acts in the jury house. Also how the others will feel or relate to him. With his eviction will he continue to remain all freaky crazy or will he settle down. Personally, I think Frankie will be totally different once the BB house cameras are gone.

    • Comments (1443)

      He will make up speech that he thinks is very perky and funny and entertaining and go out acting as if no hard feeling showing what big sport he is while no one will think he’s cute or entertains. He’s working on speeches now and putting in lots about pushing the button

  30. Comments (233)

    Happy Wedding Day, Stevebeans! I’ve been married 30 years to the man I had only known 3 weeks when we married. I guess my best advice is to never take your partner for granted. They are your best friend and it is sometimes easy to forget that. Try to find a way every day to let your love know she’s special: simple things, like make her coffee in the morning, do chores you know she hates to do, it’s all those little things that pile up over the years and make your marriage unbreakable.

    Also, as someone else said, kiss hello, goodbye and goodnight. There are times those will be the only physical contact you have, but it’s really important to keep those little contacts going. Keep you and her at the center of your family: children may come and take all the attention, but don’t let them be the center of the family. They will learn how to have a strong family themselves if they know what a strong a partnership their parents had. OK, I’m done. BEST WISHES!

  31. Comments (453)

    Just read on Morty’s that Frankie was going to go to school for marine biology and got cast as Boots the Monkey in a Dora the Explorer tour and chose that instead. Kind of fits doesn’t it? Can’t wait until he is voted off, booed and then ignored at the jury house.

  32. Comments (1798)

    Thanks SB for forming this little community in cyberspace . Hopefully your nog reading all this but are paying attention to your special day ( no not Mango eviction) All the joy and happiness From now on no matter how bad things get you have a partner more important be that person for her no matter how bad thing get . Be the person she wants to share that burden with . Knowing that you will gladly do it Go and enjoy be good to each other

  33. Comments (453)

    Franko, hope you are feeling better. If the patch doesn’t work, try the e-cigarette. It worked for me to quit smoking and I smoked for over 30 years.

  34. Comments (379)

    Franko hang in there and hope you start feeling better soon. I lost both my parents and grandparents to emphysema. I finally got the kick in the butt to quit smoking when my children asked me to. That was 8 years ago. So it can be done just hang in there. I’m in the northeast corner of Tennessee and they have broadcasted the flooding here it looks horrible. We only got some flash flooding but nothing widespread. Just hope everyone keeps safe and Franko hang in there buddy and rest up!

  35. Comments (19)

    Have fun SB!!!!! Enjoy yourself and have a huge grin when your bride walks down that lane!!!!!
    Also have a few drinks for us haha

    don’t worry about us. We will survive!


  36. Comments (843)

    3.While the Veto Comp was going on, Frankie’s mom and sister tweeted out #FrankieWinPOV and it started to trend on Twitter. Her fans were tweeting it and then we saw tweets about not watching Big Brother, but hoping he wins and he deserves it and others asking what POV meant. The true BB fans united and surpassed that hashtag and got #AnyoneButFrankie to trend higher! I wish CBS would read those tweets and stats and see what the true fans of the show want. Hell, even Brittany from this season tweeted out #AnyoneButFrankie! This is from big big brother site.

  37. Comments (843)

    The site above even said they might not do America’s Favorite because of all the money ($50K for TA winning?) CBS has put out. This is NOT official!

  38. Comments (1798)

    Hopefully when Frankie struts out the audience is not his sister and her hanger ons. Instead the real fans are their. Ones who will boo him more than Christine. Give the remaining house guest something more to think about. Last week when they all heard the booing when Christine went out. There was much speculation . All was about her game playing and nothing about themselves. What will Derrick think about how much love is there for team America.? What excuses to show them selfs in a better light will they come up with? If the house guest hear Frankie get torched by the fans . How scared will they be that they are next to hear America hates them ? We would hear all the dirt the house guest feel about Frankie

    • Comments (1443)

      I went to cbs and told them that. Said everyone needed to be treated equally and needed audience of real bb fans for eviction otherwise not fair to Christine. Also told them how season was so bad and why

  39. Comments (42)

    Congratulations Stevebeans! And enjoy your time!

  40. Comments (1443)


    Dear Trudy King,

    Thank you for visiting one of our CBS Interactive properties. Your feedback has been received.

    Please note that any communication sent through the “Site Feedback” form will not receive a response. If you have an issue that requires assistance from Customer Support, please use the “Submit A Question” tab by clicking the “Help” link from any of our Web pages.

    CBS Interactive Customer Support

  41. Comments (372)

    Just saw Stevebeans wedding selfie on facebook …Looking SHARP , enjoy the day Steve and everyday after.

  42. Comments (3)

    Um, Steve, you run a BB website. Did it occur to you to delay your wedding a few weeks until after the BB season was over?

  43. Comments (843)

    Big Brother producer is Chris Roach. He has a twitter account so all you twitter people bombard him with the fact that we want regular people in the audience and Frankie BOOED more than Christine was.

  44. Comments (1436)

    Like Stevebeans and Fruit Loop Dingus, I am going to be checking out for awhile.

    Please don’t be offended.

    I am a pretty straightforward person and I have always liked this site for good, honest chit chat about Big Brother. I like getting others insight and opinions and they discussions were always lively and fun.

    That’s not happening anymore.

    It has turned into a “Congrats SB” and “Let’s discuss franko’s illness” site. I also offered my congrats to SB, once. I also showed concern for franko, once.
    It has taken over this blog, and it is just not interesting(to me) anymore.

    Please don’t be offended franko, but I am of the mindset that, while I hope you are OK, if I don’t know someone personally I am not that interested in ANYONE’s personal business…not trying to offend, that’s just who I am. There is more discussion of you than there is on Big Brother.

    Sorry if that sounds cold – but it’s my opinion.

    Willie, John Ruth, mouse, Sandra, Damntruth, Dandaman, Shoelover, Trudy etc. Enjoy the rest of the season. If talk gets back to strategy I may be back. If not, see you all in the summer of 2015 for BB17!

    • Comments (843)

      We would talk about game and strategy if there WAS any! Sorry you don’t approve of us being human and having empathy for one another or happiness for a man who spends a great deal of his own time and money bringing us this site. Actually, I also feel a great deal of sorrow that there are people like you, with no thought of others, in this world. Have a great, lonely, empty life.

      • Comments (2)

        Do it on a personal site..I have read today about meds and storms and Oklahoma..this is not a site for personal chat..they have rooms for that.

      • Comments (1443)

        I respect everyone’s opinion but not when they specifically set out to hurt other ppls feelings and I feel that’s what u did with your posting. If you were tired with the site all you had to do was leave without comment. You could even have said you were leaving because of all the personal talk but you did not have to get specific and mention ppl. Most of the time the talk is about bb. But with these HG sleeping most of day nothing is going on and it’s boring and talk starts to get into personal stuff. Lots of bb talk when things going on like last night. You certainly did not offend me at all personally, as you say, you are stranger to me. But I do feel that you have hurt some ppls feelings needlessly. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to do the classy thing and just leave. I wish you Good luck in your future as although I am opinionated and blunt person, I never would intentially hurt anyone else’s feelings whether I know them or not.

      • Comments (328)

        No worries Jannie!

        After being a Navy Wife for 23 years I am used to adding a little something personal about myself, I can’t help it, that’s just little Ole me.

        I have loved your opinions and rebuttals too. So if I don’t see ya or much of you for the next week, THEN I will see ya next year for another….



      • Comments (1288)

        I see no intent of hurting other people’s feelings in Jannie’s comments. In fact they went out of their way to try and explain there is nothing personal in their feelings about reading and commenting in this blog.

        I never would intentially hurt anyone else’s feelings whether I know them or not

        Considering some of your comments about players in the game I find this unlikely.

      • Comments (1436)

        Dandaman, thanks for understanding what I was trying to express 🙂

      • Comments (692)

        I’m so sorry I took up your time.and took up space on this blog. most likely, the way things look you certainly won’t have to worry about that next year because I doubt I’ll be here.
        I do respect your opinion greatly you have every right to express it and I hope that no one gives you a hard time for it.
        wishing you well and hope everything is fantastic in your life.

    • Comments (25)

      I’m new here, Jannie, but perhaps on such a special day as a wedding or when someone is going through other serious struggles, we can as fellow humans choose to support or simply bear our thoughts in quiet. Focus on the BB-specific posts, if you’d like; it’s easy to scan past what disinterests you. Or throw in some strategy talk of your own?

    • Comments (174)

      I have been coming to this site for about 2yrs now. The reason i like this site is i enjoy hearing what others think about the game play and show, but I also like that they people seem to get along and enjoy each’s friendship. I get the feeling some of these people have blog together for year, so its understandable why they care and want to know how each one is doing. Like any other site afer first few words you know if you want to read comment if its not for you skip over and go to next one. Personally i hope nothing changes here its a very comfortable site where people can become friends and share.

    • Comments (453)

      Some may not like this but here goes anyway. Jannie I hope and pray if you ever have something exciting in your life people express their feelings of well wishes to you, also if you ever have an illness or accident that there are people who have your back, and express their concern for you. Don’t think anyone on here personally knows Steve or Franko, but I feel that they deserve to hear expressions of feelings. It’s called having love for your fellow human beings, having empathy for others even for strangers, instead of only for yourself.

      • Comments (25)

        Peggy, when I saw your first line, I thought you were about to ask Jannie to marry you. Just teasing. 🙂

    • Comments (426)

      Wow, really Jannie?!
      Not feeling that you are getting your moneys worth?………..Oh, wait……… much are you paying to be here?

      • Comments (1436)

        Thanks for the feedback – good and bad.
        Again – didn’t want to offend and sorry if I did.
        mouse – thanks for wishing me a “lonely, empty life.” I would never wish that upon you, or anyone here. Just trying to express an opinion. And actually I do think of others in this world, so don’t feel sad.
        Shoelover – you are very sweet. Wish you nothing but the best!
        Colby – It has nothing to do with “getting my money’s worth.” I have contributed to both of Steve’s funds, but I did so because I felt he deserves it. He puts out a good product that I enjoy.

        I watch BB as a guilty pleasure – the same goes for coming to this site to express opinions and get others insights on the game. you guys actually sometimes made me see things differently and for that I thank you all. It’s an escape, nothing more. I am not comfortable with all of the personal stuff…but that’s just me. I would never wish harm to anyone here. If I may share something personal, I am raising two teenage children with Autism. I lost both of my parents to cancer before I was 35. My mother passed when I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. I had two scares myself with breast cancer in 2011. You want personal, there it is. Everyone has burdens to carry in this life and yes, it sucks, but I came here to escape that, and I just feel like it wasn’t happening here anymore.

        Wishing you all nothing but the best…

        Enjoy the rest of the season 🙂

      • Comments (1436)

        And don’t get me wrong. My kids are the best thing that ever happened to my husband and me…they bring us much joy and happiness.

        It is definitely more challenging to be a parent to kids with special needs.

        Just didn’t want to leave the impression that they are a burden.

        Love them to pieces.

      • Comments (843)

        I wish you the best. You could have just quit reading or skipped the posts you didn’t want to read instead of chiding us for sharing personal information. We are friends on here and friends encourage one another even when we disagree.

      • Comments (426)

        I’m sorry. You missed my point. It was simply that this a free site for all, so if you aren’t enjoying it and don’t wish to scan for statements that do interest you, just politely move on.
        It may not have been your intent to kick a guy while he is down, or to put a damper the celebration of SB wedding and well wishes, but that is exactly what you did.
        I wish you and your family the best, and hope you find a site that meets your specific needs.

    • Comments (1288)

      However you see it Jannie. I am a Don Quixote and will continue tilting at the windmills of idiocy I perceive. Beyond my initial well wishing comments I to try to stick to the game but I can also understand others who are here for a different experience from me. So I simply avert my eyes [not fully, I do scan for important news] but I search for the nuggets of game talk and stick to those. Now you have pulled me about as far as I want to go beyond those lol. Take a break, play some rounds of your favorite game … maybe check out some of the stories over at .

      Just be warned about the commenting there, it is rather more robust than here. You will want to take your brass knuckles and asbestos underwear.

      • Comments (328)

        Oh my goodness, BRASS KNUCKLES!!! I think I just peeeed a little! LOLOLOLOLOL!

      • Comments (1288)

        Oh Fark is rollicking fun, and they let you post inline images as long as you have them hosted elsewhere. I do sorely miss being able to pull out the Aw jeez, not this shiat again guy.

    • Comments (722)

      This season is boring. We’ve got nothing to talk about anymore.
      So health and weather. That’s all we have left.

    • Comments (1443)

      Jannie in case you check back and check in just wanted to say no hard feelings on my part I’m straight forward also and can be painfully blunt. I thought your posting was fine except for the 8 lines after “that’s not happening anymore”. That’s when I thought it got personal. And the day you posted that the previous 12 hours or so before that there was lots of personal stuff but I think it was because of wedding and hospitalization. Previous to that there was not that much personal stuff. But nothing was going on in bb house and was so boring when ppl checked in and saw personal stuff everyone joined in. Right after that exciting things started in house and it was back to bb. I enjoyed posting with you and reading your opinions and agreeing or disagreeing.

  45. Comments (2)

    I agree. No reason not to have your own page for personal reasons. I have scanned thru a hundred posts today unrelated to BB.

  46. Comments (174)

    If i was paying for live feeds i would be so upset because i all i would get to see is sleeping lazy people. Not everyone can stay up to 4am to see what game talk they have.

    • Comments (1288)

      You can always back the feeds up to what happened while you were sleeping, that’s what I do when the house is slow. What else could the players be doing in the house? The ice skating rink is melted, the etiquette classes are between semesters and the TV is on the blink. I guess BB could electrify the floor so they jump around like they used to do with chickens in the old time carnival arcades.

  47. Comments (25)

    I’m usually open minded and want to believe in the equality or transparency of casting! So many people LOVED Frankie at the season’s start. I found him abrasive, but I didn’t give more thought to what’s behind his presence on the show. But it’s hard to ignore a compiling of events that seem to point to a level of support or favoring from CBS and BB that is not equally afforded to other contestants.

    1. Was it me, or was Frankie’s “coming out” speech about his sister’s identity completely planned; it may have been scripted by Frankie himself but he seemed to rehearse his words before hand and, repeating his speech to the women in the house, his “script” was verbatim exactly uncannily the same.

    2. We’re told Frankie was voted into Team America. We’re never given vote percentages, that’s expected. But what would BB be this season if they cast Frankie Grande and he was NOT on Team America? Voted on not, he was a lock for Team America.

    3. Frankie has done things on BB that would easily have been grounds for removal if he was anyone else or if BB wasn’t so invested in his casting. Beyond disgraceful comments like Jocasta “can kill herself” and threatening to punch Nicole in the face, Frankie made explicit, graphic, offensive “jokes” about rape at the expense of his fellow houseguest, Victoria. Though I lost respect for all other players in the room, especially police officer Derrick who should have said more, Frankie crossed a line and his rape comments were grounds for dismissal. It is never okay to make jokes about rape and for CBS and BB to condone Frankie’s actions when they held Aaryn accountable for incendiary comments of her own is reprehensible. CBS and BB made a choice to keep this quiet and let Frankie remain. Why? Indeed, why. CBS and BB haven’t kept sweet Frankie on air in an effort to show they support women against misogyny and/or countless victims of rape, female or male, against the belittling of their abuse.

    4. Team America wasn’t disbanded after one of their members was voted off. Pair America seems to be receiving more and more support, based on what we’ve read above, encouraging Frankie and Derrick that they’ll net another 50K if they can get to the end. Is BB doing this for Derrick? Um, super unlikely. He’s been doing more than fine on his own. So why so much “need” or “desire” for Frankie—seemingly increasing support after his rape comments?

    5. This brings me back to his sister. Who? we asked. “Ariana who?” Many of us furrowed our brows to question at the beginning of the season then ignored the question and tuned in to simply take in all houseguests with an open mind. “Ariana who?” the houseguests asked, sheepishly (they make great sheep), compulsively starstruck, when Frankie has his “spontaneous” proclamation of fame. “Ariana Grande,” Frankie’s sister. The same Ariana Grande who “popped by” the BB house on a live show August 7th. Julie told us, “Look who is in the live audience tonight cheering on her big brother.” Really? Wait. Hold on a second. Ariana Grande, the young singer whose name I’d never heard before but now, thanks to BB’s constant repetitions, I can spell in my sleep—she’s the same singer who Frankie spontaneously reveals as his famous sister THE FOLLOWING DAY, August 8th, to his fellow houseguests. I’m not joking.

    Here’s my conclusion. I just wish BB and CBS didn’t think viewers were so stupid and blind. Frankie’s casting on BB had NOTHING to do with Frankie. He will say otherwise; he has done nothing if not prove himself delusional in terms of his status and self perceived fame. Don’t be distracted by Frankie! He’s mouthy. His hair is pink. He glitters. IT’S NOT ABOUT FRANKIE. Frankie was cast to promote Ariana Grande and to catapult her into name recognition with a block of viewers BB could give her. How many talk shows did Ariana appear on in the month of August, Frankie’s coming out speech month? She appeared on the Grammy’s. But the key date is August 25th—the release of Ariana’s album. Frankie is a tool. This is a GENIUS marketing campaign. Big Brother 16 was used to brand Ariana Grande as some pop sensation few of us knew and none of us knew we wanted. It’s all about Ariana. It’s never been about Frankie. This will likely play out in their real lives, which knowing Frankie’s lust for celebrity is actually sad. Yes, I feel badly for him for just this one moment. Someone slap me. Ariana’s record label is Republic Records. There must be some direct line between CBS and this label. This whole boring season was a publicity stunt to create the next Brittany Spears. Dear Baby Jesus, please help us. 🙂 There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. If I was one of the other contestants, I’d be beyond bothered.

    BUT WHAT BOTHERS ME THE MOST is BB’s arrogance in playing along as we don’t deserve to know or that we’re not smart enough to care or figure it out. It was rigged from the start and the longer Frankie remains, the brighter Ariana’s star shines. I wouldn’t be surprised if Julie slips, live, in the final episode, distracted by Frankie’s glorious distractions, that “Your Winner, America, of Big Brother 16, … is Ariana Grande.”

    • Comments (1443)

      I agree with almost all you said and sent email to cbs about that today only thing I disagree with is cbs plot to get attention to Ariana. I think it’s Frankie wanting attention and using cbs and Ariana to promote his dancing/acting/hosting career. I think he had some kind of special deal with cbs and would not doubt he was promised a certain amt of money. Think they set him up to win. Unfair advantage inside and outside house having person who says they are well known famous celebrity and sister is rock star. And it did keep him in game when he revealed it. It could esp influence AFP and I am sure influenced TAs. They voted before anyone had chance to even really learn HG names. And wasn’t Joey voted first one before game started? Level the playing field and make it even for everyone. If cbs can’t entertain viewers with house guests from their applications instead of bringing in a Frankie it’s sad day. Because after 2 weeks he was not entertaining anymore

    • Comments (1288)

      4.5 out of 5 on the conspiracy meter, you should forward this to Alex Jones.

      • Comments (25)

        Haha. I dig your response. Thank you.

        In all seriousness, it’s not conspiracy. It’s the signs of a super smart PR team. I wish I had thought of it. The team behind Ariana Grande should get a hefty raise. They’re clever.

  48. Comments (1443)

    Ok people. Caleb for hoh this week. Only way to keep game interesting if he doesn’t get hoh he’s going on block with Vic and they voting him off. If he doesn’t hoh he has to win pov. I refuse to see Vic in final three. Season has been boring enough. With Caleb in final three outcome is surprise. With him out we all know the end results. Let’s end the season with surprise and everyone sweating it out big time

  49. Comments (1798)

    JT many good points about Frankie. You reasoning is laied out well. As a fan I had many of the same concerns. That’s why I ask how close to scripted reality are we getting

    Back to some game play: why do the house guest feel the need to tell Frankie the day before that he is being evicted.My daughter claims it’s game play. Not wanting to make an enemy in the jury house. Well if you tell him that day or not you still back stab the person. All it does us give Frankie 24 hours to turn things around . Does he threaten Derrick with exposing TA and all the money they won. Use the fame thing on Caleb if the vote gets to him Tie vote Cody votes Frankie Derrich threaten with exposer votes Victoriea . Than Caleb with stars in his eyes votes to send Victoria packing Worse case . Nothing good telling Frankie

    • Comments (372)

      I totally agree , do not tell him.

    • Comments (426)

      Maybe they won’t get the chance to. They think eviction will be Wednesday, but will, in fact, have to be Sunday or probably Monday to tape for Tuesday.
      Veto meeting probably needs to be tonight.

    • Comments (1288)

      I am willing to bet they hold off until the morning of the eviction but will tell him in advance of the show for your daughter’s reasoning. Derrick will not want to give Frankie an entire nights warning because he is still vulnerable over the Victoria’s Funeral plan. If Frankie realizes she is still Derrick’s puppet and that those two have been playing Cody, Caleb and Frankie, then Frankie could flip it and save himself.

    • Comments (14)

      In past seasons, it was against the rules to tell anyone they were being evicted ahead of the vote. For some odd reason, that rule doesn’t apply this year.

  50. Comments (1798)

    BB Aus has been accused of many of the same things. Last years winner was a radio host who was presented as a 34 yearold student. What makes it even worse is the general public votes the people out. Seeing that there is very little oversight on shows like this. Unlike true game shows were there are federal laws governing them.We trust that the votes are honest. In reality how do we know not like it’s the Oscars with the accounting firm of Errenst & Young I’m afraid Big Brother is moving towards pro wrestling as pure entertainment over compation . Unlike the Amazing Race, or Survivor true compatiton

  51. Comments (1288)

    Seeing as we are due for the regular comment of how “this season’s crappy cast is killing the franchise and there will not be a next season”, I just took a look at the ratings and nothing could be further from the truth. Big Brother has been #1 for its time slot most of the season and has been the #1 show for the entire night quite a few times. It has never been lower than #2 for its time slot and only four times have they been lower than the #2 show for the entire night [3x#3, 1x#4]. For a summer time filler that fills 3 time slots a week this is outstanding and we can all expect to be talking next year about BB 17.

    • Comments (1443)

      Of course. There is nothing else on in that time bb is on. Their last Thursday I watched football and tuned in just to find out about Julie telling Frankie results of TA mission. That’s why bb does so well in summer. I just want them to give us a better product that’s more reality. America on the whole is not stupid. Now back to football!!

  52. Comments (182)

    If Derrick can get to F2 it’s a done deal 1/2 Million in his pocket and he smells it and he is starting to daydream about what it will do for his family.

    Caleb will be his closest comp, but Derrick will win out, and I am sorry Caleb is my favorite from the beginning, but Victoria’s extremely loyalty says OK if she picks up the 50k right next to Derrick, for at least being the best puppet in BB history, but who without Derrick probably would of been ousted by now.

  53. Comments (644)

    Some of us that are here have some health or life problems. It’s good to know that we can come here and distract our minds with BB talk, but at the same time I like that we are a small community of fans that care for one another’s well being. That’s what makes this blog so special to me.
    God bless everyone here.

    • Comments (822)

      You nailed it Lilly! I have several health issues & have been laid up most of the summer. This site & all you folks here have helped me pass time & keep my mind off some heavy stuff I’m dealing with. I too will miss everyone here.

  54. Comments (10)

    I want to shout out to SB and congrats him on his marriage.

    I also want to say that I am keeping everyone that is Ill in my prayers.

    I am a new poster here but a long time reader.

    • Comments (644)

      Welcome to posting Steve! Thank you for the prayers.

    • Comments (692)

      I just started reading this blog last year. I did NOT post anything last year. I dont remember why or when I first posted this year but someone made some comment and I was just gonna jump in a give my 2¢ worth. I never imagined how much this blog would turn out to mean to me over this summer. I can’t believe how many very very personal things I have shared about myself on this blog and for the most part I have been completely accepted by the people his comment on here and have felt much love through very tough things this summer, especially the last couple of weeks. I don’t know anybody on here but I feel as if I have an extended family! I just hate to see the summer come to an end and lose touch with them!

  55. Comments (83)

    I know people may want Frankie gone and I know
    The house can be crazy at times. But I don’t think
    We should hate on him or anyone in the house. It’s a game
    And everyone has their good and bad moments.

    • Comments (211)

      I’m curious, then, how we’re supposed to feel about people who say or do the things we’ve seen Frankie do in the show? We’re talking about more than just “good and bad moments”. It may be just a game, but I honestly think we’ve seen glimpses of what some of these houseguests are really like (and in Victoria’s case, what she will probably be like, sadly.)

      • Comments (1798)

        The longer these people are in the house . A truer representation of who they are comes out. So yes it is hollow when they say it’s just a game.

  56. Comments (83)

    A lot of people hated Caleb and called him do many
    Names and now he’s well liked.

  57. Comments (1798)

    True statement Annette about most players being disliked at some time. With Frankie it has gone beyond game play. He has presented himself as a very cruel person. From the way he talks so bad about people. How he goes out of his way to degrade people . The rape talk about Victoria. Frankie just took it to that next level of personal

    • Comments (1443)

      Ppl say they hate things or someone a lot. JI try not to ever say I hate a person but I slip up once in awhile and probably say that. I can’t hate someone I don’t even know but when and if I say that I really mean I dislike what that person does or is doing I think that’s how almost everyone feels on this site this site is for fun that’s why we are here. To learn info and to talk game with ppl we don’t even know. If ppl are reading this site and thinking we are serious when we are saying we hate something or that we think production is running game and it’s rigged they shouldn’t get their panties in a wad. It’s just opinions opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one and they all stink lol. Few ppl do not seem to respect others feeling or opinions and they make personal attacks them. That’s not right. Just sayin

  58. Comments (27)

    Yay Frankie is screwed now, obviously cody winning the veto officially seals Skankies fate
    As long as Derrick and Cody stick to the plan.
    It be stupid not to vote him out, when this is probably the only chance to get his ego induced head out of the house. Let the bitter jury bury him.
    The look on his face when he is evicted will be the icing on the cake. Also I wish they make cody wear that dino outfit again, he looked so cute !

  59. Comments (372)

    from jokers…
    Frankie’s conversation with Derrick about working with Cody/Derrick moving forward Less…
    6:38PM BBT: Frankie follows Derrick into the fire room. Derrick is changing back into regular clothes. Frankie tells Derrick he is still furious at Caleb for nominating him. He and Cody had a long conversation today that moving forward he is willing to turn on Frankie. He says, “I understand what Caleb did, but no harm to Derrick, but the way it was handled and going on the block twice was a slap in the face to me. It was disrespectful. Moving forward, I’m not keeping Caleb safe anymore.” Frankie says, “I don’t want Cody to feel like I’d turn on him again if I win the veto next week.” Derrick says it was a smart move to get Cody’s trust in the game. Derrick leaves to go take a shower.

    • Comments (372)

      Cody says, “He is making me uncomfortable. He literally comes to me whenever I’m laying down and tries to lay down on top of me, because I won the PoV.”

      • Comments (211)

        Why the heck doesn’t Cody open his mouth and say something to BB Production?? (Since they’ve clearly just been sitting back and letting Frankie pull this crap all season.)

      • Comments (178)

        Big Brother production is well aware of what has been happening all season with Frankie and his purported bad behavior towards the male houseguests. How could they not be when they have cameras all over the house? The reason production is not doing anything about it is because the male houseguests apparently have not voiced a formal complaint. While Frankie’s actions may be annoying to them (and it appears to bother more viewers than actual houseguests), it apparently isn’t considered sexual harassment if they’re not complaining to Big Brother production in order to get him to stop. Frankie is not stupid. If production took him aside in the diary room and said, “Hey, you’re crossing the line with some of your actions”, he would know enough to stop.

  60. Comments (1798)

    Now when they talk about not backstabbing Frankie. All they are talking about is telling him before the vote that they are sending him to jury. To them that’s the honorable thing yo do. Stab them in the face with a smile on your face. Don’t want them to look stupid. Still looking for that audience to roast Frankie with big time booing .

    • Comments (426)

      I would love to see Frankie get big time booing too. But with it being a taped show it’s possible that it will be a controlled audience (with Ariana and her entourage making up most of the audience). And if there are any boos from the rest, we may or may not see or hear it.
      Most likely from the time feeds go down to tape the Tuesday night show (probably sometime Monday), they will remain down until after the show on Tuesday.
      So we will probably only see the edited versions of what happened with the audience or houseguests during, and for 24 hrs. after, the eviction. I would guess it will be edited in Frankie’s favor as much as possible.

  61. Comments (372)

    From Steve via FB…
    I want to take a minute to thank everyone for their overwhelming response to our wedding today! I know it’s facebook and it’s easy to just ‘like’ something, but it still does mean a lot to us!

    We wish we could have had a huge wedding and invited every one of you, but maybe when I win the lottery We promise to rent something out at some point so we can have a large celebration with all our friends and family!

    Again, thank you for the response!

    CONGRATS to MR n MRS Beans

  62. Comments (692)

    ON TOPIC!!
    If you’re still reading comments on this thread I’d like to answer your question you posed to me very early on in this thread.
    you asked me as a gay man what I thought of FrankieI want to make sure I word this properly. I have expressed my opinion of Frankie many times on this blog. there are men in the gay community who do act as Frankie does, they are flamboyant and there is nothing wrong with that, they are just being who they are. No one should the asked to be anything they’re not. however, just as with straight people, it doesn’t have to be a gay person, in this case a man, I think he has shown that he is manipulative, conceited, self centered, arrogant and possibly or most likely has been raised to be a spoiled child and he is never grown up. He has made comments about America not being ready for a gay man on tv but obviously he has been living in is all world for the last 31 years and doesn’t realize how far America has come. Gay people are much more accepted but

    • Comments (692)


      As I was saying… men are much more accepted in this day and she. when I was younger a lot of people felt that all gay men were predators trying to turn other man, especially younger men to be gay. A lot of people were afraid to leave their children around a gay man. there are gay men who did do that but it certainly was not nor is it today the way most gay men act. there are plenty a straight men who are much worse and do much much more predatorial things to young people.
      Frankie has done things to guys on the show that were totally uncalled for and then brag about it and he likes to talk about his sexual exploits which I find very distasteful. I do not completely blame him for what he’s done to the men on the show did not have to happen because they should have told him to stop. however, he is a very bad representation of a typical gay man and has hurt how America views gay men. is being flamboyant has nothing to do with the way I feel and what I am expressing is my opinion. as has been said by many over the years opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one but I do beg to differ on one point……mine does not stink. (That was meant to be funny, btw)
      some people say that I hate Frankie, I do not, I do hate the way he represents gay people in general at times but it’s not just gay people he represents when he would act the way he does it is every human he insults.
      I’m sorry this is wrong on so long but I’m trying to make sure but I definitely stay on the topic of big brother in the question you asked.
      I sincerely hope I have not offended you by anything I’ve had to say and thank you if you have taken the time to read this.
      Not one personal thing about me in this other than my opinion. Aren’t you proud of me, my fear fellow commentor?? 🙂
      I honestly wish you well. sending much love to any parent have a special needs child such as you have. You have my admiration. We have two in my family, they are the light in their parent’s world! Be strong!

      • Comments (53)

        Franko you are awesome
        Thanks for your insights.
        Much Love

      • Comments (1798)

        Perfectly said! Yes I have people I work with in the construction trade who are gay.i also have friends who happen to be gay. This is one of the things that upset them the most. People thinking its a choice and that you can “turn” someone gay. Had a person I knew was a good baseball player and is now a coach. Too look at him you would never know he is guy . Many parents use him for privet lessons for there sons . Age 10 – 16 not a problem till some find out he is gay. Than the excuses to pull the kids. He sends text messages to my son. He does that for all his clients. People can’t get this he has no sexual reaction to your son . Yet many of these same people don’t think twice about sending there daughters to train with a male coach in soccer,gymnastics,softball and any other sports. In high school a friend came out to me . We remained friends as it relay didn’t bother me. One thing he said that made sense was. What scares straight guys more That they are giving out some secret gay vibe or that we just don’t find them good looking enough to hit on. Case closed shower in safety.

      • Comments (1436)

        Franko –
        First off, I would like to say that I wish you well. It was probably not the smartest choice by naming you personally in my post earlier. It was more about everyone getting off of the topic of Big Brother. As I have said – I come here as a guilty pleasure and just wasn’t comfortable with all of the personal stuff. I actually felt bad that you could not just post your opinion on BB without getting a ton of off topic issues. I get that everyone is friends here and we all want to support you, but I felt it was taking over Steve’s blog. A little personal is fun – too much defeats the purpose of why I come here.

        Second – thanks for your comments about Frankie – or as I like to call him, “Mango.” My best friend to this day, over 30 years is a gay man. We vacation together(both of us with and without our husbands). We have remained friends because we both have the same snarky sense of humor. 🙂 That is probably why I am not as bothered by Frankie as some of the others here seem to be. I totally separate his crude behavior from his orientation. Someone here mentioned a few weeks ago that he behaves as though maybe he has been sexually abused at some point in his life. He seems to have a mother who has pushed her kids to perform, and that industry is well known to have predators. I hope that’s not the case. But I can’t help wondering is he weren’t a flamboyant gay man, if he would be generating this much negative. I know what he said about Victoria was crude, but some act as if he was rounding up the boys to gang rape her…that’s ridiculous. The other guys in the house have made a comment here or there about his behavior, but I honestly don’t think they are that bothered by it. Maybe it’s that generation, in which case it is a good thing – 30 years ago he would have had the crap kicked out of him, the younger generation is way more accepting – and that’s something that I think is progress!
        Again – no hard feelings… Hope you are doing well. You WILL be back here next year – keep your chin up. My 83 yr old mother-in-law has had emphysema for over 10 years and, with the help of a little oxygen now and again, she doing good. Attitude is everything 🙂 You be strong as well.

  63. Comments (211)

    Someone else had posted about how someone in Frankie’s family or friends started a twitter campaign for him. Just read the following comments from Frankie over on @BBSpoil related to Frankie & Twitter:

    Frankie- If I win America’s Favorite, I would never say it’s unfair. But Ariana, please tweet for me to win America’s Favorite.

    Frankie- I know there’s an army of people who support me.

    Frankie- I think the twitterverse has my back. For sure.

    Yet Caleb is still under the impression that he’s the one that’s going to win America’s Favorite Player:

    Caleb- If I do get evicted before final 2 and win America’s Favorite, I still take home $40,000.

  64. Comments (1288)

    And so it begins … Victoria is getting tired of pretending she is mad at Derrick, she hates being alone all day. If they don’t get something to break up the boredom she might let it slip and that could give Frankie the out he needs. If he could turn Caleb and Cody over a secret Derrick / Victoria alliance she could be the one getting the boot … or even Derrick if it happens before the POV meeting. The gnashing of teeth online would be deafening lol.

  65. Comments (211)

    A few more comments from @BBSpoil from the live feed (from the last 24 hours) that I just couldn’t resist sharing – Frankie being his usual rude, disrespectful self, and Caleb being as delusional and without a clue as usual:

    Frankie thinks that BB should give them another luxury competition to make up for the money that the jury stole from them.

    The jury member’s hollas are playing one by one. Frankie is telling them all to f*ck off.

    Frankie asks Derrick to give him head.

    Frankie is singing. BB- What part of stop do you not understand? Frankie- That was a little aggressive.


    Caleb to Derrick- I know I have 6 guaranteed votes in jury.

    Caleb- People like Derrick make it to the end all the time, because they’re gonna get 2nd place. Simple as that. Even if I go out in third place, I’ll probably win America’s Favorite.

    Caleb thinks Brett Eldredge is gonna call him and let him meet everyone & do a duet. Caleb- He’s gonna say ‘This is BeastMode Cowboy.’

    Caleb- I wasn’t gonna pay $2300 to go an acting school. If they want me that bad, they have to pay for it. They work for me.

    Caleb says he’s gonna wear his $5000 necklace walking through the airport. Caleb- Why not? People are gonna yell ‘BeastMode!’

    • Comments (54)


    • Comments (1443)

      I read the feeds and saw most of that but missed the head part with Derrick. What did Derrick say? Where did you read that? I don’t tweet so I miss all that kind of info. Thanks for letting us know about Frankie’s tweets. One thing I have to say is that Derrick has managed to convince everyone he could never win bb. Can’t figure out how he has done that. I know they aren’t the brightest but they all want to take Derrick to final two because they think they will beat him. Caleb amazes me. Wonder if Frankie and Cody really believe they can beat Derrick. I know Victoria does not believe any of that. She knows Derrick will beat them all and just hopes she’s by his side and wins $50,000. Oh vomit!!

      • Comments (211)

        Hey, Trudy – I got it from one of the many Twitter sites out there that follow Big Brother and the Live Feed. This particular site is called Big Brother Spoilers (@BBSpoil). They didn’t post what Derrick said in response to Frankie’s comment – they just pretty much try to summarize what’s happening, but couldn’t pass sharing that tidbit.

  66. Comments (54)

    I’m really uncomfortable watching Victoria rub Derrick legs so intimately. …. (that is NOT game!)..she needs to respect his wife!!……..

  67. Comments (328)

    I’m still totally lost on the whole

    Is it really going to be taped? I am tryin to remember if Big Brother has taped an evictiton show in past episodes. Has this been Big Brither’s plan all along if Frankie were to be evictied, or it just so happens they have to tape this eviction no matter who is voted out???

    It just doesn’t make any sense to me to not do a live eviction. Did anyone from last year have a taped exit?

    • Comments (1443)

      If it’s ever happened I have not realized it. I would not have ever thought that audience was not real bb fans. I know with every eviction there is audience when HG comes out and Julie interviews them. Most ppl like me would have never thought it was planted audience and that we wouldn’t get true bb fan reaction from audience. Guess we will find out Tuesday. I guess I figured eviction would be live and HG just did not know eviction and live show on Tuesday because they think eviction is Wednesday and might be de.

  68. Comments (211)

    Caleb still totally delusional about Amber. In video from live feed, below, (courtesy of @BBSpoil) he talks about how Amber’s in love with him, how he’s going to kiss her right on the stage finale night (and is looking to have sex with her that night, as well).

    Fortunately, Amber’s been included on the tweets about this, so hopefully is aware of what’s going on…

    • Comments (328)

      Uh ewwww.
      My Helicopter Mom mode would be all over this. Don’t care how old my boy is, I would want so badly to march right up there and do a big “C’mon Man” I know I didn’t raise you to be like that!

      I just wonder if his family is doing a lot of heavy sighs and squirming in their recliners watching and listening to some of this cookey stuff he says.

      Yes yes I know everybody has a bit of a tall tale bone in their body but goodness gracious I would die if my son didn’t get some sort of clue from his own actions at how much of a fool he looks like talking about himself just so much. It makes ya wonder if the others are singing in their best opera voices “AWKWARD”

      mom rant over.. deep breath. ..

  69. Comments (328)


    IF it is taped, are the House Guests supposed to act like it is a live show? How is this fun TV? I am not out for blood, just tyring to figure out what’s up with that???

  70. Comments (69)

    I was just thinking – I know a dangerous thing – but I would hate to have to foot the bill for food for these houseguests – all they ever do is eat and eat and eat.

    • Comments (211)

      …and SLEEP! LOL

      Amber’s been following along somewhat, since getting evicted, and tweeted,“My goodness, I’d be running around the BB house beating pots and pans just to wake these guys up! How do you sleep all day? WAKE UP!!”


  71. Comments (1798)

    Why does Frankie keep coming back to loosing out on the 5K in the luxury comp.? Is it his game that I’m just here like all of you trying to make a buck? Did they all forget he is Mr. Media mogul who has million of followers? Can’t have it both ways Frankie is a very smart player. He will spin this as look how far I got. Look how long I fooled these people All good until Derrick big announcement that he is a cop and has played them all year.

  72. Comments (822)

    Random question to all my BB friends. If you had the chance, how many of you would go into the BB house to play the game? I’m interested in how many of us would love to play vs enjoy watching.

  73. Comments (53)

    I wouldn’t last a day.
    Live with weirdo strangers —–who are stinking slobs
    Cold showers……slop……cold hard have not beds
    separated from everyone you love
    —and being unable to trust anyone
    All the while on display to the world???
    no way
    And maybe its just me but if my Grandpa died there is NO dollar amount that would keep me from being there

  74. Comments (1136)

    Goodmorning everyone. I haven’t been on here for a day and half so I’m trying to play catch up with all the news. I’ve been trying to watch BBAD but I keep falling asleep. All I know for sure is that Frankie will go home tomorrow. Finally. I want to say a few things to the people who’ve been on here ranting about homophobia and the fact that we are wishing well to people. I have not seen nor would condone someone talking about being gay in a bad light. It seems to me there’s only one person that keeps raising that flag ( and you know who you are. ). I will keep wishing franko good wishes and SteveBeans too. My advice to those who do not like this blog ” go find another one”. It’s that simple. No mess no fuss you say you are blunt and straight to the facts so am I. If you want to stay on this blog stay on if you don’t See ya

  75. Comments (11)

    I don’t judge mango has a gay man.i think his actions speak for themselvez.hes a ass!!!! A disgusting person & can’t wait till see his face when say frankie u the one voted out! Lmao.steve congratulations on wedding & prayers for your ngiving all us lots of joy reading posts.Bless you.

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